Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tigers Win Home Opener 6-2

Tigers made a few changes compared to last nights win in Lethbridge. The canes were without 3 of their top players who all played last night in Reid Duke, Macoy Erkamps, and Axel Blomqvist

In net was recently acquired Daniel Wapple. Wapple wasn't tested a whole lot but made some very sharp saves and showed his quickness.

On the back-end the Tigers inserted young-in Connor Hobbs, and took out Kyle Becker. I think when you need to take out a quality defenseman like Becker who made the main camp of the ducks to get a good young player like Hobbs some ice-time it shows the quality and depth of the back-end.

Cole Sanford
Cole Sanford continued his hot streak with another goal tonight, making that 3 on the season. 1 More that all of last season.

It didn't seem to matter who was on the ice from the Tigers bench as every line generated chances, and every line played well in the D-Zone. The transition game from picking up the puck in the Tigers zone and getting it out on the first try was pretty impressive. The defense were jumping up when they needed to for an extra guy, and the Tigers always had one forward back acting as the third defenseman.

The Tigers have so much depth in every position that its going to be a battle all year long for ice time,  and the coaches will have tons of options in every scenario.

Red Light District
12 goals in 2 games and that is without Hunter Shinkaruk in the lineup. Mind you the canes have a young D, and their #1 goalie is out with injury.

I thought euro Markus Eisenschmid even though he didn't score he had some good chances, and put himself in good spots on the ice.

Overall I thought the Tigers as of right now looked really impressive for the first couple games in. The gave the Canes all they could handle and were a few notches above them in terms of gameplay.

One of the biggest things I noticed different from last year was that everyone was finishing their checks. It really slowed the canes down and created a ton of turnovers from it.

Next Up
Big test in Edmonton Friday Night. The Oil Kings knocked them out in 4 straight games in the second round of last years playoffs. Then they are back in town Saturday Night facing off against Swift Current.


Anonymous said...

The hurricanes weren't in the same league as the Tigers, and they still have loads of room for improvement.

Anonymous said...

Another year and the Tigers once again need that tough guy presence, Derko was having his way out there and Hurricanes are a small team just wait till they play the bigger teams.....hopefully Doty comes back and they have some common sense and keep him

Anonymous said...

Anon- I agree they are missing a physical dimension. But if Doty stays, who should go?

Leier may have little finish- but he was relentless last night, particularly on the PK

Bredo is probably their #2-3 defenceman and their PP d-man. Plus he was taking draws in the defensive zone last night.

Valk is going nowhere.

I think Doty may be the odd man out (over Leier) and that they are really hoping he sticks in the AHL so they do not have to make a difficult choice.

Not saying you are wrong, but who then is the common sense choice to move?

Anonymous said...

Doty is has been assigned to the Chicago Wolves:|STL|home

Anonymous said...

Leier by far he is replaceable when hunter comes back plus you need to be able to protect Hunter and Valk and nobody does it better than Doty not to mention for playing on the third line Doty was not far behind Leier in terms of points plus from all that I've read and based on his 15 pounds lost apperently he's a lot faster

With the Ice and Oil Kings both with an extra 20 year old spot who would you rather play against Leier or Doty? It's not even close in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Becker was injured according to Kruger in post game interview.

longtimefan said...

Going to be Valk, Bredo and Leier even if Doty returns, Leier is more valuable than Doty because he can play all three areas, pp, pk and regular shift. Bigger problem is the amount of bodies the still have around. Certainly can't keep all of them and the problem will compound if Vanelli signs to play here.

Anonymous said...

Glad for Doty! I did not want to see him traded to another team and also happy to see him get a chance in the AHL! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Any news on the new defenceman?

And from what I see the Tigers like Hobbs, wonder if he will stick? He has been real good!

TigerTurf said...

No word on Vannelli as of yet.

Chicago's training camp starts sunday....He still needs to be signed by the wolves to play regular season games.

Anonymous said...

Come on longtimefan its about being replaceable, Leier can easily be replaced but many of the young ones that are coming up, the new euro could easily replace him in pk and pp isn't hard to fix since Doty could take his spot and stand in the net. Leier only had 18 goals while Doty played a lot less ice time and had 11 goals plus the presence Doty creates on the ice is something i havent seen since McCue and hes even better than what McCue could do. Tigers will get crushed by team like the Hitmen (who just got Portland's tough guy) and the Tigers should be about keeping the better player and if Doty has stayed up in the majors this long he is clearly a better player than Leier but that being said we dont have the best GM in the league by a long shot

Anonymous said...

new to the Tigers team, does anyone know if there is a parents weekend like other teams host in the WHL ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14...
So given that theory, we shouldnt keep bredo because he wasnt asked to any NHL camp (a stupid theory of course as bredo is invaluable to the team).
Not saying who we should keep and let go - all 20's bring something to the team. I figure its safe to assume you must be the same Anon 2:21 that started complaining about the team after their first two games....and first two wins.
As for you Anon 11:15...welcome to the Tigers.

TigerTurf said...

Don't know if their is a parents weekend. I don't recall hearing about one in the newspaper. I'm sure if you call the front office they will let you know if there is one.

TigerTurf said...

Leier is not easily replaced IMO.

Doty definitely brings some intangibles, but incredible quickness and speed can bring another level of intimidation by itself.

Anonymous said...

Spenser Jensen and Ty Stanton named to Central Scouting Preliminary "C" list of ones to watch in the WHL.

Austin Poganski who is on the Tigers college protected list is listed as under the category "B" in the USHL.

Anonymous said...

Marek Langhamer has been nominated for CHL Goaltender of the Week.

Stix said...

Tommy Vannelli confirmed on twitter he is playing for the tigers!!!

Anonymous said...

Rant: Can we trade the player i shall not name but has a very wealthy player....drives me nuts we have a player like him on this team taking first line ice time and he puts no effort in his game at all and you have these rookies who put in a huge effort and are way more effective.....wish the tigers management would play the players who actually go out there and put in all the effort instead of players who just do nothing because they know their life is set after hockey

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:01

I sure hope you are not referring to the first liner and first round NHL draft pick who has put up 219 points in his 3 seasons with the Tigers, including 100 goals.

If you are, I am not sure how you can argue any rookie on this team will be more effective.