Friday, August 17, 2012

Head Office Shifts Roles
Shaun Clouston is now the Head Coach and the General Manager.
Brad McEwen will take on an assistant GM role, and the Head Scout Role.

If you follow the comments on this blog their were a couple users suspecting that Brad would step down for a lesser role.


Anonymous said...

Shawn and Brad are a great mgmt team for the Tigers. I wish them both the best and the talent they make of these young men is second to none. This is a development league and these guy's are true to their word and support the players they choose to be TIGERS.
Let's all get over etem and bunz stuff and support what Tigers mgmt decide. I like what Brad has done and the players he took a chance on are doing good. Goalies, fwds, Dfence. What they have now are all committed to Med Hat.
Go Tigers Go

Anonymous said...

I think this is a good move. I think there are not many better then Brad in the scouting department. Like they said, it is the same people and a team effort, and this move is really just streamlining. Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

I like Shaun in and Brad still in a major role. My concern is the coaching team. When Willie was in, he had Shaun and Kruger there to run things. I am just not sure if Joey is the guy we need in the second assistant coach position. I really feel the tigers gave him a big opportunity but it might be time we get someone with experience in there. Just a thought!

TigerTurf said...

I think Joey is a great Benefit to the team.

Sometimes its easier to talk to a guy your own age who has just been through the junior ranks. Joey is also able to closely monitor players conditioning and help motivate them.

Also Clouston and Kruger during the game can sometimes get pretty focused on line matching. I've noticed that Joey sometimes gives the Tiger players quick tips on the fly.

Anonymous said...

You can see on the bench that Joey does not play a major role. I think it will be expected he step up a bit and is going to be forced to take more of a role in the hockey. In the conditioning aspect he does is great, but that is not really the role of the assistant coach. That is Miki's job. I just think his role might need to move more towards being a real assistant coach rather then a trainer/buddy to the guys on the bench.
I do like that he gives quick tips on the fly like you say. So maybe he is growing into the role. It is just reality that he has no experience in this field, I just hope he is able to fulfil the full roles of an assistant coach now that Shaun will not have the same time as he once did.
I think Willie was a great coach in part because of coaching team he had around him, I just hope Shaun has that same support - and I am just not sure it is there.

Anonymous said...

A very good move by the Tigers.