Thursday, May 2, 2013

WHL Bantam Draft

1st Round
10th Overall - David Quenneville - Right Defence - Edmonton, Alta. - 5'7 - 175lb - SSAC   March 13, 1998.    His youtube video lists him as 5'9  167 lbs.

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News Article: Article about SSAC winning the Western Canadian Bantam AAA CHampionships. Quenneville was Team Captain.

Scouting Report: Incredible Hockey IQ and on ice vision, Can Quarterback a powerplay with his very good offensive instincts.Has a hard shot, and plays an energetic up tempo game.

2nd Round
32nd - Mason Shaw - Left Wing - Lloydminster, Alta.  5'6 150 lbs, November 3rd, 1998
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35th Overall (From PA for Busenius) Ryan Jevne - Centre - Edmonton, Alta. -  5'9 175 lb - August 4th, 1998

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Scouting Report: Power Forward, plays physical with a lot of skill, and a rocket of a shot.

3rd Round
54th Marshall Skapski -  Left Defense - Abbotsford, B.C. - 5'10 150 lbs - May 4th 1998
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(Brother of Kootenay Ice Goaltender Mackenzie Skapski)

4th Round
76th Austin McGrath - Goaltender - Lloydminister, Alta. 5'11 148 lbs - February 10th, 1998
WEHP has him listed as the 5th best Goalie prospect in the draft
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5th Round
No Picks (Elgin Pearce and Derek Ryckman)

6th Round
115th ( Doty deal???) Jordan Taupert  - Centre - Medicine Hat 5'4 125 lbs April 24th, 1998
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120th - Max Gerlach - Right Wing 5'5 130 lbs April 4th, 1998
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123rd (James Bettauer Deal) Caleb Fantillo Right Wing 5'10 170 lbs Coquitlam BC April 21, 1998
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7th Round
No Picks - (Cam Lanigan deal)

8th Round
164th - Cale Makar - Defense -  Calgary - 5'6 125 lbs - November 30th, 1998
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9th Round
- Pick Traded to Lethbridge for moving up in the CHL Import Draft (Langhamer) Pick Ended up in Saskatoons hands.

10th Round
208 - Ryan Roberts - Defence, White City, Sask. 5'10 154 lb March 12, 1998

Tigers Are Done Picking

Medicine Hat Locals Taken
72nd  Jaeger White - Lethbridge
115th Jordan Taupert - Medicine Hat
126th Michael Doneff - Spokane
167th - Michael Clarke - Prince Albert

Former Tiger
Dawson MacAuley had a standout year after he was sent down to the Yorkton Terriers who are competing with the Brooks Bandits for the Western Canada Cup. Calgary Listed MacAuley and traded him to Regina today for a 4th round Bantam Draft Pick. MacAuley will be 19 next season


longtimefan said...

Realize these kids are only 14 and will probably grow some but do the Tigers not get the lists with kids over 5'10. Interesting to see that White dropped all the way down to 72nd after being ranked in the top 10 to start the year. Apparently I'm not the only one that thought he was a big risk.

Anonymous said...

Marshall Skapski has another brother who plays in the WHL Mitchell Skapski with the Everett Silver Tips.

Anonymous said...

McGrath is suppose to be a real good goalie. Apparently very quick and athletic in the net. Good friend of mine has seen him many times and says he is outstanding. Bails his team out nightly!

Anonymous said...

Taupert is small but a little like a Valk.

Anonymous said...

Surprised what they got for Dawson given that he is 19 and unproven. Tigers could not hold on to him with so few spots to have guys listed. Maybe Dawson will find success somewhere else. Also a bad time for him to come into the Tigers when they needed a ready tendy, not a shaky one. Had Bunz been around may have been a different story. Imagine he will be with Yorkton again tho. A level below and his size makes all the difference in the world.

TigerTurf said...

I am suprised that Calgary got a 4th for Dawson, probably is worth more like a 7th or 8th round pick being unproven, and a disapointing first stint in the whl.

With Dreidger and Shields in net I doubt MacAuley was ever going to play for calgary. I think Calgary listing him was purely to get a return back in a trade, because a goalie with his numbers is probably a good candidate to be given another shot.

White was a bit suprising to see him drop as low as he did.

Taupert's family has got to be stoked that the Tigers took him. Being a smaller player hopefully he can follow in a guy like Valk's Footsteps.

Anonymous said...

I seen on twitter that the Bunz family is friends with our first round pick. I think Bunz enjoyed his time with the team and would have nice things to say to him. Hopefully makes him even more excited to come to the team.

Anonymous said...

I overheard (from Tigers staff) that the TIgers are really excited about their top 6 picks. Tim Hortons line up provides so much info in this city!

TigerTurf said...

Alan Caldwell put some stats together and the Tigers had the smallest and lightest combo of players in the league.

Anonymous said...

I still think we need a couple of big guys on the team. Especially if we are losing Doty next year (that of course, is not decided).

Anonymous said...

White was a bit suprising to see him drop as low as he did.

Not really. Kid apparently had some attitude issues last year, struggled against strong while piling up big numbers against weaker teams, and rumors of the him going to NCAA are/were out there.

Anonymous said...

Its going to be a real long summer if we have nothing new to read on Tiger Turf....
what are the players doing over the summer months?