Monday, August 13, 2012

Grbavac Awarded Scholorship

StFX Athletics is pleased to announce their newest Danny Gallivan Memorial Scholarship recipient. Cole Grbavac from Calgary will be suiting up for the X-Men hockey team this coming fall and has been named the recipient of the prestigious award.

We are very pleased that Cole has received the prestigious Danny Gallivan award,” comments X-Men hockey head coach Brad Peddle. “He will be a great addition to StFX, to the X-Men hockey program and to the community overall.”

“Cole was a tremendous leader for his team in junior hockey; he was heavily involved in the community and was a very popular teammate. He possesses a strong work ethic both on the ice and in the classroom, is very strong academically and he will study business at StFX. Cole will be a welcomed addition to our program and we are very appreciative of the Gallivan family for their continued support of our StFX student-athletes,” continues Peddle.

I guess this confirms that Cole Grbavac will be going the school route. I wish him the best of luck.

Hunter Shinkaruk

1st Game (3-2 Win)
Shinkaruk centered a line with Ryan Strome(Niagra) and Lucas Lessio (Oshawa).
They were playing against the Russians top Line featuring the 1st overall pick in last years Draft Nail Yakupov in game 1. Russians top line only scored a 5 on 3 goal.

2nd Game (6-3 Loss)
Shinkaruk got a hooking penalty.

Third game
(Monday Night) Hunter Shinkaruk will be scratched

Overall No points for Shinkaruk, 2 penalty minutes, not sure of plus/minus.

Mavericks Fans
Free Stream of Game 4 between the Regina Red Sox and Medicine Hat Mavericks Tuesday Night

Regina is up 2-1 in the best of 5 Series.


longtimefan said...

Heard from a pretty reliable source that our euro goalie may not be coming over after all. Here's hoping there is an nhl lockout and Bunz is returned.

Anonymous said...

It could very well be a long year for Shinkaruk. This year he will have to generate his own offense, and not rely on Etem to initiate the offense.
I'm not saying he won't have a banner year. But Etem drew most of the attention from the oppositions best defense. Shinkaruk played on the shirt tail of a franchise player last year.
This year, he should be the franchise player. I wish him the best.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought Phenoix wanted our euro goalie playing in the WHL, so I am shocked that he might not be coming. From my understanding the goalies are already in the Hat training. I heard Bunz has a new helmet and pads, they are not orange and black though. In addition, the Tigers have already sent Bunz a framed Tiger jersey, I don't think it is looking like he is coming back. We might be in a bit of trouble!

Anonymous said...

Cameron played well last year, with a chance at more ice time he could be pretty good. needs experience tho, will be a steep learning curve, who to back him up, guessing not Dawson - our 16 year old?

TigerTurf said...

I read a post from August 9th on his fan facebook page that says he plans to train with guys Like Dominik Hasek in Pardubice untill Tiger Training Camp Begins...that could be old news though at this point.

Anonymous said...

Cameron looks good down at the rink right now. He has put on a lot of muscle. Apparently he has trained on ice all summer. He will challenge for that starting job. Glad to see we have a committed guy in net!

Anonymous said...

Shinkaruk is NOT a checker, fact is four games No Points!!! He has got to learn to generate points himself, and not off someone else.

Anonymous said...

Hunter did just fine when Etem was away at the World Juniors. I don't think he always rides coat tails. He is kinda damned having had Etem on his line, of course he got points from him but it seems that people like to hold this against him. No, not a good showing, but I think we can judge him on more then 4 games in the summer.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the season to start!!! Go tigers go!!!!!