Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Edmonton Moves On

Edmonton Oil Kings defeat the Medicine Hat Tigers 4-2 in game 4.

Game 1: 4-1
Game 2: 2-0
Game 3: 9-2
Game 4: 4-2

Brief Thoughts
The Tigers played really hard tonight and held the lead into the third period. It was a controversial High Stick goal that tied the game and a couple minutes later a long shot somehow found its way through Cam Lanigan's armour to give the Oil Kings the lead.

Lanigan played pretty phenomenal and gave the Tigers every chance to win.  The Tigers had their chances but It was a game like game 2 where the bounces went the Oil Kings way and Laurent Brossoit made some very good saves when he needed to.

I think the Tigers threw more body-checks in this game than the entire first half of the season. 

Cam Lanigan and Overagers
It was nice to hear Lanigan's interview on the radio after the game. Class act all the way!
Also Good Luck to Elgin Pearce, Derek Ryckman, and Can Lanigan for playing their last games in the WHL, and good luck to whatever their future holds. Pearce IMO deserves some sort of shot at the pro level. Derek Ryckman stepped up his game quite abit in playoffs and was one of the big reasons why the Tigers swept Saskatoon in Round 1.

I'd say overall the Tigers had a very successful season and did much better than expected.  Their cup was the Saskatoon series, and no-one expected them to win a game let alone win in four games.

 The early season looked pretty bleak and the jump they have made since the beginning of the season  is outstanding. I think it was also incredible experience playing a team like the Oil Kings, because that's the level of hockey they will need to achieve next season for a shot at a title.

The streak the Tigers have going in pretty amazing. 5 straight years making it past round one, and only once have they failed to make it past round 1 in the last 11 years.

 Next Season
Next season is looking to be a very exciting season. I'll do a little early season outlook a little later on, but the Tigers have potential to dress an extremely similar team albeit one year older and more experienced. They have some pieces for a pretty exciting team that could be capable of making a lot of noise.


longtimefan said...

Nice gritty effort tonight. Good to see the boys go all out but in the end not enough to beat a very good team that has all the elements. Should be bringing back a good nucleas for next year with maybe a question mark in goal.

Stix said...

Thanks to the Tigers for a great year! Nothing is better then being a fan of such a great team who comes to play and win for the fans each and every night!
Cam Lanigan - I wish this guy would have been a Tiger from day 1. I have liked him better then Bunz. I wish we could keep him for a few more years! He encompasses what it is to be a Tiger. He is such a class act and one hell of a goalie. I hope a pro contract comes his way! An NHL team is crazy not to sign him!
It is sad to see Pearce and Ryckman go also. They put heart a soul into the team and it sure made a difference! The tigers were in last place earlier in the year and to go out to the WHL champs in the second round - not bad!
See you next season!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the overagers well done men! Good luck to the draftable players. thx for all the exciting games and highlight reel plays. Have a good rest and awesome summer work hard see ya next season!

Anonymous said...

If the rumors are true about Doty not coming back they better go out and find a policemen to protect the small guys because they literally have no one

Anonymous said...

What am I going to do until September?? It is always sad when Tiger-season is over.
Thanks to the Tigers for a great year. I really liked the character of this team! Great way to go out! They gave it everything they had. Excited as a good core coming back next year..........hope to see Langhammer come back, he really improved with this club and played some spectacular hockey. He seemed eager to learn and was also a fast learner.
Guessing we are going to see a goalie drafted high this year.......just guessing!
Lanigan was a class act after the game. Good luck young man, you will do well in life with an attitude like that! All the best, you will always be a Tiger!

Orange blood said...

This was how they should have played game three. I guess they will be a lot better next year and game three was just one of those nights you put down to experience. Well done Tigers i never expected to be in the playoff this year. Looking forward to next year already!

Anonymous said...

Next year is our Year!!

Anonymous said...

I have not heard anything about Doty not wanting to come back. I understood that he wants to come back to the Tigers. I think it comes down to him and Boston for the overage position. Boston is heart on the team but with guys like Broadhead coming up, they may find that Boston can be traded. I hope that Doty goes home and watches video of Kessy. Kessy has 11 goals in the playoffs because he is a big body and plants himself infront of the net and no one can move him. Doty is even bigger and in front of the net is where he needs to be!

Anonymous said...

I hope we are able to get Langhammer back for goal and who knows, maybe we pick up someone or does anyone know if we have a 16 year old prospect that we can prep for the net?
I really like the team for next year, just the position in net is a question. Dawson MacCauley was suppose to be our next tendy, but that clearly did not work out. Otherwise I think we have a pretty solid team! Will be a fun year!

Anonymous said...

Bantam draft coming up. We were in a good spot this year, made playoffs but still going to get a decent draft pick! Apparently the crop this year is good so hopefully we get another Hunter or another Lanigan!!!

Enjoy the summer boys, work out and be prepped to come back next year and be on top!

longtimefan said...

Tigers have a young goaltending prospect that played on a very good Vancouver NW Giants team this year by the name of Bo Didur. He was unbeaten in the regular season playing in 29 games going 26-0-3 with a 1.84 goals against average. His team also won the Mac's tournament in Calgary at christmas. Not sure whether junior hockey is in his plans or not but he is one listed goaltending prospect.

TigerTurf said...

The Tigers have the 10th overall pick, and their is a hometown kid Jaeger White that could possibly picked near that range.

longtimefan said...

Don't think drafting White would be a good ides for a couple of reasons. One, his relationship with Shaun Clouston and two, and more importantly in my mind is the fact that he is lazy, which is the reason his draft position has plummeted this year.

Anonymous said...

Lazy? He's 14 for f*** sakes

Anonymous said...

I hope they just draft who is the best on the list left at 10th spot and who looks like they will fit into the TIger style of play.
They have done well so far so I don't think we will have to worry.
Not sure about anyone else but I am already in Tiger hockey long until training camp???

longtimefan said...

14 year olds can't be lazy? There is a reason his draft ranking has gone from number three or four to the high teens, thats because he doesn't work as hard as he needs to and I wouldn't take a chance on picking him. Just my opinion.