Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tyler Lewington Inks NHL Contract

The Washington Capitals have signed defenseman Tyler Lewington to a three-year, entry-level contract beginning the 2015-16 season, senior vice president and general manager Brian MacLellan announced today.

With the Tigers
Tyler Lewington was a "late bloomer" as an undrafted free agent that the Tigers listed and invited to camp as a 17 yr old where he only appeared in 44 games during his first season.

Lewington benefited from having a "late birthday".   NHL prospects born from September 15th to December 31st, their first year of NHL draft eligibility falls into their "18 yr old season".  Everyone else has their draft year in their 17 yr old season.

In his 18 yr old season he made a big jump only missing 3 games and put up 26 points, a +14 rating as well as 131 PM's.

NHL Scouting 
Lewington was the 66th overall ranked North American skater in 2013 by NHL Central Scouting,

In the NHL Combine he blew away all other prospects destroying the competition and finishing first in the Bench Press, Push-ups, push strength, and pull-strength categories

NHL Draft

The Washington Capitals Came calling and with their 7th round pick they selected Lewington going #204 overall in the 2013 draft.

This Season
Lewington had an amazing camp with the capitals prior to the season starting. He was noted as being very physical and a standout among their blue-line prospects.

Washington was noted as making a "bona fida" offer over last summer to retain his rights. Washington had strong depth on the back-end and their was no room for him in their system this season. Whether it was a mutual decision or good advice from his agent Lewinton did not sign on their "bona fida" offer and went back to the Tigers for his overage season.

He has been one of the Tigers most consistent defenceman this season proving a solid physical 2 way game.

Congratulations Tyler Lewington on signing an NHL Contract!


longtimefan said...

Good for him. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Lew!!
What was the contract they offered and why did he turn it down? Were they able to offer something better this year? I thought all the entry level contracts were the same??

TigerTurf said...

A bona fida offer is the standard entry level contract.

Most likely it was the league minimum, that would equal about 42k at the AHL level. NHL Min around 480K, max around 925k base (2.8 mil in bonus potential). AHL max about 75kish. (those numbers aren't exact)

Lewington could have easily been buried in the ECHL with Washington's defensive depth at the start of the season, probably playing 2nd-3rd line minutes. He would have been tied to where washington wanted him. It was still possible they would send him back.

One more year of Junior greatly benefited his development and he likely negotiated a better contract. Their is a bit of risk in not signing in case of injuries, or no other offers.

IMO it was the right smart decision and it worked out for him.

TigerTurf said...

A bona fida offer also retains his rights for another year, instead of him becoming a free agent and eligible to sign with any team.

This offer was noted in the Washington media last summer, and I believe I also posted it somewhere on this blog last summer about why he was a lock to come back as an overage.

CatFan said...

Off the topic but the Schlemko shuffle is alive and well. Check out the NHL site for David Schlemko's shootout winner for the Flames tonight!

TigerTurf said...

Was cool to see him score on a move he used often as a Tiger in Shootouts!

It's extremely rare for a coach to use a depth defenceman in shootouts.

I guess the flames coach asked schlemko how he was in shootouts and he proclaimed he was 1/1. To Which Russell responded that he was good, so the coach sent him out.

Russell had 32 minutes of icetime in that game.

CatFan said...

The Calgary Sun also said that in that game Russell had 2 assista and 15 blocked shots, which is some kind of record in the NHL!

Anonymous said...

so just adding in on Lewie, here's a kid that med Hat picked up as a free agent and is all about working hard, but does have the skill too, which is mostly underrated, his plus minus and points he has put up for just a so called stay at home d man are impressive, having said that , you have to give the tigers coaching staff and scouts credit, they pick up players like him, cox, valk all undrafted and give them a chance and they make it on heart and yes skill, the tigers run a good hockey operation no matter how you look at it!!! thats why they are successful