Monday, March 31, 2014

Tigers Move On To Round Two

Tonight it was more of the same. A tight-checking, battle for every inch, type game. I thought the Tigers were doing a very good job at getting the puck out on the first try preventing Swift Current from sustaining momentum.

A knuckle puck shot from the blue-line, which may have been deflected in was the only goal to beat Marek Langhamer.

Curtis Valk rifled a howitzer in off of Etu Laurikainen's glove and it trickled into the net giving the Tigers some extra juice in the third period.

The air was let out of the building when Chad Labelle potted his first of the series with only a couple minutes left in play. Their was a big scramble in front and Labelle was loose in the slot and looked to slide the puck in along the ice.

Series Thoughts
Give credit to swift for battling back into the series. Laurikainen played phenomenal giving the broncos every opportunity to win.  I thought this was a great series both teams played well defensively and the Tigers proved to generate a little more offense than what Swift Current could muster.

Up Next
Kootenay upset the Calgary Hitmen so the Tigers will get Home Ice for Round 2. The series will likely start this weekend at the Arena.

Kootenay has a big 1-2 punch in Sam Reinhart and Jaedon Descheneau, who managed to light up the Hitmen with 17 points each in 6 games.


Anonymous said...

Loved all the guys in this series. Langhammer played by far the best goaltending he has played. The first line has been good as always. Doty has stepped up and has been been really good with the puck. Butcher, what a guy, proving why he is here.
Go tigers go!

Anonymous said...

Game 1/2 of the series is on Saturday (7:30)/Sunday (6:00).

longtimefan said...

Nice to get the series done to get a full weeks rest and preparation for the Ice. Not hard to figure out who they need to stop in this next round. The Dynamic duo shredded the Hitmen and the Ice power play was excellent. Going to have to be sharp on the pk and hopefully our pp will come to life.

Thought our defencemen were terrific in the Bronco series moving the puck and defending the front of the net. In particular I though Ty Stanton really picked up his game from the regular season. Hope to see more in the next round.

TigerTurf said...

I agree Stanton's ability to gather up the puck, shake off a defender and skate the puck out helped the Tigers out lots on the back-end

Chad Butcher scored 3 game winning goals and was clutch.

Ken A. (a Bronco fan) said...

Dylan Bredo was your best defenseman in this series. he was a horse and solid as a rock in the two games I saw in Swift. He's one of those guys that has kind of flown under the radar during his junior career but he really impressed me in this series. He will have to do the same for MH to have success against Kootenay.

TigerTurf said...

Bredo really turned it around. I thought in game 1 and 2 he didn't play that well, but by the end of the series he was the workhorse and one of the better players on the ice.