Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tigers Defeat Brandon 4-2

 First Period
Brandon gets on the board first at the 6:49 mark.  Brandon's forwards crossed over down low and it momentarily confused  Stanton, Koules, and Hodder.

Taylor Cooper fed a pass to an incoming Tim McGauley. McGauley fired a low shot glove side past Cam Lanigan. 1-0 Brandon

The Tigers would earn multiple high quality scoring chances through most of the period. They were finally able to solve COrbin Boes on a delayed Line Change from Brandon.

Logan McVeigh would break into the Tigers end, hesitate, and send a cross ice pass to a rushing Dylan Bredo. Bredo would fire a shot on net and Corbin Boes would kick out a big rebound.
Jake Doty would pick up the loose puck skating by and pop it into an empty net 1-1 TIE

The game is tied but the Tigers won that period. They outchanced Brandon by about a 4-1 ratio in the period, and outshot them 10-6.

2nd Period
Was a fairly even period. Both teams generated some lower quality chances.

Jake Doty's pass would be a hair too far ahead for Elgin Pearce at center ice and the wheaties rushed back up the ice on the turnover.  Jason Swyripa would take a slapshot just inside the blueline and it would take the legs out of Dylan Bredo. The puck came right back to Swyripa who had a clear lane to the net and put the puck up high glove side on Lanigan.
 2-1 Brandon

 Dylan Bredo would take some time to get off the ice....Lets hope he is OK.

Well Bredo would get his revenge on his return to the ice. Elgin Pearce would enter the zone down low and circle back. He would find Bredo coming off the bench. Bredo would snap a wrist shot through traffic and it beat Corbin Boes. 2-2 TIE

Late in the Period Elgin Pearce took a high blindside hit from Tyler Yaworski.  Elgin looked dazed after the hit. Their was no call on the play...Probably could have been a 5 minute major.
See if he returns to the game

Tigers Outshot Brandon 10-9 for a 2 period total of 20-15.

3rd Period
Pearce is back on the ice.

The Tigers would start the period with a bang. 41 seconds in Hunter Shinkaruk beat his man down low and poked the puck to Valk behind the net. Valk would do a quick wrap-around and the puck would slide underneath Corbin Boes. 3-2 Tigers

Brandon's Captain Ryan Pulock would take out Boston Leier and the Brandon net just as Dylan Bredo was left alone in front with the puck. Pulock would get called for interference and the Tigers would take their insurance goal on the powerplay.

Shinkaruk at the point would pass the puck to Curtis Valk down low, who then fed the puck back to a streaking Shinkaruk in the slot and he managed to put the puck under Corbin Boes. 4-2 Tigers

Tigers outshot Brandon 15-7 in the period and 35-22 Overall.

That's 3 road games in a row where the Tigers have played really well through the whole game. Even with the loss of Busenius the Tigers are still scoring on their powerplay.

Dylan Bredo has been a rock on defense and was playing first unit minutes tonight. I thought Miles Koules, and Cole Sanford are showing sparks of taking their game to the next level.

The Tigers are doing a good job at trying to take advantage of these early January points. As they play some very tough teams in the second half of this month.

Next Up
Vancouver comes calling Tuesday at the Arena

The GM/Coaching Poll has run its course, with a first half fan approval rating of 44% we'll see if that improves after the season is over.


Anonymous said...

Tiger Turf, while i appreciate the efforts (comment moderation) you take to protect players, coaching, etc from unneccessary and slanderous comments...your blog has become nothing different from the current MH newspapaer or the Tigers website - simply a recap of the game. No longer is there lively debate. Either it takes you a long time to sift through the comments, or people are no longer commmenting as it takes 2 or 3 days for thier comments to be published, and then they are no longer interested. I myself used to visit your site reglarily, but no longer do as there rarely is anything new to read. Perhaps you could try removing the moderation again? Just my thoughts

TigerTurf said...

Unfortunately moderation is here to stay for the rest of this season.

I was greatly opposed to this at one point and held out a for long time but everytime I take moderation off someone goes off the walls with ridiculous comments and slander. I'll probably take it off in the off-season and see how long that lasts.

I do usually check comments every few hours through the day.

The last month with Christmas season this blog has been quiet, and that is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate you blog! And appreciate you protecting inappropriate comments about players, coaches and management.