Friday, October 4, 2013

Seattle Defeats Tigers 5-4 OT

Tigers don't play Seattle that often, but they seemed like they had a heated rivalry, as there were 4 fights in the game.

Tigers Played Seattle's Game
I thought Jake Doty said it best on the radio that the Tigers played Seattle's Game instead of sticking to their own game-plan.  I thought the Tigers looked like a team that played intimidated and forgot to use their speed. You could tell in the first 5 minutes that something was off because even though they came out pretty well, players were randomly fumbling the puck in open ice.

I heard some people talking that they liked the game and the Tigers played well, but imo they lost sight of their game plan and didn't really play up to their strengths. They had their moments, and the physical stuff kept it exciting, but it's a game they could have played much better.

I thought the Tigers stopped skating sometimes and because of that planted themselves right in the tracks of Seattle's bigger players.

Shinkaruk's Return
Shinkaruk scored a couple goals in his first game back and already I could see he learned a lot in some of the little things he did on the ice compared to last season.

I didn't like how Tyler Lewington took a retaliatory slashing penalty after getting hit hard and chasing a guy up the could tell he was still pissed though because after his penalty he took on the biggest player on the ice 6'6 216 lb Jared Hauf and knocked him out.

I didn't like how Shinkaurk retaliated and ended up with a double minor when the Tigers originally were getting a powerplay.

With a small speedy team the opposition is always going to focus on physical play to slow you down....the only thing you can do is to retaliate on the powerplay, and every game you have to be faster, finish your checks and keep your feet moving.

Jacob Doty Vs Mitch Elliot  (Doty landed some real good solid shots. Elliot got in some small rabbit punches, I'd give the fight to Doty for the landed Haymakers)

Gavin Broadhead Vs Connor Honey  (Decision Honey, nothing major landed but threw way more punches and had Broadhead hunched over)

Tyler Lewington Vs Jared Hauf  (Lewington with the Knockout)

Dylan Bredo Vs Seth Swenson (Hug fest. Bredo with a few headlock punches, but it was a draw)

Next Up
The Tigers will face a similar test when Calgary Visits on Tuesday. Hopefully the Tigers learned a few things from this and can improve as Calgary is just as big as Seattle is.


Anonymous said...

It's like they were missing someone with a strong work ethic cough(leier) to help get their asses in gear.

Why they keep a 20 yr old 4th liner, instead of a near point per game guy is beyond me....

Anonymous said...

Without Doty Tigers would of been run out of the arena, learn something about the game but how about Clouston putting to offensive Dman out with 1:30 left then leaves the one out in OT and the lazy player lets Elliot go in before him and boom they score we lose......player should be traded pathetic effort

Dan said...

Funny, this game made me realise that Doty was the right choice. We need that strong guy who will stand up to anyone for his teammates. Leier would not have made a difference.....similar to Regina's result tonight.

BUT, I totally agree with TigerTurf. Tigers played Seattle's game. When they played Tiger hockey they were the better team. I also thought it was crazy that they were not once called for slashing or hitting Wapple! Learn from this one and move on!

Anonymous said...

First line gets way to much ice, they have no defensive zone vision, and stay out until they can barely make it to the bench. Selfish

Anonymous said...

So what your saying is you would rather see a fight, than watch another goal goal which would have won the Tigers the game?

That Chance Doty had and put it right at the goalie......leier probably could have scored that one.

Doty's fight had no effect on the other skater or other team as they kept up their physical play.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to have Doty last night. He is really needed on this team. Sad to see Boston go but the right decision was made.
Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Funny game. I don't think the tigers played their best hockey nor did they stick to their systems. Also, I thought Valk had 2 shots that he would normally bury as did Cox. This one could have gone another way very easily! On to the Hitmen!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 Boston had 18 goals last year so don't make it out like he was a 50 goal scorer and buried the puck every time. Gesh!

PowerForward said...

you would swear Boston puts up 100 points every season reading what some of these fans put......overblown much

Anonymous said...

Leier won't score 100 points, but the point I'm trying to make is the Tigers were missing his work ethic. Doty got in a fight and what did it do for the Tigers?

They still got pushed around. Leier is one of those players who doesn't get intimidated. They could have used his leadership to get everyone's ass in gear

Anonymous said...

What did Leier do tonight?

2 Powerplay Goals, 1 assist, and the shootout winner.

How about them apples Medicine Hat?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:42, best not to try to prove your point when it was against by far the weakest team in the league. And we have Doty, he is good, and he will be with us for the remaining of the year. Get over it.
Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Lol Regina has no scoring on their team I'm happy our amazing 19 goal scorer looks good but that future second looks way better

Anonymous said...

Leier had a very good game last night - lets give him that. Perhaps, it was against the (supposedly) weakest team. However this "weakest team" just beat Edmonton the night before...who coincidentally beat our Tigers last week. The trade is done. Everyone has a favorite, but can't we express that without insulting the other players? Funny how the players all respect each other and the trade FAR more than supposed "fans". Let's just wish Leier and Doty the best with their teams and put the insults to rest.

Anonymous said...

Another night another game. Hopefully the Tigers come out with gusto and don't play intimidated.

You know Calgary is going to be hitting them at every opportunity....check your ego at the door please.

TigerTurf said...

Shinkaruk's gotta check his ego at the door...that's 3 dumb penalties with his stick/gloves in the opponents face and its cost the Tigers 3 powerplay goals in 2 games.

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Victooooooooooory!

Anonymous said...

The Hitmen were terrible. 5 shots on net through most of the game.

If Langhamer didn't have an off night it would have been a blowout