Monday, November 30, 2015

Breaking Down the Goals Vs Brandon

Let's break down the Goals Brandon scored against the Tigers. I'm going to do this every once in a while.

1st Goal (Jayce Hawryluk From Ivan Provorov, Tim McGauley)

Scenario: Ty Schultz loses the puck by the blueline and the Tigers need to defend a 2 on 4 with players out of their proper positioning.

In this scenario the danger is having players cover each other and then communicating when to switch to proper positioning when the threat is neutralized.

Tigers in Play
Matt Bradley - Green
Ryan Jevne - Red
Ty Schultz - Orange
Brad Forrest - Not Circled
Steven Owre - Not pictured

Wheaties In Frame
Jayce Hawryluk #8
Tim McGauley) #23
Ivan Provorov - Comes in late scores the goal.

 The imminent danger is Jevne (RED)not being able to tie up #8. He is the first forward back acting as the centreman. The secondary threat is the X at the top of the faceoff circle.

First Threat Removed, Second Threat (High Danger)

This is a second or two after McGauley stop and turns around. Here Tim McGauley(bottom right) switches to the the only option he has left, stopping and finding a trailing what king (bottom left). Jevne does some great work(red) coming back and is able to cover his guy. Forrest is in good position between the puck carrier and the goalie.

 The first threat in the slot is neutralized. However here the "Triangle" is broken. The Tigers completely flatten out and give the whole high slot/point away. Schultz skates  to his position with his back turned to the puck carrier. This combined with Bradley not moving up opens up the entire high slot of the ice.

What Happens
Provorov gets the puck in the high slot and fires a shot past a screened goalie.

Not having permanent linemates likely led to confusion on where to play. Poor defensive awareness from Matt Bradley and Ty Schultz  led to a prime scoring chance where Brandon didn't have to work for it. Schultz coughed up the puck and took his time getting back. Bradley failed to anticipate a high slot pass.

 In this situation  Bradley needs to have a better awareness. As soon as McGauley throws the breaks and turns around he should be anticipating a corner pass out front from McGauley and getting ready to intercept. knowing the slot is now safe.  Jevne is the first forward back and therefore inherits the temporary centreman role.  Bradley's responsibility is now the high point.

Goal Two (John Quenneville, From Ivan Provorov, and Jayce Hawryluk) PP

 The camera cuts in late. It looks like Brandon had moved the puck around to the point where it caught the Tigers out of position.

The player circled in Red Mathew Bradley is the high point guy, but he is below the hash marks. He was previously trying to cover the guy in the slot. He comes out too late, and John Quenneville gets off a one-timer at the faceoff dot. It's too hard to judge fault solely on Bradley as I don't see what happened in the previous play, and their was quick puck movement..

Goal Three (Reid Duce From Macoy Erkamps and Tyler Coulter)
An Own goal deflection. Tough to take. We'll forgive this one.

Goal Four ( Jayce Hawryluk from John Quenneville, Nolan Patrick)
The Tigers are in good positioning at the start, however they turn to watch and fail to pick up the incoming player. The wheat king in the (top left) eventually scores the rebound. No way should he be beating a 2nd defenceman or centreman to the front of the net. (No video)


Cover the Front

Here Jayce Hawryluk walks  into the slot with all 3 Tigers watching the play and not doing anything, minus Kirichenko tieing up the first wheat king after bobbling the puck(which was the first booboo) 

This is either Schultz or the centreman's guy which looks like Sanford. One thing to note was Butcher and Sanford were playing side by side and virtually holding hands the whole play. If a cross ice pass happened up high, it would have meant lots of extra space for the wheaties to work with.

2 of the Goals the Tigers let in, never should have happened. They outmanned the wheaties down low, but made corresponding mistakes in covering their inherited areas.

I think the constant line juggling could have something to do with this, but it does appear the Tigers have troubles adapting when players are out of position or loose a battle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tigers Goaltender Injured for the Year

Their are rumours going around that overage goaltender Austin Lotz has received an injury that requires surgery and will be out for 4 months.

Lotz last played Friday November 6th the full game against the Kootenay Ice which Kootenay won in overtime 4-3. Nick Schnedier played the Saturday game where the Tigers lost 5-2. It seems a cruel joke that this happened right after the overage deadline as the Tigers are now in a pickle.

The Tigers acquired Lotz in the overage waiver draft for free. They are now short a backup goaltender as Schneider likely resumes the #1 role.

Their is a Ton of Tiger Hockey on schedule as the next 3 weekends we will see friday and saturday night games.

Tri-Cities and Kootenay are in town this weekend

Tigers Aquire Mack Shields
Medicine Hat, AB – The Medicine Hat Tigers announced Thursday morning they have struck a deal with the Prince George Cougars to acquire 95 born goaltender Mack Shields in exchange for a 2017 7th Round Bantam Draft Pick.

The Cougars had 3 goaltenders on their roster acquiring disgruntled Prince Albert Goaltender Nick McBride last week. Shields was the goaltender for the Calgary Hitmen last season when they eliminated the Tigers in the second round of last years playoffs 4 games to 1.