Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Next Season

Graduated Players (Will not be back)
Elgin Pearce
Derek Ryckman
Cam Lanigan

(* on guestimated roster)

Curtis Valk*  (Will he be drafted? will he be signed? and if so will he be back? I think  he will be back but their is a  decent chance that he may move up if signed and/or drafted by an organization that lacks depth, and a willingness to take a shot at a small player)

Likely to be Back
Hunter Shinkaruk*   (NHL or WHL, and IMO he is not ready for the NHL yet, I'll talk about that more in another post)

Overager Battles (Can only keep 3)

Dylan Bredo*
Jacob Doty
Curtis Valk*
Zach Hodder
Boston Leier*

Bredo is a lock. Valk is a lock if he comes back. I'd give Leier the edge for the 3rd spot. But the overager  question is a question that the Tigers don't have to make untill after training camp and their is no rush untill after Valk's situation is known. I'd give doty the 4th spot as the depth on Defense makes Hodder more expendable.

 Doty should be in the league as a 20. His combo of smarts, toughness, and some skill is fairly unique, and he would do well on a young team.  With Zach Hodder I could see him generate  interest because his value would be cheap but he's not a bad player. If a team is lacking in overagers and don't want to give up much in a trade Hodder would fit in very nicely as he can also play the PP, and would be a guy that could play in the top 4 on an average depth team.

Will Be Back
Gavin Broadhead(18)
Steven Owre (17)
Miles Koules (19)
Blake Penner (17)
Logan McVeigh (19)
Chad Butcher (17)
Chad Labelle (18)
Trevor Cox (18)
Ty Stanton(18)
Tyler Lewington (19)
Matt Staples (18)
Spenser Jensen (18)
Kyle Becker (19)
Marek Langhamer (19)

Guestimated Roster (Just for depth purposes, no thought on line combos)
Shinkaruk(19) Valk(20) Koules(19)
McVeigh(19) Leier(20) Cox(18)
Sanford(17) Penner(17) Broadhead(18)
Owre(17) Butcher(17) Labelle(18)
 + Prospects

Lewington(19) Bredo(20)
Jensen(18) Stanton(18)
Staples(18) Becker(19)
Ty Schultz(16) (1st round pick)



It will be pretty hard for incoming prospects to crack this roster. Even with the losses of this year,  their are 3-5 open spots. 1 of those is likely to go to the Tigers 1st round pick last year in Defenseman Ty Schultz, 1 of those will be a goaltending spot. The Tigers have a lot of depth on defense, so they could re-draft for 1 euro spot and try to go for a scoring forward with size, but they could just as easily draft a Dman. Still the Tigers have a bundle of  prospects in their system that will be knocking on the door. I think the Tigers have the depth to go for broke with their euro selection because an average euro may not be good enough to stick with this roster.

It is always possible Langhamer doesn't come back, and if that were the case the Tigers would be in a bit of a tough spot,  but next year Langhamer has a legitimate shot at being the #1 goaltender, and for his development, his NHL club will probably want him here as he is not ready for the AHL.

For backup goalies Kellan Williams made a very good impression last camp, and the Tigers signed youngster Zac Robidoux who had a good camp as well. Thanks to longetimefan for pointing this out, the Tigers listed Bo Didur from the BC major Midget league who went undefeated as a 15 year old in a 15,16,17 yr old age league. Bo went to camp last year with the Saskatoon Blades, so their is some good young competition in net this year and next.

The Tigers will need to address their lack of size up front. Based on  my guestimated roster the only forward above 6 feet is Logan McVeigh at 6'1. The Defense has lots of size. I could see someone like Labelle getting pushed back on the depth charts.

Quick Summary
I think the Tigers have pieces for a very  good team, especially if Curtis Valk, and Hunter Shinkaruk are back next season. Even more exciting is that their prospect pool is overflowing with talent. It's too early to tell if they have a 2nd tier pretty good team, or a team that has potential to make a run for a title, but they have the potential for a really special year if all the peices fall into place. 
Potential: Above average to High

Brief Look at the Eastern Conference 
Elite, High, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Low

On paper its hard to see one team that is expected to blow anyone away in the eastern conference. I don't see the calibre of a team like Edmonton of this year.

Kootenay had one of the best 2nd halve's in the league not dressing a 3rd overager, and limited production from their euro's They may only loose 2 players which is unheard of. They will have a dangerous top line, scoring depth may be a question. They way they play they don't need a lot of scoring though. They will be a big pain to deal with next season.

Potential: Above Average to High.

Red Deer could be strong with alot of returning players one year older. They didn't score a lot this season and loose Mathew Dumba, and Turner Elson.  They may not posses quite the offensive punch needed, but with Sutter's connections and a good euro forward that could change. Patrik Bartosak won them alot of games. If he returns I move their potential to High.
Potential: Above Average 

Saskatoon - They loose pretty much 2/3rds of their team. Its not what you loose but what you keep, but they dont have much depth from their returning players Potential: Low

Edmonton - They'll  loose  some talented players as they have 8 guys signed to NHL contracts.   They also have a defensive stud in Griffen Reinhart where its NHL or WHL, and he is near good enough to stick in the show.  Theyll likely retain high talents in Legault, Sameulesson, Kulda Moroz, Corbet, Sautner, Jarry, possibly Reinhart. They also have some good youngsters in Lazar, Benson and Bertolucci. They won't drop off the radar and should still be really competitive.  Potential:  Above Average

Calgary - Like Edmonton they have some highly talented players coming back, but will loose some big peices as well. (Macek,Sylvester,Humphries,Rask, and 3 of their 93's) They have some overagers to sell and some young talented players that should fill the void left by the current overager group. I expect them to be competitive, finishing behind edmonton again. Potential: Average to Above Average

Lethbridge - Their defense is still pretty young and their goaltending is questionable. They gave up a lot of goals last year. They retain their top 6 scorer so they should pack some real offensive punch, they are better setup up for the year after next, but unless their D takes a big jump, or the players take to a new coach I see them as a team that is starting to make some noise, but may have defense/goaltending issues. I could see them rip out of the gate next season on a tear. They do have a very small forward core like the Tigers do. Potential: Average to above average

Swift Current - They will loose Reece Scarlett, Richard Nedomlel,  Ryon Moser, Chance Lund,Dalton Reum, probably Adam lowry, and possibly Graham Black. Euro goaltender Eetu Laurikainen is questionable but could well return as a 20 yr old euro. I think they'll have a similar team to this season. If lowry,black, and Laurikanined dont return I'd drop them a rankl. At the same time if those players all return I would increase their potential slightly.
Potential: Average

Prince Albert - Loose 5 big peices in Ruopp,Mcneil,Bardaro, Vandane, and Siemens but they retain a lot of good young players, but I dont think they have enough depth to really be a contender. Goaltending maybe an issue. Josh Morrisey will be a stud on defense.  Potential: Average to Above Average

Moose Jaw - Very young team this past season.  They should only loose their overagers and  Morgan Rielly is NHL or WHL so he could be back. They scored one of the least amount of goals, and I'm not that familiar with most of their young players, but they were the 2nd youngest team last year and I'm not really sure how to rank them, but they will probably still be fairly young. They could be a bit of a dark horse, but it seems like every year I'm thinkin that about Moose Jaw.  Potential: Average?

Regina Pats - They will have a very good top line, goaltending remains a question, their depth doesnt look that great. They could be strong sellers at the deadline. I thought this season they suffered from confidence issues and were a better team that what the standings indicated when they were on their game.
Potential: Below Average to average

Brandon -  They gave up a lot of goals last season with 2 20yr old Dmen and upcoming NHL prospects in Pulock and Roy, last season.  They loose Buonassisi, Miller, Yaworski. Euro Marek Kalus had a pretty poor year in terms of production from the previous year, he could possibly come back.

Their offensive core will still be quite young. Last season  they had a 16 and 17 year old (Hawryluck, McGauley) who lead their offense up front, and Pulock, and Roy on the back-end who provided a big peice of their offense. Their core group of guys are still pretty young and they should be better but I think they may still be behind most teams

What's interesting about Brandon is for such a low scoring team they will have 9 guys who scored over 10 goals back.  So their is potential for them to push into the low seed spots

If Brandon is not in a playoff position come christmas they could get big returns for their 2 Offensive Defenseman in Pulock and Roy, big defenseman who could quaterback a powerplay.
 Potential: Below Average to Average

Tigers Prospects
Main List taken from Alan Caldwell's Blog
Note: This list is far from Complete. The Tigers do not release their 50 PPL and I'm sure their are a handful of these players that have since been dropped, and new players added. (The players who have ** are the players who lasted a long time in main camp last season, + last years 1st round pick)

Gabe Bast -- Acquired: listed player
Defense, 5'8", 145 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Cole Bjugson -- Acquired: listed player
Defense, 6'0", 190 lb, 2013-14 age: 18

Matt Bradley -- Acquired: 2012 2nd round bantam pick
Center, 5'9", 147 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Todd Bredo -- Acquired: 2012 10th round bantam pick
Defense, 6'2", 168 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Mendell Dubuisson -- Acquired: 2012 6th round bantam pick
Right Wing, 6", 150 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Mitchell Dyck -- Acquired: 2012 6th round bantam pick
Defense, 6'0", 184 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Samuel Fejes -- Acquired: listed player
Center, 6'1", 190 lb, 2013-14 age: 19

Jake Fletcher -- Acquired: 2012 9th round bantam pick
Left Wing, 5'8", 155 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Bradley Forrest -- Acquired: 2012 8th round bantam pick
Defense, 5'9", 135 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Brennan Hunker** -- Acquired: 2010 2nd round bantam pick
Defense, 6'1", 200 lb, 2013-14 age: 18

Dennis Kravchenko -- Acquired: listed player
Center, 5'7", 155 lb, 2013-14 age: 19
Kravchenko has committed to NCAA Vermont for 2013-14

Josh McCulloch -- Acquired: 2011 8th round bantam pick
Center, 5'8", 155 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Riley Morris -- Acquired: 2012 7th round bantam pick
Goaltender, 5'10", 157 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Nathan Mortlock** -- Acquired: 2011 4th round bantam pick
Defense, 5'10", 150 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Alex Mowbray** -- Acquired: 2011 4th round bantam pick
Right Wing, 5'11", 174 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Zac Robidoux** -- Acquired: 2011 6th round bantam pick
Goaltender, 6'2", 195 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Ty Schultz** -- Acquired: 2012 1st round bantam pick
Defense, 6'0", 160 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Justin Szeto -- Acquired: listed player
Right Wing, 5'9", 150 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Joseph Tambasco -- Acquired: listed player
Defense, 5'6", 160 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Brayden Uhrich -- Acquired: 2012 11th round bantam pick
Right Wing, 5'9", 160 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

James Wade -- Acquired: listed player
Right Wing, 5'11", 167 lb, 2013-14 age: 18

Keelan Williams** -- Acquired: listed player
Goaltender, 6'0", 150 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Ryley Wozniak -- Acquired: listed player
Center, 5'9", 165 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Jordan Xavier -- Acquired: 2012 5th round bantam pick
Center, 5'8", 134 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Justin Young -- Acquired: 2012 7th round bantam pick
Center, 5'11", 152 lb, 2013-14 age: 16

Sam Young -- Acquired: listed player
Left Wing, 5'10", 174 lb, 2013-14 age: 17

Bo Didur--Acquired: Listed player
Goaltender, 5'9'',154 lb, 2013-2014 age: 16

Connor Hobbs--Aquired: Trade with PA
Defenseman,  5'11'', 170lb, 2013-2014 age: 16  

Scott Allan--Aquired: listed player
Defense, 6'5''. 195 lb, 2013-14 age:17  

Tommy Vannelli-- Acquired: Listed Player
 Defense, 6'2'', 170 lb, 2013-14 age:
-Commitment to play for Minnesota Gophers

Daniel Hanson --Aquired: CHL Import Draft Defense  
Defense 2013-14 age: 18

Mark Rassell -- Aquired: Listed
Forward, 5'10'. 128 lb 2013-14 age: 16


TigerTurf said...

Willie Desjardins was named AHL Coach of the year.

Anonymous said...

Your right about Langhamer. He's not ready for AHL. Hell he's not even WHL material, what makes him better than any Canadian goalie? Pretty expensive backup goalie this year. Hot and cold like Swiss cheese. IMO
Both guys cut are doing way better. We're in trouble in the pipes if he is our go to goalie. Sive.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Conner Hobbs play and he is a second round pick, I would expect him to push for a spot. I also hear that he has an excellent attitude and is incredible hard working. Expect him to make waves at training camp!
I don't see Valk going anywhere, he is so small another yer in the dub would seem smart. In saying that, I hope he gets signed as he is a true talent and could easily play at the NHL level in the future!!!
Excited for next years team. Back-up goaltending spot will be a battle as I expect they will want them to take the reins the year after!!!

TigerTurf said...

Matt Konan was called up to the show tonight. Looks like he didn't dress in tonight's game.

Anonymous said...

Did Brandon move out of the East Division ? You did not rank them for next year.

TigerTurf said...

Added Brandon In.

Anonymous said...

Great Job with the blog! I try to check it out every day. Quick question for you or your readers - there were 2 extra kids in the stands during the playoffs besides the injured players. I think one was the tall dman from Banff, any idea who the other one was?

Anonymous said...

Great job with the Blog...check it every day THANKYOU.

can you tell me what the Tigers are doing over the summer months and the dates of the fall camps when they return to Medicine Hat?

Anonymous said...

Jordan Xavier

Anonymous said...

I think it was Keelan Williams.

Anonymous said...

Conner Hobbs was down for a few weeks. There was also a forward down during the Saskatoon series, forget his name, but was a forward. I heard there were some others but not sure who they were. Some of our low draft picks were up for a couple days but the Dman from Banff and Hobbs seemed to get a long look.

Anonymous said...

I know Hobbs was in town, he was there for the Saskatoon series. I watched practice and he looks real good. Fast skater and good competitor, hope to see him on the team next year. Also heard a goalie was up, but that was hear-say, no confirmation on that.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the Tigers actually had many kids in. I understood the number to be about 8-10 kids spent a varying amount of time in the Hat. Most of them took part in a couple practices at least. Some were kept much longer and were practicing with the team the whole time. The Dman from Banff was here at the end of the season and practiced until Edmonton series was over. Hobbs was called up after his team was out. And a few other kids were here for a good chunk of time. Heard a goalie was in town also but never saw him practice or caught his name. Bo maybe?
Either way, looks like we have more talent then spots, would love to see some trades to get something of value in return, maybe a goalie if we need it? Scouting for us seems to have done a damn good job! Tigers are sitting in a good position!

Anonymous said...

Ryley, the forward was in town also. He was pretty quick out there in practice. Forget his last name, but I got his first name from someone else watching practice in the stands. Clearly the coaches are pretty prepared for what next years roster will look like and what needs to be acquired in the draft and through trades in the summer.

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss this blog over the summer. Will be looking for each new update, thanks for all the work you do! Great job!
Go tigers go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Tigers are impressed with a number of their undrafted and just listed players. I heard that they are better then what they thought so there will be some talent to choose from come training camp.
When does hockey start again? I miss it already. Might wear my tigers jersey to work tomorrow to help with the separation anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Followed this blog all season long but never actually commented until now. Just want to say thanks for the work you put into this. Its very well done.

Anonymous said...

One piece that can not be always added into your projections is the atmosphere in the dressing room. At the banquet Ridley and many other mentioned how close this team was and how well the guys got along. There was mention that they had not had a close team like this since our mem cup run. That is a factor that often pushes a team that extra mile, lets hope it does for our Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Heard Bo Didur was just nominated to MML BC All Star team. I hope we have another good one.