Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tigers Take 2-0 Series Lead

Full Lineup
Both Hockey games were very physical, grind it out, bump and grind, defensive hockey.
For the first time all year the Tigers had a full complete lineup that lasted more than one period.  The Tigers had Tyler Lewington out for game one serving a 1 game suspension.
He was back for game 2, and the Tigers had three regulars as healthy scratches.

First Game
Tigers 2-1

Second Game
Tigers 1-0 OT

The Rebels made a lot of adjustments and sent in a very strong 2 forecheckers, trying to cut off the D to D passes that the Tigers used in game 1 to break out under pressure.  It wasn't until the rebels started tiring out and couldn't maintain that strong forecheck pressure when the Tigers offense started getting more chances.

Overall both teams offensive chances were very limited. A lot of blocked shots and not very many prime chances on either side.

In Game 2 I thought the rebels came out really hard, and were debatable the better team after two periods in game two. In the third period both teams looked like they were starting to tire out. In overtime the Tigers were getting chance after chance, and had all the momentum.

In overtime the Rebels came within inches of winning the game. A bit ironic that in the post-game during game 1 Langhamer mentioned that He liked Ty Stanton blocking shots, but not so much from Ty Schultz.  Well Schultz managed to get a partial stick on a puck that beat langhamer and as a result the puck hit in the post instead of going in the net.

The Tigers jaunted up the other way, and Trevor Cox managed to slide a bad angle shot in past Rylan Toth for the game winner.

Two extremely tough games, half and inch separated a even series. The Tigers haven't given up a goal yet, and are playing pretty stingy defensively and getting great goal-tending from Marek Langhamer. It looks like Connor Bleackley the Rebels star forward has some kind of shoulder/arm injury, he wasn't as effective in game two, as he was in game one.  He took a 4 minute spearing penalty late in the third period that the Tigers failed to take advantage of.


Anonymous said...

I believe Becker and Stanton would be assets on the point during powerplay, and can hold the puck in quite good too I might add!!

Anonymous said...

Good too see Marek up his game again, Labelle played on fire too, why |Toth for a star? Lots of shots from center ice Marek yes Toth no.....

TigerTurf said...

More observations

The rebels were handing out a lot of cross checks to the back in the corners.

Sanford was given a really rough ride during game one. He must have been hit like 10-15 times. Connor Bleackley is not fully healthy and Sanford managed to line him up and put a real good hit on him. Bleackley would not have played last night if it were not a playoff game. Sanford is so sneaky like that, you piss him off and he is just as likely to lay out a big hit as score a goal.
I was impressed with the Tigers discipline

I do like that the Tigers did not engage in rough stuff. The Tigers knew that the rebels game is a physical grind it out type game. All the after the whistle stuff takes a toll physically, and the Tigers stayed away from it all, and didn't get frustrated by it.
Stanton has taken a big leap forward during the 2nd half He has been generating a bit of interest

If I'm an NHL scout I'm looking at his play and possibly considering a late draft choice/training camp invite. He is still a bit lanky in his play

He still shows a lot of potential, and has been the best defenceman down the stretch run here.

Marek Has that intense readiness back. Back to back shutouts has to feel good. I'll make a comment after the playoffs are over.

Would like to see the 2nd line pop in some goals here. They have been getting a few good chances. All 3 have good shots, suprised they haven't popped one in yet.

Rebel Goalie Toth seems like the long shots handcuff him a bit. Sometimes a simple shot generates a good rebound.

I like the hit Becker put on Polei last night. Polei was taking advantage on him physically and Becker caught him with his head down.

The rebels really pushed their forecheck in hard, sometimes 3 guys all deep.

The rebels have done a very good job at slowing the Tigers down so far.

WHLFan said...

I have been sitting in a different spot during playoffs....Oh my how some fans whine and complain about the team when the Tigers get hemmed in our zone for a period of time....
Wake the hell up fans. Our team is not designed to give up good shots...Let the Rebels run around on the outside all game and just keep taking low percentage shots. I love how the Tigers are staying I their areas and limiting shots. No use running around chasing players and leaving your backside responsibilities open. tigers dump the puck in on the goalie and make him play it...We are more than capable of scoring on a turnover. use our forecheck to generate offense...When we dump the puck in on the net, the dmen has to turn around and face the goalie to get the puck. We have more of an advantage to get a turnover.
Clouston is having the team play to its strengths.
We have to continue to shy away from the physical after the whistle crap...score on the PP and all will be good.

Anonymous said...

not back to back shutouts, Rebs got a goal in Game 1.

they have done a great job staying out of the rough stuff. final game vs saskatoon showed what happens if you get drawn into that. night and day with this series compared to that game. Heard Lewington got an earful for his undisciplined actions at the end of that game so the rest of the guys are falling into line and not biting on the cheap crap red deer is pulling.

Stanton has elevated his game tremendously. Lots of intensity, toughness and that guy can carry the biscuit up ice nicely too.

fans haven't figured out Tigers don't pressure at the edge of the d-zone, they suffocate the puck with numbers in the corners or on the wall as opposed to stretching themselves thin at the blueline.

TigerTurf said...

Right for some strange reason I keep thinking the rebs haven't scored a goal, but they have...

TigerTurf said...

Reading the Rebels Newspaper.

The rebels thought they deserved better fates in both games, and they thought they outplayed the Tigers in both games.

They think langhamer is keeping the Tigers in the game.

Sutter also made an interesting comment about the shot clock

"You never read anything into shots on goal in this building. It’s not often the visiting team is going to have more shots than the home team, that’s the way it works here."

TigerTurf said...

Game 1 re-run except the score switched.

Lewington hit a shot off the inside of the post with a couple minutes left.

Tigers need to find a way to create some more speed, they are playing the rebels game.

Kinds feels like this series will go 7 games.

longtimefan said...

Goaltending and defence solid again but the lack of scoring is concerning. Someone from lines two through four need to start contributing or this is going to be a one and done playoff.

TigerTurf said...

The rebels are crushing the Tigers right now in terms of puck possession, and hits. They are also playing with more intensity and outworking the Tigers. They are winning more 1 on 1 battles, and they are working really well as a team.

If you look at the players skating away from the puck. The rebels are outworking the Tigers and owning their space by a big margin.

Rebs are sending in 2 guys in extremely hard taking the body. The third reacts to wherever the puck goes. Only when the rebels tire at the end of a shift, are the Tigers able to break out of their zone with more than 1 forward.

The rebels are shrinking the area, and the amount of time the Tigers have to breakout. In the offensive zone they are also making body contact at every opportunity and being stronger on the puck.

I think the rebs are also getting away with some interference calls, and borderline hits into the numbers.

Having said that the Tigers Owre had 2-3 prime chances in front. Bradley had a 2 on 1. Lewington's shot rang iron. Someone's shot grazed the outside of the post, a couple shots that popped up on toth.

Someone other than Sanford/Cox needs to step up to score goals. Their 5 on 3 PP didn't generate a shot on net. When their PP gets in a bad rythym of going around the horn more than once it seems destined for a bad pass.

I thought the Tigers played a meh game, they could have been better. Lots of passes that were easy outlets that were missed. Despite their "meh game" they had chances to win it, but couldn't capitalize.

They need to be better. This series is closer than I expected. It wouldn't surprise me either way to see the Tigers take it 4-1, or the rebels take it 4-2. or going to a game 7.

Anonymous said...

Well so much for the healthy roster Butcher is done with a fractured thumb blocking a shot in the 1st

longtimefan said...

Not sure why you seem surprised about the closeness of this series. The teams were close to each other in the standings and had some close games against each other in the regular season. It's not surprising to me that the Rebels have nullified the Tigers speed and transition game, that's what taking the body and being physical is meant to do. Two things have to happen as far as I'm concerned, as I said before someone other than Cox or Sandford need to start helping out and the power play needs to chip in with a couple of goals a night to back the Rebels off of the physical play. Honestly I'm not sure if the scoring is going to improve much. This lack of scoring has plagued them, except for a couple games, since the beginning of February.

Anonymous said...

I thought we played a poor game yesterday and yet still only lost by a goal. We need to get back to tiger hockey today. Especially in the first and third. Also hope to see guys other then the first line step up!

CatFan said...

This series is killing my nerves. A 4-1 lead in the third and they allow a short-handed goal late in the game to make it 4-3! Can't we ever do anything the easy way!!