Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tigers Defeat Blazers 7-6 OT

I thought the Tigers played very well tonight. They kept up their physical play and for once I thought they actually outhit the other team.

 The Tigers changed up their line combos and it looked like Hunter Shinkaruk was playing through some sort of injury. Tyler Lewington was also out with an injury.

 Ty Stanton
Ty Stanton really stepped up for the Tigers tonight. He was making crisp passes and doing all the little things right in his own end, and it led to a big 4 point night.

I thought the Tigers deserved to win this in regulation, and Kamloops was lucky that Marek Langhamer had a bad night in goal.

 I am very excited about the game they played tonight. I saw a lot of positive signs. They kept up their physical play and their penalty kill looked a lot better. I hope they can continue to play that way after they come back from the Christmas Break.

 5 Minute Major
Kamloops Blazer forward Aspen Sterzer could see a suspension after Hitting Trevor Cox in the head on a nasty hit. Luckily Cox wasn't injured on the play.

Kamloops was without the leagues 2nd leading scorer in J.C Lipon who made the world junior team.


longtimefan said...

Wasn't able to attend tonight but good on the boys for beating a top tier team going into the break. Shows that there is some character in the room coming back from last nights loss.

dengel2002 said...

I saw the game differently....Loops outhit the Tigers..The smaller forewards take a beating downlow from the start of the game....Then as the game progresses they start to shy away from the corners anticipating another hit..Even on our breakouts the forewards get the puck at the halfwall and are unable to headup ice as a forechecker is on them to make a hit. The Tiger foreward has to chip the puck back to our defenseman... The other forechecker then attacks the dman putting preassure on him around the net...The end result is turnovers and opposition scoring chances...

How many times does the dman rush the puck up ice towards centre and there is no one to pass too..One winger is standing just at the other side of the redline the other coasting towards the Blazer blueline. The centre is ussually crossing in the middle but not with speed..Even when forewards like Hunter, Bredo or Valk rush the puck from our goaline with lots of piss n vinegar they get met with a forechecker at centre ice, The wingers are not moving to accept a pass and as a result the puck is dumped in or the player tries to carry the puck over the line with 2 opposition players all over him. He tries to create a scoring chance all by himself...Hart looked real good when he crashed the net to score..Offense was generated from the bluline in..Tigers had a few goals from the dirty area in front of the net...Rather than those low percentage shots from the perimeter. Those perimeter shots work when players crash the net looking for rebounds. Seems like the Tigers are at times looking for the perfect perimeter shot to score rather than just getting the puck to the net and get some dirty goals.

What really gets my goat is the Tigers are up 6-5 with not much time left and Loops get a 4 on 2 break with Edmundson a defensemen I might add scoring the goal from the hashmarks. Brutal.

I have also noted that on more than a few occasions after a whistle the Tigers jump onto the ice...The visitors see who is coming out and they in turn put players on the ice.. Defeats the whole idea of last change and matching lines.

Clouston relies on his top 6 forewards and top 4 dmen way too much. When it comes time for a playoff push they gonna be banged up and wore out to get the job done.
Lets mix up the lines and get some of those younger energy guys more icetime. I always see the 4th liners get a great energy forecheck shift and then the top line comes out and gets a scoring chance. A big momentum swing kind of like a Doty fight brings team energy.

Stix said...

Loved the shaking up of the line up! Seemed to generate some energy! Hope they rest up and bring this intensity into the new year!

TigerTurf said...

The Tigers forwards were much better on the forecheck, and as a result the Tigers had more puck possession time.

Like you said They were also crashing the net a lot better.

They still have lots to improve upon. But their were some positive signs against a good team.

To be honest I thought both teams looked a bit tiredish last night.

Dengel I do agree with you about their breakout its something I haven't liked about their systems, however we did see a lot more D to D and smarter passes than lobs up the ice compared to past games.

The Tigers 4th line is playing against the other teams 3rd and 4th lines. Seeing them dominate against the opposition lines is a very good sign for the future.

Next season we are going to have 2nd line players playing on the 4th line.

Anonymous said...

Doty played yet another good game

Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf, you are usually pretty positive. However, after a great showing by the entire team last night, was your last comment regarding the players on the 2nd line and their role next year really necessary?? Merry Christmas to you too.

TigerTurf said...

I also want to say that I loved the coaching saturday night. I was hard on them friday night in the comments.

Usually teams take a couple steps forward and one step back so its pre-mature to get excited, but I hope that last nights game was a turning point in their season.

longtimefan said...

No doubt this team can score goals but they need to sort out their defensive issues going forward if they want to snag a playoff spot. They have given up 25 goals in the last 4 games with a combination of bad defence and some suspect goaltending. Going to be a dog fight for the 6th through 8 spot in the conference, should be an exciting second half.

Anonymous said...

i will be shocked if Marek comes back from the Czech

TigerTurf said...

Anon at 3:09 I meant that as a good thing.

The Tigers will have so much depth at forward next year that the 4th line players could be playing on the 2nd line on any other team.

Orange blood said...

My question is, is it really worth the Tiger staff bringing a Euro goalie back after Christmas to just warm the bench? Im sorry but i think this guy just isnt up to the task. I would like to see the Tigers do something positive about the goaltending situation over the break. Does anyone know if we have any other prospects in the system?

longtimefan said...

Don't agree with your statement about our young guys being second line players on any other team next year. None of the 6 young forwards have shown much if any offensive upside yet. The six have played in 130 games and registered only 9 points among them and as I have said in the past, if this team is going to get a playoff spot this year, these kids are going to have to start to contribute on a more consistent basis.

Anonymous said...


Defenceman Cam Barker, the third player picked in the 2004 NHL draft, was cut Sunday by the Texas Stars of the AHL.

Barker, 26, was playing on a 25-game professional tryout contract with the minor-league team. He played in 23 games, recording three goals and five assists, but the Stars didn't see enough from the Winnipeg native to keep him around for the rest of the season.

After finishing the 2011-12 NHL season with the Edmonton Oilers, Barker failed to catch on as a restricted free agent, forcing him to attend the Texas training camp on a tryout basis.

Barker has 296 games of NHL experience with Chicago, Minnesota and Edmonton. He was drafted by the Blackhawks

Anonymous said...

WOW with that kind of depth at forward next year we should expect a good run for the cup LOL

TigerTurf said...

Haha i was over-exaggerating of course, just trying to get my point through that the Tigers will have a lot of forward depth next season.

BMOCHL said...


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Anonymous said...

Crazy about Barker, too bad, do not like seeing past tigers not do well. Was in San Fran and went to see Bunz play, he warmed the bench for the game. But after seeing his stats, was not surprised. The Stockton goalie who played was real good, future not looking that great for Bunz right now....should be in junior.

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