Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Scoreboard Watching - Big Week

Interesting Week
This week and weekend will get very interesting. If the stars align their is potential for a massive swings in the standings.. If we look at the extremes where one team does all the winning and the other does all the losing, the Tigers could potentially either close to a 2 point gap, or become 1 point away from elimination.

Week/Weekend Schedules (including rare monday games)
Tigers Play: Ktn(W), Edm, Swift
Edmonton Plays: Tigers,Sask
Saskatoon Plays: Brn(L), Leth, Koot, EDM.
Swift Plays: RD(L), MH, Reg, MJ

IF IF IF..... the Tigers can win against Kootenay(3-0 Win) and Edmonton on friday. They would potentially be 4 points back with 7 games remaining. If the stars align perfectly and Saskatoon beats Edmonton and the Tigers beat swift, that would turn to a 2 point gap.

Their is a glimmer of hope and that depends on this week. Biggest week of the season so far. The Game against Edmonton on Friday could potentially be the "turning point" in both teams' bids for the playoffs.

Potential 2-3-4 way Race
It is unlikely to happen, but their is potential that this gap could suddenly become a 3 or 4 team race, with 4 teams separated by 3 points or less. Edmonton could very well win both games and almost cement their spot as well.

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longtimefan said...

being captain obvious here but an absolute must win tonight. Lose and their slim chance is gone.