Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scoreboard Watching

Updated March 18th
Tigers Games Left
Hitmen Games Left
Red Deer Games Left
Kootenay games Left

8th Place
The Combination of Edmonton losing and Kootenay winning, put Edmonton 3 points back of Kootenay with Edmonton only having 2 games left.  So This means that Edmonton falls into the unlikely category of being first round opponents of the Tigers. Kootenay needs just 1 point gained, or 1 Edmonton loss of points to clinch at least 7th. This means Edmonton moves to the likely category of finishing in the 8th place wildcard spot which would mean a first round Matchup against Brandon.

The Red Deer loss also puts them 3 points back of the Tigers and Calgary.

First Round Potential Matchup
Kootenay -  55%
Red Deer -  45%


longtimefan said...

Wasn't real pretty tonight but was nice to see the six goals. Lots of guys played hard, selling out to block shots was good to see.

Marek is still not on top of his game. Seems to be a lot of extra movement and doesn't look real confident but he battled to make some saves at key times.

Up 6-3 with a couple minutes left why not leave the top line on the bench and give some guys some ice who barely broke a sweat, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I agree Marek is struggling and looks like he is fighting the puck a lot. This year has been a lot of that for him. Hope he magically finds his form for playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucked losing to PA. IT is like the team does nto want the banner. Seriously, it is shocking. Labelle turned the puck over infront of the net, Scneider had not chance, and then why the heck were the defence pinching so much on the PP when we are ahead and allowed a SH goal. Geez!

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone tell the guys the next four game were important

TigerTurf said...

Kinduva meh game. They didn't play terrible, but it wasn't great either.

I thought Penner played a very good game. He was one that stood out and made all the small plays.

Last Regular Season Game at the Old Arena. Hopefully it will be a special night, and the boys will play hard.

Anonymous said...


"Up 6-3 with a couple minutes left why not leave the top line on the bench and give some guys some ice who barely broke a sweat, sheesh."

If you really are a long time fan then you will know pigs will fly before that ever happens! Clouston has coached like this since he started and isn't likely to change.

TigerTurf said...

Against PA the Tigers Top Line was given a lot less ice-time in the early going and was more spread out.

That changed in the third period, where the 4th line hardly saw any ice, but that is completely understandable in a close game.
These guys give up too many Shorthanded chances, they need to have better defensive awareness, and if they are the last guy with the puck don't take big risks, and be harder on the puck. It's inevitable that shorthanded chances will happen on occasion but it is nearly every game they are giving up a prime chance on the PP. That needs to stop.

One thing the Tigers will have to keep an eye on, they are crashing the net more which I like. They will need to keep an eye on having a 3rd guy back, so they don't give up odd man rushes. The wingers away from the play need to keep their awareness up and not rely on the centreman coming back every play. It could become a concern if not being recognized.

I still don't like Dman taking faceoff draws. Lewington is the only decent one I've seen, but he is probably still under 50%.

TigerTurf said...

8th and 7th place were determined tonight. Also the Tigers clinched Home Ice in Round 1.

Means Edmonton is officially out of the playoff picture for the Tigers.

Mathematically unless the Tigers loose, and the Hitman win, we won't know round 1 opponents until the last game of the year.

TigerTurf said...

I guess after Saturday's game their will also be a post-game celebration featuring Tigers Alumni!

Weird to think saturday Night will be the last WHL game in that building.

TigerTurf said...

Hitmen won tonight, so the Tigers will be scoreboard watching tomorrow.

If the Hitman win tomorrow the Tigers will face Red Deer.