Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tigers Split in Red Deer. 3-1 Series Lead

Game 3 (2-1 Loss)
It was very similar to the first two games. The rebels shut everything down and it was a pretty defensive hockey game.  The Tigers had troubles generating offense, and didn't play as well as they could have. The rebels outworked the Tigers, and jumped to a 2-0 lead, before Sanford potted a goal with 8 minutes remaining. Lewington hit the post late in the game.  I thought the Tigers were a bit soft in their play, and didn't own their space. They did a lot of reaching in from the outside, and numerous passes went astray.  Red Deer was the harder working team and deserved the win.

Game 4 (5-3 Win)
Thursday Night's game broke the standard mold we have seen. The Tigers came to play and were the better team in the last half of the first period and owned the second period. In the second the Tigers had chance after chance scoring 3 times and amassed an 18-7 shot advantage.  Their power-play went 0/4 but generated a ton of shots, and swung the momentum their way.

The Tigers did a much better job at throwing everything on net, and 2 of their goals were generated off rebounds with traffic. Cox scoring off a rebound on a bad angle shot, and Owre scoring off a Vannelli shot from the point.  Sanford scored in the first with a nice shot from the outside slot, and Hunt scored five-hole on a breakaway in the third after the rebels started out with a strong push.

The Tigers led 4-1 before the Rebels got a couple goals off just throwing the puck on net. Bleackley banked one in off a Tigers defenceman, and Wyat Johnson scored a shothanded goal tipping the puck mid air on a shot thrown towards the net.

Next Game: Saturday Night @ The Arena


Anonymous said...

so the tigers top line was the games top line!! lewington was flying out there, and the team is really staying composed and letting red deer take the stupid penalties!! red deer had 2 lucky late goals to make it interesting, but the tigers were the much better team after the first 10 in the first period

TigerTurf said...

Biggest changes I noticed, was that the Tigers did a much better job of owning their own space, winning more one on one puck battles, and throwing more hits.

That really helped relieve pressure and created more room and time for them to make plays with the puck

It seemed like Red Deer didn't have the same zip as well, however that could have just been their physicality owning the Tigers in the first 3 games, and the Tigers with a much better physical effort in game 4.

Let's hope the Boys can pull out a big win on Saturday. Easter weekend the building should be plum full!

Anonymous said...

Kootenay just won in overtime and is taking Calgary to game 6.

Anonymous said...

Great job tigers! Was a real good game aside from all the silly penalities! But got it done in the end and that is all that matters!
Unimpressed by Sheens cheap play at the end. I recall him being a bit of a twit when he was with the tigers. Lacks class, glad the tigers got to send him off from his WHL career.
Hats off to the rest of Red Deer who is always a worthy opponent and makes every game enjoyable for the fans. They will be very tough next year!!!!