Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tigers Defeat PA 3-1

Shinkaruk out with his "hip" injury.
Spenser Jensen and Ty Stanton out with the flu

1st Period
Tigers got out to a pretty good start. The Raiders took a couple penalties and it gave the Tigers a 53 second 5 on 3.

On the power-play Curtis Valk fed Tommy Vannelli at the far side. Vanelli fed Doty a pass in the slot and it caught the goalie going the other way. Not sure If Doty got a stick on it, but the puck bounced off his skate and trickled into the net. 1-0 Tigers

Tigers outshot PA 15-5 in the period. The Tigers only really got caught in their end once. The Tigers coaches must have gotten on the Tigers for protecting their goalie, because any Raider that comes near Langhamer is getting roughed up quickly. Could have easily been a 3-0 game at this point.

2nd Period
The Raiders came out with a big push. They had a few chances and were in the Tigers zone quite a bit during the first few minutes. It was a long blueline shot that caught Langhamer napping. 1-1 TIE

Late in the period the Tigers started pressing. Tyler Lewington was fed a cross ice pass and took a big slapshot from the top of the faceoff circle. He managed to get a lot of air on the shot quite quickly and it took the goalie by suprise flying over his blocker.  2-1 Tigers

Tigers outshot the Raiders 23-7. Tigers had a some good chances and threw a lot of longer shots on net

3rd Period
The Raiders thought they scored after a rebound popped up above Langhamer. A Raiders player knocked it into the net with a high-stick. Ref Immediately waved the play off.

Tyler Lewington vs Chance Braid

Chance Braid laid a high hit from behind on Chad Labelle. Lewington took exception to this and challenged Braid.  Braid landed a big punch surprising Lewington and knocked him off his balance. Just as he regained his balance the refs stepped in. TKO for Braid.

Empty Netter. The Tigers had a 3 on 1 with an empty net, but an errant pass ended that chance. Instead the Raiders got some more time in the Tigers end. CUrtis Valk flicked a puck down the ice as he got hit and scored. 3-1 Tigers.

PA outshot the Tigers 12-11 in the period.

Tigers outshot PA 49-22 overall.

 Cole Cheveldave stopped a lot of high quality chances and kept the raiders in this game. I thought the Tigers had a lot of passes in the feet, and just ahead or behind them. They threw a lot of shots on the net from everywhere, and whiffed on 4-5 prime chances that could have been easy goals. Overall they played pretty hard, and stepped up their game after the Raiders tied it on an errant shot from the blueline.

Next Up: Rematch with Saskatoon Wednesday Night. Then back here against Tri-City Friday.


Anonymous said...

I liked Doty's game tonight. I really feel he is stepping up to fill that 3rd overager position well.
I always like when the tigers throw a lot of rubber at the other team, they always do well when they play that way!
Keep it up tigers in S'toon!

CatFan said...

So what's going on with Shinkaruk? Is he really hurt?

Anonymous said...

I thought this game could have easily been 6-1. Was worried about Langhammer not getting shots, he is not on top of his game when he is sitting waiting for shots but he did good to keep his focus after that one goal!

TigerTurf said...

From watching him on the ice I'm retty sure its not a hip injury.....bu the type of injury he has depending on the severity could take a couple days or a couple weeks.

TigerTurf said...

Doty is playing better. I think he needs to improve his ability to battle and get the puck out of his own end...his offensive game is getting back to where it was last year.

TigerTurf said...

Tigers dropped out of the CHL Top Ten this week. 5 Teams in the western conference with better winning percentages...

A couple wins could put them back into consideration, but with the other conference so strong it may take more than that....