Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shinkaruk Cut from Team Canada

Cuts are done

Team Canada Final Cuts
Frank Corrado - Defenceman (Sudbury Wolves OHL)
Laurent Brossoit - Goaltender (Edmonton WHL)
Daniel Catenacci - Forward (Owen Sound Attack OHL)
Mark Mcneill  - Forward (Prince Albert WHL)
Ryan Sproul - Defenceman (Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds OHL)
Tom Wilson - Forward  (Plymouth Whalers OHL)
Hunter Shinkaruk - Forward (Medicine Hat WHL)
Matt Dumba - Defenceman (Red Deer Rebels WHl)

Darn Shinkaruk was the last forward to be cut.. He should be a shoo-in next season.


CatFan said...

I knew it was probably a long shot for Hunter to make it this year because of the NHL players being a lock to make the team (which really bugs me, it should only be a junior tournament not a under-20 one with millionaires taking spots from kids still paying their dues in the CHL, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Shrinkaruk being cut coupled with Brossoit losing out to Subban, coupled with BWK's dub-leading, goal-scoring Pulock not even getting an invite is proof enough for me that this camp was light on purpose and heavy on posturing.

I am SO SICK of the East ignoring the country's best players, unless of course, they happen to be Maple Leaf draft picks (Morgan Reilly).

ALL 3 goalies from the OHL?? REALLY??

Only 5 WHL players selected for our "national" junior team from a 22 team WHL league out of a roster of 23 players??!! REALLY!?

No wonder we can't win gold in this tournament anymore! (Compare to most recent Canada GOLD in 2009... when 12/22 players were from the WHL)

(For this year's team, out of 23 players, 11 OHL players were selected from the 20 team OHL, 6 QMJHL players were from the 18 team QMJHL, and the NUGE) - Sorry, Hunter, your were born too far West, and your old man doesn't have enough patients East of Kenora, Ontario! CANADIAN BS in its purest form!

Anonymous said...

Subban is way way way better than Brossoit its not even close and Hunter and Dumba were never going to make this team they are way to stacked with talent even Mackinnon is suppose to be a 3rd/4th line player, im a little shocked McNeil didnt make it hes a Rick Nash clone without the really soft hands and a valuable forward to have against USA, other than that those cuts dont surprise me

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 8:44. I hope more people are exposed to your statements. So true .... Hey didn't two AB CIS teams beat our gold medal hopefuls recently?