Friday, April 12, 2013

Up Next

Thanks everyone for reading this blog throughout the year!

Even with the Tigers delving into Social Media with Facebook and Twitter, and getting a little burned out, the amount of readers is at an all time high and visitor comments really took off. I'm glad to see comments have been a lot cleaner lately.

Next year I still plan to keep going but probably not with as much frequency as this year. I will still try to do as many road recaps as I can.

Up Next

Working on a Next Year's Outlook which includes my thoughts on next years team, a Known Tiger Prospect List, and possibly a very brief outlook on the Eastern Conference. I'll post it next week.

After that I'll post an Arm-Chair GM scouting list of current Tiger players talking about my opinion of their pro potential.

May 2nd: WHL Bantam Draft
June 30th: NHL Entry Draft
Early July: CHL Import Draft


Anonymous said...

Tigerturf, thanks for all the work you put into this blog. I live very very far from home and only get to watch games online. Your blog keeps me in touch with the Tigers! I enjoy reading it everyday!
Go tigers Go!

Orange blood said...

Thank you Tiger Turf, really enjoyed reading your reports. Your reviews have been excellent and i will miss those which you will not be reporting on next year. I think we are all looking forward to next year and i really hope the Tigers can inject more size and solidify the goaltending. Go Tigers!

longtimefan said...

I concur with the other two comments. Thanks for the time you put into this blog and giving fans a place to comment and chat about our team.

75flyersbestteamever said...

Great job double T
As a suggestion if u are having problems getting to every game next season how about hitting up some of the other media hounds in town to "Guest Blog" for you on those dates; or maybe some of other trusted tiger fans who can write something that didn't originate with a crayon to help you...job well done this year.