Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tigers Go 1-1 on the Weekend

Tigers Fell 4-3 To the Oil Kings Friday Night

It was a game that had  every feel of an early season game. I think both teams weren't totally happy with their game play. Their seemed to be lots of unnecessary turn-overs all over the place. I think the Tigers deserved a better fate because they seemed to control good portions of the game.

Edmonton scored the go-ahead goal with 4 minutes left in the third period. Langhamer wasn't tested a whole lot but the goals that beat him seemed to handcuff him.

Tommy Vannelli
Tommy Vannelli's first game showed us an offensive side to his game. He keeps everything simple, chips the puck out, and doesn't hand on to the puck very long. I like his ability to jump up during the powerplay. He will create a lot of chances off of that.

Tigers Defeated the Broncos 3-1 Saturday Night

The Broncos came out with some good speed but the Tigers weathered the storm. They popped in 3 goals in off the powerplay.

Boston Leier
Boston Leier popped in a couple poweplay goals on the short-side, his first two of the season. It couldn't have come at a better time especially since the news that Doty has been returned to the Tigers.

Cole Sanford
Cole Sanford continued his goal scoring streak scoring #5 of the season. Sanford had another game where he could have had a hat-trick. He has looked much improved this season.

Trevor Cox
Another Tigers that I have been impressed with is Trevor Cox. I feel his game has improved quite a bit from last season in the early going.

Big Fight - Chad Labelle
Chad Labelle (5'9 172lbs) and  Tanner LeSann (6'0 168lbs) had a highlight real fight. They both knocked each other over a couple times, and it was an old fashioned back and forth face bash'athon. I'll post a link as soon as has it up, but it brought everyone to their feet. Labelle had been someone I thought was behind in the depth charts but early in the season he has been making noise and creating chances every shift.

Its early in the season but so far Daniel Wapple has played both home games and has looked very good in doing so. He has been the better goaltender in the early season so far. I have been impressed with his quickness. He shows good positioning, very quick  and a great mental focus so far.

Swift Current
I was incredibly impressed by the Broncos Import Juluis Honka. He was named player of the week early in the season, but he had numerous rushes up the ice and looked like a 100 point forward. The broncos found an incredible hockey player in him. I bet he is a shoe-in for Finland's world Junior Team.

Next Up
Moose Jaw visits Tuesday Night. Followed by a rare appearance by a U.S Division Team Seattle Friday Night.  Moose Jaw had a 3-2 SO win over swift Friday Night.


Anonymous said...

I thought Mowbray played an excellent 4th line game as well but that first line is struggling, Leier is hiding behind his 2 goals he had 5-6 turnover alone in the first period but Koules is just garbage they need to get him off the first line or trade him

Anonymous said...

that comment would seem to be insulting a player, so wonder why mod would let it be posted?

In any event, couldn't agree more with the analysis of Honka. That kid is velvet-smooth from the backend and shows no lack of confidence. Martin looks good on Swift's PP too.

I wonder how long before someone absolutely labels Honka when he's wheeling up the wing though, and how he'll rebound, but def an exciting player to watch!

TigerTurf said...

Koules has started the season a bit cold. Mowbray was ok.

The Canucks acquired a couple minor league forwards in a deal that involved former Tiger Kellan Tochkin. It shouldn't effect Shinkaruk's chances of making the Canuck's though.

Anonymous said...

Mowbray only had a handful of shifts, and Leier was a big reason the Tigers won the game. Give your head a shake 11:26 anon.

Stix said...

The Tigers, like other teams, look a little rough at times because it is game 4. Turnovers will, and always have, occurred in early season. That is what the first half of the year is about, getting smooth, getting the systems going, getting comfortable. Koules and Leier are both great and played their hardest tonight. Koules has been a little off but will come back!!!
Good win boys, sure love the look of Wapple in net!!

TigerTurf said...

I guess those forward the canucks acquired could very well effect Hunter Chances in canuck land.

Hunter Survived another cut sunday as Youngster Bo Horvat was sent back to London.

The Canucks have to announced their 23 player roster Monday. So we will see today(Monday) if Shinkaruk will be back or given an NHL trial.

Anonymous said...

Chad's fight from Saturday night, its about 25 seconds in.

TigerTurf said...

Great Scrap from Chad "Doty" Labelle.

Its still not up on hockeyfights, but seeing as the Tigers TV doesn't allow embedding, I'll link the youtube version when its up.

These two had a good scrap last year as well!

TigerTurf said...

Shinkaruk no longer appears on the canuck roster.

The official deadline is in an hour. I will keep you updated

Anonymous said...

Hunter has been sent back to Medicine Hat.

TigerTurf said...

The more and more I think about this, the closer I think this decision is.

It's not just a Doty VS Leier debate. One one hand you have multiple players fighting for 3rd line ice.

On the other hand there are multiple players fighting for top 6 role, and the Tigers have had Sanford start emerging as a possible top 6 player role.

I put down my roster lineup that include both players and I like the one with Doty in it, just as much as I like leier in it.

Pre-season my mind said Leier, and that is my first instinct, but watching the Edmonton game I thought the Tigers needed a bigger body.

TigerTurf said...

It's easier to trade for toughness than skill though...If leier goes I wan't another PPG player in the lineup....If Doty goes I want another bigger body in the lineup...