Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Import Draft + Goaltending Situation

Tigers Trade For A Goalie
The Tigers traded for overage Goaltender Jared Rathjen from vancouver, for a 5th round conditional Pick.

Rathjen has 74 Games played over his whl career. 

What This Means

What this move means. It means that the Tigers are now unsure if Marek Langhamer is coming back....They traded away 18yr old goaltender Daniel  Wapple last season with reasons stating they had strong indications marek would be playing here in his 20 yr old season.....This trade would make it seem that this is insurance in case he doesn't come back

Arizona Signings

The Arizona coyotes just signed Devan Dubnyk to a 1 yr deal. Dubnyk should backup Mike Smith in the NHL. They also Signed Mike McKenna to a 1 yr 2 way deal.

So they have 4 other goalies in their system under contract for 1 year left.
Mark Visentin (AHL)
Mike Lee (Injured most of last season, probably ECHL)
Louis Domingue (AHL )
Mike McKenna (AHL )

4 Goalies who will be competing for jobs in the AHL.  One that was injured all of last season but should be back.

As Tiger fans we will have to keep an eye on if Phoenix makes any moves regarding their goaltenders, but Based on their recent signings and Marek's Contract is eligible to slide, I feel quite a bit more safer that he will return.   It doesn't make sense to stuff him in the ECHL as a 3rd string goaltender. If Arizona wants Marek to play in the ECHL/AHL it didn't make sense for Arizona to sign Mike McKenna unless they plan to make a trade with one of their other tenders, but we don't know what their plan is.

CHL Import Draft
Goes today.

Eisenschmid is eligible to be back next season. Marek is a bit up in the air as of yet (but I think he will return).....We could see the Tigers possibly make one pick

Tigers Select Michael Spacek with the 45th overall pick. Spcek is projected to be one of the top prospects coming from the Czech Republic for next years NHL Draft. 5'10 181 lbs.

Tigers Making NHL Camps
Dylan Bredo - Edmonton
Curtis Valk - Vancouver
Jake Doty - St. Louis

Tyler Lewington - Washington
Tammy Vannelli - St. Louis
Marek Langhamer - Arizona
Miles Koules- Washington