Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tigers Deflate Hurricanes 10-3

Won't be recapping the goals their were too many of them :)

Ty Stanton
Ty Stanton blocked a shot and was taken out of the game. Questionable for Tomorrow against the Oil Kings.

Game Summary
The game was pretty close for the first half of the game. The Tigers switched up their lines in the first period and the first shift after Lethbridge Scored.

Marek Langhamer stopped about 4 breakaways. Lethbridge took a bunch of undisciplined roughing/unsportsmanlike conduct penalties after the whistle and weren't helping themselves out.

The momentum turned for good with a minute left in the second period. Curtis Valk and Miles Koules scored 2 goals in the last minute of play to suddenly take a 5-3 lead into the third period and they didn't stop their.

The third period was a slaughterfest as Lethbridge could barely get out of their own zone. It seemed like the play was slowed down half speed as 90% of the loose pucks were cleanly won by the Tigers forwards.

The Tigers gave a lot of icetime to the young lines of Butcher, Labelle, and Owre and the 4th line got 2 goals.

 I liked how Clouston switched up his lines early into the first period. It seemed to create a lot of confusion for the Lethbridge coach. I also liked how they choose to play Langhamer tonight.

 It seemed like every other whistle Lethbridge coaches would delay sending players on the ice. Their were probably half a dozen times times where the linesman had to sort out the players back to the bench after a ridiculously late change.  Even on icing calls Preston would quickly try and get a guy to change to get at least one set of fresh legs on the ice.

Langhamer was brilliant on the breakaways but he had a tough time fending off rebounds that bounced in front after hitting the boards.

The 4th line looked absolutely dynamite tonight. If they keep playing like that their are going to keep scoring goals at will.

Jake Doty scored another goal tonight, that's 7 goals in his last 11 games. He has scored more goals in his last 11 games, than his previous 163 games combined....

I have liked what I have seen from this team ever since they got clobbered by Saskatoon 7 games ago on January 1st. They changed up their forecheck and have been more aggressive and it has worked for them.

Next Up: Edmonton comes calling Sunday at the Arena. It will be the 3rd game in 3 nights for both teams, however Edmonton will also have a 5+ hour drive


Anonymous said...

The Lockout is Over and the Tigers clobberd the Canes...the universe has righted itself once again!

Anonymous said...

That felt soooo good!!! Doty is ripping it up. A 20 year old keeper!!

Anonymous said...

That was a great game by all the players - what an exciting game to watch! Doty playing great - he was given an opportunity and has run with it and is get rewardede. No different than Hart could have if he had decided to stick around and give the team a try! In everyone's excitement, lets not forget Valk' amazing game. And Bredo, Cox and Lier quietly doing their job. Bredo and Cox each with 11 points in last 11 games and Lier with 13 points in last 11 games. It will be a tough call for Clouston next fall, but a good tough position to be in. Go Tigers!

longtimefan said...

Langhammer has taken a lot of heat this year forhis play but on a few occasions he has shown the potential he has and last night was no exception. People can talk about Valk, Bredo (who I thought struggled with the speed last night) Lier and the rest but the person responsible for the win last night was Marek. He made 4 great stops with the score 3-2 Canes which gave the Tigers the chance to turn it around and blow the Canes out.

Anonymous said...

I liked the way the team played. Elgin Pearce was unreal and Doty with Pearce and Hunter a nice mix of balls quickness and smarts.

Anonymous said...

Really like what this team is showing!!! I hope they keep it up a d become a contender for playoffs. Clouston had good vision as to what this team w capable of!

Grumphy said...

A real good sixty minute effort, best full game effort this year.