Monday, July 9, 2012

NHL Prospect Camps

 Small update on NHL Prospect Camps
Last Edit: July 16th 9:45 am (Added Philly Camp results)
Flyers Prospect Camp

Cole Grbavac will join Matt Konan who was a Free Agent Signing with Philly In April. Camp starts July 9th.

Edit: Flyers had two scrimmages. Reports say both games were pretty physical. Cole Grbavac managed to score a goal and got Into a scrap in Game 1 against Mitch Elliot. Elliot is listed as 6'5 212 lbs while Grbavac is 6'2 190lbs.

Here is the video. Grbavac landed some nasty punches. He is wearing Black #64.

 Matt Konan scored during the 2nd scrimmage with a wrist shot from the slot.
Article On Matt Konan from Philly's Website.

Phoenix Development Camp
Kale Kessy and Miles Koules Participated in the Coyotes Prospect Camp at the end of June. Koules was a free agent invite. Kessy is drafted. Read a couple reports that said Koules scored some nifty goals during camp and was noticeable on the ice.

Newly Acquired Tiger via the Import Draft Marek Langhammer did not cross the pond for the camp.

Oilers Development Camp
Tyler Bunz participated in the Oilers Prospect Camp, fan reports out of their says he had a pretty good camp for himself and was one of the better goaltenders.

Anaheim Conditioning Camp
Fan reports say Emerson Etem looked good and ended the camp with a bang scoring 2 goals during the last scrimmage.


Anonymous said...

Hoping all the guys do well but really pulling for Grbavac, he is an great player, better guy and I hope he gets the contract he deserves!

TigerTurf said...

It's going to be really tough For Grbavac to get a contract in philly.

Flyers already have 50 contracts but 2 contracts likely to slide. So they pretty much have only 2 spots left before they hit the 50 contract limit.

Anonymous said...

I hear there may be a change with our GM. I sure hope not Brad has done a great job with the Tigers. Hear he may be going back go scouting for the Tigers.
Brad has proven himself as a GM.

Anonymous said...

Weird, I thought he had been doing a great job. I have been happy with the management of the tigers. Guess we never know, it may be him asking to go back to scouting.

Anonymous said...

Could it be because Brad does not live in the Hat? Maybe he wants to be closer to home, can't see the Tigers being unhappy with him! He has done really well!!

longtimefan said...

Personally I think the jury is still out on the job Brad has done with the team. We are just starting to see his picks come through the system and looking at our protected list that Alan Caldwell posted on his blog there is a real lack of size. There are only three forwards on the list that are over 6' tall. Most are between 5'9 and 5'11. Skill maybe but toughness and grit sems to be lacking.

Anonymous said...

I agree skill can only work if grit allows it.

Anonymous said...

Hello longtimefan,
how do i find the protected list, that you pseak of in alan caldwell's blog?

TigerTurf said...

The True protected list is not released to the public, but ALan Caldwell comes up with a pretty close list.

Wouldn't it be funny if Dylan Bredo, Dylan Bredahl, and Todd Bredo all played in the same year

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Damon Hanson? Anyone know? He performed well at the rookie camp and I thought he had a good shot of making the team with time. But I do not see his name on the list?

Stan said...

Just in case you missed it, 19 year old forward Brendan Hurley will not be back with the Tigers this coming season, he has signed on to play Junior A with the MJHL's Dauphin Kings in 2012-13.

So he as well can now be added to the list of eligible players not returning including Parkkonen (back to Finland), McKay (going to play at Mount Royal), etc.