Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stretch Run

So Once again while compiling the stats, part of the WHL site doesn't show up(This time the Scheduling system). This has happened quite frequently during the season clicking on player names, or schedule links.  I have long since changed all my bookmarks to   as their "backup" or old site is much more reliable. Frustrating to use.

Playoff Picture

Tigers Games Left
Ktn(A), EDM(H), PA(H), PA(A), SASK(A), SASK(H)
Hitmen Games Left
RD(A), Leth(A), Leth(H), RD(H), KTN(A) KTN(H)
Red Deer Games Left
Kootenay games Left
MH(H), RD(A), Leth(A), CGY(H), CGY(A)
Edmonton Games Left
Leth(A), MH(A), RD(H), RD(A)

First Round Opponent?
It is almost guaranteed that the Tigers won't know their first round playoff opponent until the last game of the season. Calgary and Kootenay play a home and home, Red Deer and Edmonton play a home and home. Those points will effect the standings by a huge degree.

At this point it is still up to the Tigers control on where they will finish. 4/6 games against non-playoff teams.  If they finish 2nd it will likely Red Deer, If they finish 1st it will be either Kootenay or Edmonton. At This point I'd say its Even Stevens on all 3 teams on possible opponents.

Kootenay holds the Tiebreaker over Edmonton. The Tigers currently hold the Tiebreaker over Calgary. Both calgary and the Tigers play 3 games in 3 nights this weekend.

New playoff Format
This system benefits a high seed team in a lower calibre division. If we look at the other division Brandon is licking their chops @ their position. They will play the 7th (conference seed) in round one, then either the 8th/5th (conference seed) in round two if they make it that far. If they play like they can, they will be well rested for whoever pops out of the central division.


longtimefan said...

To be honest I think the Tigers match up better against Red Deer than they do with both Kootenay and Edmonton. Kootenay has a very good offence and the Oil Kings have Tristan Jarry who could carry a team through a round by himself.

You're comment regarding Brandon and the playoff format would normally ring true however with them playing either the Ice or Oil Kings there are a couple of factors to consider. Number one, both are very good teams and secondly, the travel will be brutal. The trip from Brandon to either city is a long one and I believe as per usual the Wheaties won't be able to use their own building for round one due to the fair that runs the same time every year. In the past they have gone to Winnipeg for their home games which will make the travel that much further. If the series goes 6 or 7 games the bus trips may have an effect as the playoffs go on.

TigerTurf said...

Well I considered that, and your right there is a longer trip, and It could play a factor. Brandon will always have that travel issue as they are way out in right field.

I think kids living away from home, who play 36 road games get a bit more accustomed to travel than the average person, although I imagine it is still tiring.

The whole point of the regular season is to determine playoff seedings, and I feel this system is not true to fair competition. Imbalanced divisions are rewarded with more potential playoff games.

I feel It's a shortcut to equal out playoff revenue, equalization payments in playoff games.

It is unfair when poor competition plays poor competition, and tough competition plays tough competition and we call that even.

In the NHL it mostly works because of 7/8 team divisions.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Tigers pull some young kids up for a bit of depth and experience. Even if that experience is practice and in the dressing room. Would be happy to see One or more of Jevne, Hamblin, slapski or Fantillo get a jersey on!!

TigerTurf said...

So Red Deer beat Calgary, tigers lost to Kootenay. First place just became a 3 way race.

Tigers are also in danger of starting playoffs on the road.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much say the Tigers have self destructed and wont make it past the first round of the playoffs. Don't know what has happened internally but sad to see the season wind down like this after such high hopes. I hope im proved wrong as I for one would like to see one last playoff run in the old Arena.

Anonymous said...

Tigers haven't self destructed. Shows what happens when 2 top defensemen are out of the line up. If both are back for playoffs and we stay healthy, look out. Tigers will make some noise. With those two out, I think the whole team loses confidence.

Anonymous said...

So much of this teams offense is generated from the back-end and having missed so many top D to injuries and suspensions since Christmas it was bound to catch up. I would like to see a man game missed to injury this year compared to other teams to see where the Tigers stack up. My gut tells me their wouldn't be many teams in the same boat.