Friday, April 5, 2013

Tigers Drop Game One 4-1

 Before the Game the Oil Kings broadcaster Mentioned that they had 8 guys who were signed by NHL teams.  That stat in itself is ridiculous as it doesn't include Curtis Lazar who is likely a first round pick in this years NHL Entry Draft.

 First Period
I thought the First Period was pretty even. The Oil Kings had a lot of zone time, but everything was from the outside. The Tigers rushes while few looked dangerous and had the better of the chances.

The Oil Kings opened the scoring on a controversial goal. The puck was shot off the backboards and you could clearly see Edgars Kulda and Tyler Lewington battling for positioning in front of the net. Edgard Kuldra leaned against Cam Lanigan which pushed him into the net. Lanigan tried to twist to stop the incoming puck that was coming into the crease and ended up doing a complete 180, and Kuldra scored with Lanigan turned around.    I thought that was Goaltender Interference. LEwington and Kuldra were battling for body possesion but Kuldra pushed Lanigan into the net by himself.
 1-0 Oil Kings

Second Period
Oil Kings would get the only goal. Oil Kings defenceman picked of a tiger forward pass and it resulted in a 3 on 2 the other way. Michael St. Croix would feed Stephane Legault near the middle of the ice and he shot against the grain beating Lanigan Low Blocker side. 2-0 Oil Kings

Third Period
Mitch Moroz would beat Lanigan on a wrap around as Lanigan hesitated for a split second and it was enough time for Moroz to stuff the puck in the net. 3-0 Oil Kings

The Tigers would finally get on the board. Elgin Pearce would walk the blueline, and fed Kyle Becker down Low. Becker would take a couple seconds, loads up and rip a shot up high on the short-side. 3-1 Oil Kings

Oil Kings would take a 2 goal lead on some Bad Luck by Spencer Jensen. Jensen attempted to whack the puck out of the zone but it hit someone in the shinpads. His second whack would miss the puck giving Travis Ewanyk and opportunity to one-time a puck in the slot.  4-1 Oil Kings

The Oil Kings had a ton of puck possession time in the Tigers end. They were shadowing the Tigers forwards coming out of their end making it hard to break out of the zone cleanly.

The schedule is fortunate for the Tigers as it allows them a day to watch some video and re-group.

Next Game: Sunday Night 4:00 PM Mtn time in Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

The first goal was crap. Could not believe they allowed the Oil King to push Lanigan and then pop it in.
Thought the Tigers held their own for the most part until the 3rd. They looked very nervous and now that this first one is out of the way, hopefully they can settle in and play good old Tiger hockey!
Thought the Oil Kings hit the Tigers a lot and that got them off their game, if the Tigers keep their feet moving more I think the physical game will be decreased.
It is annoying that the Oil Kings announcers can not pronounce Shinkaruk's name - he is going to be a first rounder, get it right! Not in the same league as Ridley!!
All in all, the Tigers are still in this! One day off is good, Go Tigers GO!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We did not play the same as we did against Sask - we can beat these guys! Get back to the way we player before!

Anonymous said...

Some untypical errors made the score higher - Jensen and Lanigan on the wrap-around - score looks worse then what it was. Game 2 should be better! Got the jitters out now!

Anonymous said...

Was not the Tigers game, they struggled a bit, but still thought they had chances and Edmonton got 2 lucky ones. If the Tigers get back on stride they are back in the series easy! Thought this was the Tigers worst game in the last 6, so we all know they can do better, but only losing 4-1 when you play your worst....... Edmonton, this is soooooo not over!

longtimefan said...

Five on five goals are going to be hard to come by against this team which makes the power play very important. If the Tigers want to make a series of this 0-5 on the pp isn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

Easier said then done the Oil Kings have the best PK and number 2 isnt even close. The Tigers must have secondary scoring and the first line must be as effective as the fourth line, Edmonton can put out any of their 4 line and 3 D pairing and create chances

Anonymous said...

Glad the Tigers have a day off, I imagine they are going through video of the game. Settling the nerves and correcting some D-zone play and improving the PP, I think they will have a better second game!

TigerTurf said...

I think that was the first game since Christmas that the other teams 4th line outplayed the Tigers 4th line.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on the ice looked nervous the whole game. I think getting that first one out of the way is good, now they can settle into playing better. Nothing to lose!