Thursday, May 7, 2015

WHL Bantam Draft

1st Round
18th Ryan Chyzowski C/LW  Kamloops BC 6'0 175 lb

Father is director of marketing for the Blazers and played in the NHL for the Islanders.

Ryan's Twitter:

Scouting Report: Hard shot, Good Hockey IQ, and work ethic
Tigers Website Article:

2nd Round
40th Layne Matechuk D  Colonsay Saskatchewan  5'10 150 lb

3rd Round
46th (Zac Robidoux trade)
Cole Clayton Defenseman Strathmore ALberta  6' 167 b

4th Round (Garret Haar Trade to Portland)
83rd Baxter Anderson C Burnaby BC  5'9 145 lb

5th Round (91th for Kale Kessy trade to vancouver)
91st Duncan McGovern G Winnipeg MB   6'1 190lb
106th Michael Johnson RW  Calgary AB 5'10 180 lb

6th Round
128th Trevor Longo D North Vancouver BC 5'11 165 lbs

7th Round
150th Dawson Heathcote LW Nanaimo BC 5'10 155 lb

8th Round
172nd Josh McNeil C Sylven Lake AB  5'8 150 lb

9th Round
191st Brennan Davis D 5'10 140lb
194th Tucker Zdunich LW High River  5'8 145lb


Anonymous said...

Seems that this is the biggest we have seen in a draft class for many many years. I like that there are some bigger players. Hope we do not lose the identity of small fast forwards. But very very please to see size. I hope the team turns out to be a nice mix of small and fast with some big bodies to drive to the net and big defencemen to lay punishing hits.

Anonymous said...

Kruger is the guy behind these picks. Liked him as a coach and so far like his picks. Only time will tell if he is really good at this though. Also will need a few more years of picks to see if he has what it takes.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Kootney had made inquiries about moving to Medicine Hat if the Tigers move.

Anonymous said...

Why are the tigers moving? Am I out of the loop?

Anonymous said...

Team is getting sold, should be announced in coming weeks

TigerTurf said...

So maybe I should comment now, since I've heard ridiculous rumours. People do you really think the Tigers are going to move out of Medicine Hat?

We are more likely to find extra-terrestrial life than the Tigers moving out of Medicine Hat. The commissioner would not approve of it either.

As for being sold to a new owner, I found past rumours tied to the same rumours that have been proven to be false time and time again.

Why would someone who enjoys hockey and make a profit sell their team? Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know the guy but business wise the notion to me seems ridiculous.