Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oil Kings Defeat Tigers 9-2

The score talks for itself. The Oil Kings came to play, and play they did. They were in a league of their own tonight, and obliterated any hope of a comeback.

It was amazing to see how spread out the Oil Kings were and how much speed they generated off their passing.  They were basically free-wheeling into the Tigers zone at top flight and those little split second hesitations they do made it look like the Tigers were skating in cement despite their best efforts.

Edmonton's D are very big and fast and the small Tigers forwards are having a difficult time maintaining any type of forecheck. 5 of Edmonton's 6 defenseman all have NHL potential, and their goal-tender just signed with the flames. Good luck to any team that can penetrate that.

The Oil Kings were also putting on heavy pressure on the Tigers D, exactly the opposite of what Saskatoon did and should have done in round one.

Game 4 Tomorrow


longtimefan said...

Just one of those games where everything went right for the kings and nothing went right for the home side. Having said that it would have taken a hurculean effort for the Tiger to win last night and a game in this series, Edmonton is that good.

Want to make a comment on some of the so called "fans" that go to games. Why bother if you never have anything positive to say? Not sure how any adult can take in a game and continually ridicule players by calling them bums, telling them to get off the ice and so forth. If that's how people get enjoyment out of life then their life in general must be a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Fans that come to the Tiger's games should support them unconditionally. Getting on their backs and booing if they don't beat the first place team is cruel. They are just young men and they want to win just as much as the fans want a win. The Tigers have given us a lot of exciting games this year. Anyone that boos their home team are losers. They should stay home, we don't need fans like you coming to the game.
Linda Finke

TigerTurf said...

I agree.

75flyersbestteamever said...

The boys should hold their heads high-to use a line from the movie "Rudy"
--"you're 5 foot nothin'..a hundred pounds nothin' and you hung out with one of the top programs in the country"
..experience for next year with the young guns will prove invaluable.
Sometimes bigger, faster, stronger teams do win,(sarcasm intended) regardless of the effort of the lesser opponent.
--Booing teenage boys??? really, sure glad everyone in the crowd giving the Bronx cheer were doctors at 19, lawyers at 20 or CEO's of something other than a lawncare company by 21
...give your best til the final whistle boys
..fans don't tarnish last games of guys like Lanigans WHL career.

CatFan said...

I agree, and please stay till the final whistle to give a tribute to our team for a good year and an exciting playoff run. Let's face it we didn't expect to make the playoffs let alone the second round!!

Anonymous said...

Cheered right to the end & beyond. So proud of these young men who are giving it their all to entertain us - the fans.

Now, as for the refs last night - well that was a different story. I like a penalty to be a penalty - not sure what that was last night!

Longtimefan is right - nothing went right for our boys last night & Edm worked to get what they deserved - the win & credit to them. We are looking forward to watching these young men next year, playing with this experience they will be a really good team.

Let's cheer our boys on tonight!! Go Tigers Go!

Anonymous said...

Whats with no Tshirts or fan appreciation items for the fans havent seen the air gun forever.Rroary rarely is even in our row to high 5 the kids?Go get em Tigers team has come a long way!

longtimefan said...

I think there are a lot of people out there that have forgotten about the late nineties and early 2000's when we had horrible teams and finished out of the playoffs and last place for five consecutive years. We as fans have been fortunate to see some very good hockey and teams over the past 11 years, something that fans in almost all of the other whl cities have not had.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that we have been spoiled with good teams for such a long period of time. However, I also think the Tigers' organization (not the players) take the fans for granted. Check out the other teams incentive to purchase tickets, the promotions to get fans period. A new "Event Centre" will certainly make all of this interesting for fans.

Anonymous said...

3 cheers for the team!Heres to hi 5ing rroary and to seeing Dave A throwing shirts to the fans!

longtimefan said...

Anon 2:08 I totally agree with your comment about the Tiger team ownership taking the fans for granted. They to forget what the stands looked like in those lean years. 2500 and less for a long period of time. I could be wrong and if I am someone can correct me but I believe the Medicine Hat Tigers were the only team in the league NOT to have a fan appreciation night this season. Guess they figure those jersey draws and free fridge magnets are enough. For the most part this year you can see that fan apathy is starting to set in and although they announce sell out after sell out during the regular season there hasn't been 4006 bums in the seats for quite some time now. If there is this waiting list they keep talking about where have those fans been for the three playoff games we've had?

TigerTurf said...

Supply and Demand. All the Regular season tickets are in the hands of the fans, They dont really need to do anything special for increased ticket sales.

It would be nice to see them reward fans, but money talks.

A new Arena would alleviate this problem. More seats means the fans don't have to hold onto their tickets due to fear of losing them.

Which means the tickets are now back at the box office instead of in fans hands which means their marketing department will have to step up their game when a new arena gets built as heir will also be more seats to sell, but untill then they don't really have a need to go out of their way.

Anonymous said...

Just to speak about the waiting list......I am still on it. People pay for all the tickets. I think we see an aging population that have season tickets and if the weather is bad they do not always make it. But I am still on a wait list for season tickets, the demand is there!

Anonymous said...

Tuesday night's game was a tough one for the team and the fans didn't give the team any spark either. I "appreciated" the fact that some of the negative spectators (not fans) left after the second period. Calling kids (yes those players are somebody's kids) idiots and continuously criticizing and belittling them is the act of very " little" people. What's surprising is that these same people are parents whose kids also played hockey when they were younger. Shame on you!

Great effort last night by the Tigers and the fans! They lost to a very strong team but gave it their all. Really appreciated being able to watch the team improve an grow over the season.

Thank you!