Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Defeat Tigers 3-2

First Period
Tigers start the game with a very good first period.

With 7 seconds left on a powerplay, 24 seconds in the period Miles Koules fed Curtis Valk who fed a streaking Shinkaruk on a 3 on 2. Shinkaruk coming in at an angle slid a puck along the ice beating Mackenzie Skapski. 1-0 Tigers

a lot of play along the boards, not very many scoring chances at all.

Tigers outshot Kootenay 10-6.

2nd Period

Right off the bat their is some fisticuffs. Jake Doty hammered Tanner Faith in the Corner. Faith slipped on an edge just before Doty hit him and their was a big crunch...

Joey Leach would come in and give a few cross checks to Doty and they dropped the gloves. Doty ended the fight pretty quickly with a punch that knocked Leach over.

The calls would be a little strange as Doty was given 2 for charging, but leach wasn't given an instigator penalty.

On the powerplay Kootenay would tie the game. Hunter Shinkaruk and Boston Leier would get caught up high in the box together and Kootenay had a mini 3 on 2 down low. Brock Montgomery would receive the pass on the far side and beat Lanigan glove side. 1-1 TIE

Tigers would pull ahead mid-way through the second period 2 seconds after their powerplay ended. Miles Koules at the point fed Elgin Pearce in the slot. Pearce's shot would be stopped but Dylan Bredo was right their to fire a hard rebound top shelf that beat skapski. 2-1 Tigers

 The Tigers killed of a short 5 on 3,  but kootenay would tie the game with 10 seconds left in the second period. Chad Labelle lost his stick and Kootenay had the Tigers running around a little. Brock Montgomery would fire a bad angle shot from the bottom of the faceoff circle which beat Lanigan 2-2 TIE

Kootenay out-shot the Tigers 10-4 in the period. The Tigers took 4 minor penalties and the Ice were able to score twice on them. The Tigers had a bunch of chances but often they were thwarted at the last second resulting in no shots.

3rd Period
Heartbreaker. Miles Koules would get stripped of the puck just inside the blueline. Dylan Bredo attempted a sweeping pokecheck but wasn't able to get the puck. Kootenay had a 3 on 1 down low and Luke Philp had a wide open net to put the puck past Lanigan. 3-2 Ice

The Tigers pulled their goalie and had a powerplay late but were unable to get the equalizer.

The Tigers had a really good first period, but up and down 2nd and 3rd periods. Kootenay always seems to score such timely goals against the Tigers and today was no different. The Tigers had 3 straight powerplays in the third including a 5 on 3 for 48 seconds but couldn't score. The Tigers played OK, but I thought they could have played a little better.

Final Shots 23-22 for Kootenay.

Saskatoon also lost to Edmonton so the Tigers remain in a tie for 7th, except Kootenay is now only 4 points back with a game in hand

Here is the Doty/faith hit as well as the fight right after.


Ben said...

Why do they not learn to stay out of the box for crappy penalities like tripping, holding etc? Becker killed the team with the penalty that caused the 5 on 3. That was the TSN turning point that ended it for the Tigers. They never got back on game after that. I thought there was wayyyyyyy too much undisciplined play! Usually a fan of Becker but slashing on a PK?? Come on! That was selfish! The Tigers were the better team but had some guys playing stupid. Frustrating as a fan! STAY OUT OF THE BOX!!!! HANDS, FEET and STICKS to yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Why would Becker slash to make a 5-3?? We lost steam there. But we needed to score on the 5-3's after that. Just think had Becker not taken that penalty it would have been different.

Anonymous said...

Tough loss, close game. Need to play more disciplined. And needed to bury on the 5 on 3's. Seemed we were not able to set up, lost our legs to get into the zone.

Puckdan said...

Had a bad feed on the computer so turned on Bob, he is just the best! We have no idea how lucky we are to have as our play-by-play guy. So Bob, here's to you! Tiger fans love you! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Bad penalities, lost momentum, we shoulda had that one. Too bad, move on.

dengel2002 said...

Koules gets stripped of the puck just inside the blueline in the 3rd period of a tie game..
BRUTAL The team stresses TEAM defense but Koules makes this selfish play at least once per game. This time it cost the team at least a point in the standings.Come the end of the season this point might haunt the team. The team puts this 18yo rookie in many key spots ie (point on pp, pk, top 6 foreward min). His -20 something attests to his defensive liability.This aint LA cali hockey. Its the Dub. Attention to detail matters. What worked in LA with lower caliber players gets the puck in your own goal here. Still lots of puck to be played this season, so Im still cutting Miles some slack. He has great O skills but needs to work on his game in his end.