Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tigers Defeat Moose Jaw 4-2

Just a really quick summary

Cole Sanford continued his goal scoring streak. He had a highlight reel goal undressing a couple Moose Jaw defenseman and stuffing the puck past an outstretched Justin Paulic. Sanford has scored in every game so far this season.

The first period was back and forth and pretty even. The second period was a bit up and down. In the third period it was all Tigers.

Jacob Doty was inserted into the lineup and Boston Leier was scratched. Doty saw mostly 4th line type of minutes paired with Chad Labelle and Gavin Broadhead.

It was the youngsters who powered the Tigers to the Victory as the Penner, Owre, Butcher line were a force and scored 2 of the games. One of them handing a beauty of a chance to Kyle Becker who buried it.

Tommy Vannelli got his first goal as a Tigers stuffing the puck five-hole on a bit of a bad angle on the powerplay. He had hit the post earlier in the game.

Gavin Broadhead fought Josh Uhrich, but it wasn't much of a fight as I don't think anything really landed.


TigerTurf said...

After this game my mind is made up for the Doty/Leier Debate. I was second guessing myself a lot in regards to who I thought would fit better.

I thought the Tiger missed Leier quite a bit even though they won. I feel leier is better at getting the puck out of his zone, and creating some offensive chances, while providing a physical presence.

It will be interesting to see what the Tigers decide.

CatFan said...

Do you think there is a chance that Bredo will be the odd man out? The only reason I'm leaning this way is because we have too many defenceman. However they could always move Bredo back up front but then who do you sit out?

PowerForward said...

Next Tuesdays game against Calgary I don't want to see Doty in the lineup just to see how badly the tigers are fore checked off their game. They could win but they are going to have a tough time doing so

Anonymous said...

How has Markus Eisenschmid looked so far, just wondering since he has no points so far and is -4. Is he still trying to adjust to play on smaller ice surfaces or etc?

TigerTurf said...

Calgary will definitely be an interesting matchup because they are the second biggest team, and heaviest team in the league.

The Tigers have looked good against Moose Jaw, Swift, and Lethbridge, but they are all smaller teams.

Also Former Tiger Reid Petryk was traded to the Edmonton Oil Kings tonight. Petryk is an overage this year 6'2 210 lb

Anonymous said...

We don't have to many d men! The last few years we've have 8 defenseman on the roster!

longtimefan said...

Really don't think Calgary is going to change how they forecheck because of one guy in the lineup.