Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oil Kings Lead Series 2-0

Game 1:  4-1 Oil Kings
Game 2:  2-0 Oil Kings
Edm 2-0 Series Lead

I wasn't able to watch the webcast but it sounded like the Oil Kings dominated the first period and the Tigers dominated the second period.

It sounded like the Tigers put in a valiant effort against the Oil Kings Sunday night but just weren't able to Crack Laurent Brossoit.

You Could say the difference was the power-play as Edmonton went 2 for 4, while the Tigers went 0 for 7.

The Tigers have a day off and are back at it Tuesday and Wednesday night at the Arena.


longtimefan said...

Playing fairly well against a very good club but as I said after the previous game, if they don't score on the pp it's going to be a short series. Could have been a game changer today.

Anonymous said...

Tigers played a real good game. It looked pretty evenly matched. The big difference was Brossoit. The Tigers threw a lot of rubber at him but could not get anything by him. The Edm Dmen played well to decrease the number of second chances. They gotta make good on the PP, seems that how games are won. But gotta give it to the TIgers, there was no 5 on 5 scoring. They have to stay out of the box and they have to tweek that PP to make sure they are getting pucks in the net!

Anonymous said...

One thing that one Tiger coach said a few years ago..."these guys in the other jerseys aren't gods so stop treating them like they are" Just looks like we are giving them way too much respect. After all we aren't supposed to win so what the hell have we got to loose? You play not to make mistakes and you wind up maing too many...sure didn't look like that against Saskatoon!!

Anonymous said...

The Edmonton strategy is to surround their goalie with a wall of meat and hack down any thing that comes near the net. They rarely get called and the other team get the retaliation penalties in the whl. That's why they got shut down at the memorial cup , they just didnot put up with that crap from edmontons hockey dad encorporated,

Anonymous said...

Slash em and hack em.. Edmonton has little skill and a lot of size and a solid goalie after you get through the sticks and cross checks you might get one shot never 2. must have a better power play. Doty out front with Pearce on the point and shink and Valik roaming about. Pearce can feed and shoot. You need to use him to pass and shoot.

Anonymous said...

Let's get the arena rockn' to help the Tigers out!!!