Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tigers Destroy Royal 8-2

If you missed this one, you missed a great game. It had a playoff style, rough and tumble, battle for every inch type feel to this one. A Highly Entertaining game.

The Royals tried to exert themselves physically against the Tigers, and the Tigers made them pay with numerous odd man rushes, powerplays, and big hits. The Tigers went 4 for 11 on the powerplay. I think anytime a team spends 22 minutes in the box your not giving yourself a good chance to win.

The Royals aren't a bad team they have a lot of team speed The Tigers were able to get them off their game and punish them on the scoreboard.

I noticed in the third period the royals were really trying to line the Tigers up. But they would only catch a piece of them and then subsequently get hit and knocked over by one of the Tigers forwards in for support.

The Tigers are flying and it is fun to watch. 

So many guys are playing every shift like its their last shift, and it has a good effect on everybody.

I was impressed by the Hobbs Fight. Owre got nailed a couple times, one was a late hit and arguably a penalty. Hobbs went down whacked the guy a couple times and took him on. Hobbs received an extra 2 minutes but its the type of fight that says you can't do that and stood up for his teammates.

 Lewington's fight I didn't like. He took on a 3rd/4th line guy who was trying to start something at the end of the period, but wasn't really a threat.

Eisenschmid, Mowbray, Bradley, Schultz, Shaw, have all been playing very well and above expectations early in the season. I hope they can continue that.

The Tigers aren't just winning close games right now they are dominating them without one of their top forwards in Anthony Ast.

Let's hope they can continue this great play, and keep the streak going. 9 Games in and they haven't allowed more than 2 goals in a game.


Anonymous said...

That was a beat down against the Royals. The tigers are rolling!

Anonymous said...

Vey scored first of many NHL goals tonight. Sick that like his WHL first goal, it was under coach Desjardins

Anonymous said...

That was one awesome game! Tigers are sure good! I like this team a lot. The young guns on defence are so good! I do not notice that Staples and Allen are missing. Those young guys have talent!

TigerTurf said...

We have been spoiled at the arena so far.

2-1 loss.

4 blowouts and a close game. The Tigers play Calgary 3 times in the next 4 games. As divisional opponents they are big 4 point games.

Anonymous said...

So the Tigers seem for real. Seems like a year that maybe they should consider making a run for it. Who do they trade? What do they need to acquire? I think a tough forward and a power forward. But I think it is time that they seriously consider making a run. I know it is early, but they are clicking.

Anonymous said...

you dont want to wreck chemistry of the lines so bringing in a new guy can be a risk - tiger turf what are your thoughts? i think the tigers could make a run

Anonymous said...

The Royals are bunch of Goons, buttending picking fights nice job Lowry no wonder Mcgee is still serving suspension from last years playoffs his coach is an unsung ahole! How to persever Tigers!! So awesome our coach plays rookies when we are ahead and they all didn't miss a beat even newcomer Fischer was stirring the pot so so good!!woo hoo!!

04Forever said...

if the tigers could make 1-2 small trades and add some size and depth up front this is arguably the best team in the WHL and i can't see how anyone could argue they are out of the top 3.

WHLFan said...

9 games in and trade talk. By the looks of it we are in a position of strength. 6 goals a games and giving up less than 2.
We have healthy scratches that can jump in and fill a role.
Lets get more games in and a trip out west in December and then we can see where we are sitting.
Nice to see the young guys getting put into some important spots on PP n PK. Get experience that will be key coming down the stretch. I just don't want to see the guys get big heads. Keep with the system. Even though we have been stronger on the PP. I still see a need for it to improve. It might be possible to look at some outside coaching who has more experience with PP. Come playoff time our PP will probably be the difference maker.

TigerTurf said...

In general I am not a fan of making a big splash for a big player early in the season. One thing a team has to be careful about acquiring a big asset early if they are over-valuing themselves...if they are just on a hot streak.

That being said this years team is different. Their defense, and goal-tending are incredibly impressive. The forwards are playing above expectations.

The Tigers still have Ast out with an injury. The Tigers have been dressing 7 Dmen almost all season. Rolling 3 lines. When ast is healthy the lines will change.

I would be a fan of them acquiring a power forward who can score down the road, but they have time to evaluate and see if its even needed. It's a bit too early right now. See if these guys keep improving or if they come down to earth.

Anonymous said...

Vanelli is killa manila! Howitzer slapper! Becker is on fire I aint no liar! Butcher is burning a hole in the net as if that isn't a threat! Happy thanksgiving tiger fans.

Anonymous said...

Allan traded for a draft pick. Tough trade as they could use his size, but they are currently playing 7 dmen that are more skilled. And likely next year, they have 2 more coming up that have more skill. (Forrest and Skampski) So on this team, he will always be no better then the 7th dman.

Anonymous said...

Allen been trade to t-birds for draft pick. staples next?

BrooksCat said...

Staples much more valuable. He is a competent 5/6 on most teams. Higher on some teams.
May need due to Injury or when quenville gone.
Vanelli gone for a month for world junior??

Anonymous said...

Tough trade if Allen used his size but I always felt that he did not take full advantage of it. It seemed that guys who were smaller then him were often finishing their checks better and stronger on the puck - like Hobbs.
In saying that, I wish him all the best in Seattle!