Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tigers Shutout Rebels 3-0

 If you haven't been to a game lately, its time to go back to the Arena!!!!

Back to Back shutouts. What a weekend!
3 games against very good opponents and the Tigers only gave up 1 goal.

Their defensive play has just been phenomenal. ALL that work in the first half is paying off. I think with Dylan Bredo being moved back to the point it has caused a rippling effect on everyone with their sticks being more active.

Their penalty kill has started to vault up the standings as they sit 10th overall.

Derek Ryckman's  passing skills look  improved.
Spenser Jensen and Tyler Lewington are physically punishing the opposing forwards, winning all the small battles and make good first passes out of the zone.

The forwards have been excellent at slowing the opposition on their breakout, turning pucks over, and giving the defense less confusion on which guys to pick up.

The young guys are stepping up to the plate and its allowing the Tigers to roll all 4 lines. The coaches are comfortable sticking those guys out on the ice against the opposing top line now and its wearing down the opposition's defenseman.

Game Thoughts
I thought the first half of the game looked a bit like a lazy sunday type game, but the Tigers kept up their strong efforts and eventually was able to crack Red Deer's Armor. Red Deer Patrik Bartosak made quite a few very good stops, the score could have been higher if not for his stellar play.

Chad Labelle had another heck of a fight. Logan McVeigh potted his 4th goal as a Tiger. His point per game total has increased quite a bit since coming here.

Too many players are playing well to single out any one guy. Overall as a team their 1 on 1 defensive play is leaps and bounds better.

Lethbridge lost tonight in a shootout

The win tonight leapfrogs the Tigers over Saskatoon into 7th place, 2 points back of lethbridge with two games in hand. 2 points back of swift, and 6 back of red deer with 2 games in hand.

Up Next: The Tigers go on the road for a 3 game trip to BC and the states. Wednesday night they play a massive 4 point game against the Kootenay Ice. Tri-City on Friday, Spokane on Saturday


Anonymous said...

Wow, the Tigers are playing unreal! Good job guys, it is a pleasure to sit in the stands!!! Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Broadhead is my new favorite player! He has no fear and energy that we have not seen for a long time, probably since Dorsett. All heart and I love it! Labelle is amazing, Sanford, Penner..... loving the young guns. Bredo is awesome on defence. Hunter and Valk are getting a little more room out there as the other teams have to be aware of all of our lines, they are not going to win just by shutting down our first line. The defence in the last 3 games would rival the best in the league. Good things are in the future for this team! I think we will rattle some cages in playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the trade we have been way better. The first game after the trade(I believe it was the day after) we lost 7-2 to Saskatoon but the new guys barely had a chance to play with new team. Vodder and McVeigh have been great additions.

TigerTurf said...

The Tigers realistically still have a shot at home ice in round 1, but they are also only 6 points away from 9th.

longtimefan said...

And just to think thet got these last three wins with, as many would say horrible coaching and team management. Doing pretty good for a team that has quit on the coaching staff I would say.

TigerTurf said...

To be fair the coaching has improved as well. At least the tweaks they have made have been largely successfull lately.

Balancing the lines instead of top loading the first line, yet top loading when some heavy pressure is needed.

Sticking the 4th line out against a tired rebels top line and generating powerplays......using the young guys more in the first period, not relying on just 1 goaltender to do the bulk of the work.

Getting the forwards more aggressive on the forecheck and back-check.

Letting the Dman go D to D more often and get higher percentage passing plays.

dengel2002 said...

The thing that has really caught my eye is the little things the Tigers are doing that dont get noticed on the score sheet but have an impact on the W's at games ends.
Blocked shots, getting in shooting and passing lanes, puck support, limiting scoring chances, hard on the forecheck. Its amazing how hard work and determination pays off in the end. Tigers didnt get the outcome they wanted playing the Oil at home a week ago but sure as heck was evident in the past W's. We wont win em all but we can win every game we play. Come playoff time the Tigers will be a team no one will want to face.

TigerTurf said...

I agree, they are supporting each other so well.

We Will have to wait and see if this is just a hot streak or if this is indeed a New Tiger Team.

They are playing with a lot of enthusiasm, and its great hockey to watch.

longtimefan said...

I can guarantee that the rest of the guys on the team took note when Mcveigh blocked the shot on Saturday night at the end of the game because everyone was doing it last night.

They are also coming out of their own end so much easier now than they were a few weeks ago. It's hard to believe a converted forward can make that much of a difference on the back end but he seems to have brought a calming influence to the rest of the guys back there.

Anonymous said...

Elgin Pearce for Prime Minister.

TigerTurf said...

I like that everyone on the ice went to McVeigh first to congratulate him....then back to the goalie to congratulate marek on his first shutout.

I remember their was another important shot block when the Tigers were shothanded but can't remember who it was.

Anonymous said...

That was funny when the Rebels captain did the head shake thing trying to get Kyle Becker to flinch and Becker just stood their and laughed at the guy.

Anonymous said...

Putting Doty with Hunter was a brilliant move, protects hunter and he can play his game and gets Doty scoring touch going.....what a steal that Seattle and PA trade turned out to be

Anonymous said...

Logan McVeigh is helping turn the Tigers around which is exactly what he did for the last place Prince Albert Raiders the year before.
He should be getting more media attention and the scouts need to be taking a look.

Anonymous said...

Prince albert Raiders loss and the Medicine Hat tigers gain. Good trade deal for McVeigh

Anonymous said...

This upcoming road trip will be a good test. They are playing Cranbrook who has been reeling in some points and Spokane and Tri City don't often lose in their own buildings. They are tough teams and will give the Tigers everything and more than they can handle. Will be good to see how well they prepare for these solid teams.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the coaching has changed. I think the focus has been the same all season. The difference is that all the guys are now "up to speed". Our 16 year olds have caught up and are now able to be put out more. Everyone has bought in which allows the first line not to be overplayed. Having everyone on the same page allows the coaches to make changes in the line up without compromising the outcome of the game. It is that the coaches are now able to play guys for a win rather then play them to prevent a loss.

Anonymous said...

I have really noticed Hunter getting into the dirty areas more and grinding it out. I do not think it is necessarily showing up in results for him yet but I expect that to come. Just like it did for Etem when he learning that going wide around the Dmen was not going to work everytime. It took him a bit to get on stride and will be the same for Hunter. I expect to see big numbers from him next year as he matures.ur

TigerTurf said...

Anon at 9:08 I kinda agree with you to an extend but their are changes out their that weren't happening earlier.

The goalies are getting rotated.

The Tigers are much more
aggressive on the forecheck, perhaps the experience of the first half has allowed them to be able to attack more often than sit back in the nuetral zone, which is the fallback strategy.

I also see more D to D passes when lanes are blocked and my impressions I get from the stands in the past was that the coaches rather see the puck moved up the boards quickly.

Before they were trapping in the nuetral zone, now they are trapping in the offensive zone, and their speed has given the opposition issues in breaking out, which has allowed the defenseman to maintain a tighter gap and put more pressure on the opposition.

That could be a change of attack it could be players buying in, its probably a combo of both.

dengel2002 said...

The biggest change that has been made by the coaches is using the players in roles that suit thier talents. Every player is playing for the logo on the front of the jersey not the name on the back. Blocking shots, going hard to the net, taking a hit to make a pass. Its refreshing to hear after a shutout win, the team doesn't talk about the 0 on the board but a blocked shot. We beat Calgary and the talk is about the good work of the Pk unit. The dub is full of individuals. The tabbies are a TEAM. Doesnt matter how many games we win on this roadie. As long as the boys work hard.