Friday, August 30, 2013

Updated Roster List

Last Update: Thursday September 5th
(Looks like 19 yr old Adam Smith was released recently as he no longer appears on the Tigershockey or WHL website)

September 3rd: Re-Assigned
Mark Rassell(16), Caleb Fantillo(15), Ryan Jevne(15), Mason Shaw(15), Marshall Skapsk(15)

Goalies (3)   
Marek Langhamer (19)
Zac Robidoux (17)
Kellan Williams (17)

Brad Forrest(16)
Nathyn Mortlock(17)
Ty Stanton(18)
Tyler Lewington (19)
David Quenneville(15)
Matt Staples(18)
Spenser Jensen(18)
Kyle Becker(19)
Scott Allan(17)
Dylan Bredo(20)
Zach Hodder (20)
Connor Hobbs(16)
Ty Schultz (16)

Matthew Bradley
Hunter Shinkaruk (19)
Gavin Broadhead (18)
Steven Owre (17)
Miles Koules (19)
Jake Fletcher (16)
Markus Eisenschmid (18)
Blake Penner (17)
Curtis Valk (20)
Logan McVeigh (19)
Brayden Uhrich (16)
Boston Leier (20)
Chad Butcher (17)
Chad Labelle (18)
Alex Mowbray (17)
Adam Smith (19)
Cole Sanford (18)
Jake Doty (20)
Ryley Wozniak (17)
Trevor Cox (18)

Total of 35 Players Remain.  10 Players will leave For NHL Camps.

NHL Camp Watch

St Louis (Traverse City Tournament Sept 5th-9th)
Curtis Valk,
- Jake Doty

Minnesota Wild (Traverse City Tournament Sept 5th-9th)
- Miles Koules

Washington Capitals (Rookies Camp Sept 4th - 9th, Main Camp Starts Sept 12th)
- Tyler Lewington
- Boston Leier

Phoenix (Rookies Camp Starts Sept 7th)
- Marek Langhamer

San Jose(Young Stars Tournament Sept 5th - 9th, Main Camp Sept 11)
- Spenser Jensen

Winnipeg Jets (Young Stars Tournament Sept 5th-9th)
- Ty Stanton

Anaheim Ducks (Rookies Camp Sept 4th - 9th)
- Kyle Becker

Vancouver Canucks (Young Stars Tournament Sept 5th-9th)
- Hunter Shinkaruk

Cam Lanigan
Earlier I had him on my list of former Tigers who were invited to NHL Camps, but took him off because I didn't see confirmation. Well Detroit released their prospect roster today, and Cam Lanigan is on their Traverse City Tournament list, getting called on for an amateur tryout, so Good Luck to him!!


Anonymous said...

For the first time Bredo is listed as a defenceman, not a forward. Good choice. Why was he not invited to any camp?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they did not like how Schultz looked, I have to admit prior to his injury he was 4th or 5th on my list of impressive rookie defencemen. He may need another year of development and getting stronger, he was out muscled in puck battles and in the corners.

Anonymous said...

Williams over Robidoux. Although neither has blown me away. I like a couple of the 16 year old goalies better. Williams and Robidoux both have decent size though. Williams numbers were better last year but guess it all comes down to performance in camp. Will be a hard fought battle.

TigerTurf said...

I'm going to be gone with no access to internet this weekend. I'll catch up on everything Tiger Hockey Related Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Is Schultz injured?

TigerTurf said...

Yes, the MH News confirms

Anonymous said...

I worry about Schultz. I watched him this summer and prior to injury. He is in the top 3 rookie defencemen trying out. He is not strong enough to compete at this level YET. He has been injured for a number of tiger sessions since last year. Now don't get me wrong, I am not knocking him completely. He has incredible talent and vision but just how Valk needed to not play until he was 17, Schultz is the same. Needs more time to go home and really train. He has all the talent in the world and it has got him through to now without having to do much else. I really like what he will bring, but it should be in a year. I worry because he was our 1st round pick last year they will rush him. Quenniville looked more ready then him at the beginning of camp. Just don't want to see talent rushed!!

Anonymous said...

How has Cobbs (sp) looked, I have heard the Tigers are really on high on the kid?

TigerTurf said...

I watched the Tigers in swift Tonight.

Matthew Bradley and Scott Allan looked very good. Allan is listed as 6'6 had a couple big hits, very mobile, very aggressive, plays a smart game.

Bradley has really good vision, and nice hands.

Brad Forrest had a tough game. Connor Hobbs had his moments

Anonymous said...

Bradley is on the team for sure! Awesome player, will probably contribute this year. I still like Allen and Hobbs on the back end. Allen can be tough and mean, that is something we need in our line up!

Anonymous said...

Valk one assist in his tourney Doty had a great fight (link below)