Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hitmen Defeat Tigers 3-2

Very Brief

The Tigers kept it pretty close through two periods. I think the Hitmen hit 4-5 posts in the game, and the score flattered the Tigers as the third period was pretty ugly, but through 2 periods it was a pretty close game.

The Hitmen's 2nd goal to tie the game was a back-breaker. Boston Leier tripped himself up and in a panic tried to launch the puck out of the zone. With seconds left in the second period a floating point shot was tipped in.

In the third period the Hitmen made a few adjustments, created a lot of turnovers and their were dozens of odd man rushes down low.

Even though the Hitmen dominated the third the Tigers had a couple opportunities to tie the game.

Next Game: Friday Night in Moose Jaw, Saturday night back home.


Stix said...

Tough to have a lead and then drop it. But the Tigers have been so good, no one is perfect. Learn from it and move on. There are points to be gained this week! Go Tigers Go!!!!

longtimefan said...

Puck management wasn't very good last night by the whole team. To many giveaways against a good team. Lanigan was real good again which is a good sign. Time to move and get a win on Friday against a team they have to get points off of.

Anonymous said...

would like to see that line of #18-#19-#20 back. They had great chemistry together

longtimefan said...

Back to back losses for the Ice this week and even in games played now. Tigers need to get two points in tomorrows game. Looking like the head to head match ups with Kootenay and Lethbridge are probably going to decide the final two playoff spots.

TigerTurf said...

I did a simulation based off of schedule strength, strength of schedule and winning percentage since christmas

2. PA = 84 pts
3. calgary = 96 pts
4. Red Deer = 82 pts
5. Saskatoon= 81 pts
6. Broncos = 80 pts
7. Tigers = 79 pts
8. Kootenay = 76 pts
9. Lethbridge= 75 pts

TigerTurf said...

Sorry no recap tonight I wasn't able to watch the game....but it looks like I picked a good game to miss.

longtimefan said...

Terrible loss giving up 8 goals to a team up until last night was second worse in the entire league in goals for. No one showed up to play in a game they needed to have. Hard to believe a team in our position in the standings could take a team lightly,but it appears they did.

Anonymous said...

any one know where prospect Brennan Hunker is playing?

Anonymous said...

Horrible game against MJ!!!! I had to shut it off!!!!

Anonymous said...

What injury did Hunter get in the game?