Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dryden Hunt Traded To Moose Jaw|Schneider Signs with Flames

Two Big Pieces of New today.

Schneider Signs with the Flames
Massive accomplishment for a goaltender who was a free agent invite and hasn't performed as a full season starter yet. Congratulations to Schneider!

The Tigers expect him back in the lineup for Friday.

Hunt Traded to Moose Jaw
Due to the overage numbers it was expected.

 The Tigers received a 2nd in 2016, and a 3rd in 2018. For the glut of overagers this season, those returns are pretty good.  The Tigers recovered the picks sent away in the Hobbs >Hunt/Burroughs deal last season.

Current Tigers Away At Camp
Markus Eisenschmid (Montreal Main Camp)
Nick Schneider (Flames Main Camp)

Trevor Cox was returned to the Tigers today.

Eisenschmid is looking for a contract in montreal. and could be a late returnee, if he does not get signed. Also Rylan Rommelare, and Marshall Skapski are no longer listed on the Tigers Season Roster. Their roster appears to be set.

Forwards   (Depth Purposes Just threw names together)
Sanford(20) Owre(19) Cox(20)
Mowbray(19)  Bradley(18) Butcher(19)
Rassal(18)  Shaw(17)  Fischer(18)
Jevne(17) James Hamblin(16) Fantillo(17) 

Max Gerlach(17)
Tyler Preziuso(16)
Markus Eisenschmid(20)

Ty Stanton(20) OA Tamas Laday(19)
Ty Schultz(18)   David Quenneville(17)
Brad Forrest(18) Connor Clouston(19)
Alexei Platonov (17)

Nick Schneider(18)
Evan Johnson(19)


Anonymous said...

I am very sad that we sent Hunt to MJ. Between him and Stanton Hunt was the far superior player and I hate that we gave the better player away. Stanton is a good defence man but not outstanding to me. I did not think he was worth the 20 year old spot. Very disappointment in this move.
If Schneider is signed does he still come back and play with the tigers potentially? Or is there a risk that we have lost him to the AHL or ECHL? I would hope not!

Anonymous said...

Tigers should have kept Hunt. Giving away a scorer to a rival is a crap idea. Hunt was more valuable on the ice then Stanton. He will burn us when we play the Warriors

Anonymous said...

I guess if we traded Hunt then we know Cox is coming back for sure?

Anonymous said...

Too bad about Hunt. Not sure we traded the right player.

Good for Nick, he should come into the season with a lot of confidence. Hope he is able to take the reins of no 1 goalie.

Anonymous said...

Has Cox been returned?

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear that no one picked up Staples. Really nice guy and hard working. Hope he still lands a spot in the dub.

TigerTurf said...

Trevor Cox was released from Washington this afternoon. He should be back for the opener.

Anonymous said...

I just think that Hunt would add more to the team then Stanton. I do not mean numbers wise, as it is difficult to compare defence to forwards. But in terms of games won or lost with the lines, I think Hunt would have been the better man to keep. A defensive player is easier to acquire then a guy who will pot 30 plus goals and a ton of assists. I think we could have acquired a 18 year old or 19 year old with Stanton's skills easily.

Anonymous said...

Hunt wanted out and asked to be traded.

Anonymous said...

With Eisenschmid most likely leaving, we will only have 2 forwards topping 6 feet. This has to leave us as the smallest forward core in the league, maybe of all time.

Anonymous said...

Wow and people say Clouston doesn't pick favourites, great insight TigerTurf let's not keep Hunt bc clearly that top line who can't do anything against a true number one D pairing should never be broken up, great logic. Stanton has great skating absolute and can make a beautiful first pass but his desicions are horrendous, he's terrible in his own zone and doesn't play to his size at all. Going to be fun watching this team tank this year

Anonymous said...

Moose jaw is usually a sleeper team to watch, I will enjoy watching Dryden play he was a fan favorite in MH, I wish him well in MJ!!!

TigerTurf said...

@anon 9:14

It is extremely naive to think a defensive group without the calibre of a player like stanton would remain competitive. You could score more goals with hunt, but it would be a football game in terms of score. With the rookie defenders transitioning into core players, We want their confidence to remain high and not get shattered consistently every night. That would be terrible for Quenneville/schultz/forrest/platanov's development.

Looking down the road if You were to keep 3 forwards all 20's, that top line gets you a ton of goals this season, but then 3 of the top 6 are all gone.
This needs to be a transition year where this years rookie/younger crop start developing and becoming impact players, because next year 40% of their goal production will graduate. I think its very dumb to load all the offense in a year where your not gunning for it.

let's be clear that their roster is not set for a championship year. They are more of a darkhorse team. If they perform above expectations, it's because their rookie forwards and defenseman have stepped up and then you could potentially consider upgrading.

Let's look at 2 yrs down the road, when Cox/Sanford are long gone. It's when this young core "matures"

(rassal, fischer) 20's
(shaw, jevne, hamblin,fantillo,gerlauch,prezuisio) 19|18's

Realistically they are not all going to turn out to be PPG players, but an extra 20 yr old forward spot this season, means 1 of these guys will have substantially less ice-time. If in 2 years the Tigers want to have an "up season" They will need all these guys producing.

So you have better developmental plan for your young offensive core, with some leaders to show them way with opportunities for ice-time. On the backend you don't overload the 2nd year schultz and quenneville which will be the backbone defensively next season. It's the best option for the short-term and long-term.

Anonymous said...

If they didn't keep Stanton this defence would get absolutely abused all year long. Plus, he is very underrated...good skater, good puck distributor, and just happens to be 6'4" and over 200 pounds. He can rush the puck up the ice very well.

Hunt was enigmatic...potentially the best player in the league and impossible to get the puck off down low some nights, invisible on others. Anyone who is bashing this decision should realize that A) Hunt and Cox are both guilty of taking nights off B) Sanford and Cox will put butts in the seats as they challenge for the league scoring title and C) they got a very good return for a 20 in Hunt that everyone knew was going to be on the "street" in a month's time.

Also, Cox-Sanford-Stanton are all career Tigers and that matters...they've played their entire time in the WHL and barring a team loading up and grabbing one of them for a championship run, they will finish their careers as Tigers, something I am very happy to see after cheering them on the past number of years!

Anonymous said...

Fair argument TigerTurf. Always tough trading a good player. Nice to see we got decent return. I am excited about this team. Young but I think there is a lot of talent on the ice. Will be ups and downs but if some of the young guys can step up like Schultz and Queninville last year then I think the Tigers could do pretty good. I like what Clouston has done to shape this team.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Hip concert last nite The canalta center is so awesome, but I wonder why the seats had stickers on for numbers example seat 1 was seat 25 in section Q?

Anonymous said...

Can't score or defend. Going to be a looooooong year.

longtimefan said...

Anon 9:07, it's game one for gods sake.

TigerTurf said...

Looking at the Highlights on Lethbridge's website it looked like the Tigers on the defensive side was a bit soft. Hopefully they fix that for tonight's Home Opener!

TigerTurf said...

Have a post coming up, might take an hour to write.