Friday, January 18, 2013

Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 2-1

 Pre Game
Oil Kings starting Tristan Jarry
Kyle Becker and Derek Ryckman are back in the lineup
Ty Stanton, Hunter Shinkaruk, and Matt Staples are out

First Period

Tyler Lewington Travis Ewanyk
It started off an icing and a line change then the two would go.

Ewanyk would land a punch that sent Lewington off balance. Ewanyk would throw a bunch of punches at the back of lewingtons head. Lewington would wait out a couple punches then throw a shot of his own. The second shot would land square in the nose and knock Ewanyk off his feet and they both tumbled to the ice.    I would give it a draw

The Tigers start off the game very well with 2 deep shifts. The Tigers would get on the board first on a 5 on 3 powerplay. Tyler LEwington would feed Trevor Cox on the point who switched positions with Kyle Becker. Trevor's shot would find the top corner under the bar. 1-0 Tigers

Tigers outshot the Oil Kings 11-5 and got a bunch of partial 2 on 1's. Oil Kings shots came from just outside the slot area, close enough that they were dangerous and Lanigan stood tall.

2nd and the Rest

My Laptop started acting up and wouldn't stream anything other than a slideshow so I exited the feed and listed to the Oil Kings broadcast.

Sounded like the Tigers didn't give the Oil Kings very many offensive opportunities. The Oil Kings broadcasters were peeved at Edmonton not being able to beat the "8th ranked" Tigers.

Elgin Pearce would score the other Tiger goal and the Oil Kings Keegan Lowe would score on a deflected wrist shot.

It was a good win for the Tigers missing their top Scorer in Hunter Shinkaruk.

Up Next: The Hitmen visit the Arena tomorrow, and play the top ranked team in the Eastern Conference 3 games in a row as the Hitman leapfrogged the Oil Kings with a win over PG.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely huge win against the #5 ranked team in Canada. Hopefully they can keep their momentum against Calgary. It's going to be a battle against the Hitmen!

Grumphy said...

Good four point win. Good start to a relly tough weekend. Hope thry have enough left in the tanl for at least a split over the nect two nights.