Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tigers Force One Game Playoff

The Tigers Did It!!!! They forced a 1 game playoff, which will be Held Tuesday night in Medicine Hat against the Edmonton Oil Kings.

Edmonton was creamed by Red Deer 7-2, the Tigers Defeat Lethbridge 4-2

Edmonton crawled into the post season with 10 points in their last 15 games = .333% winning percentage.

The Tigers recouped 21/30 points in their last 15 = .700%

The Tigers went 6-0 against the OIl Kings during the Season, however the last couple games have been extremely close

Season Ticket Holders can pick up their tickets at the Canalta Centre Sunday march 20-21 from 9am-6pm. Tickets go on sale to the General Public Tuesday @ 9am.

The Winner of this one game playoff will face the Brandon Wheat Kings in a 2-3-2 playoff format.


longtimefan said...

There's been a lot of banter on here this year about the coaching staff, most of it being negative. Although they aren't in yet, have to give them credit for getting this team in a position of qualifying for the post season. Have one of the best records in the league in the last month.

Anonymous said...

I think it has been the leadership of the team, Stanton, Butcher and their hard work ethics that pulled this team together. Nice job almost on the fan appreciation they should have done dress rehearsal on the long delay before they woke the Canes and Mr Heid should have got a star for taking out Skeoch that was a Dorsettian move!!! Nice job!!

CatFan said...

Very proud of our team regardless of what happens on Tuesday. We have alot to look forward to next year. I'm starting to rethink the coaching situation as well. If Clouston was as hated as some say would the players not have just thrown in the towel by now? Maybe, maybe not. I still don't always like his GM moves, but whose to say? Anyway, I'm looking forward to Tuesday!!

Anonymous said...

Got my tickets today, wasn't even painful or a lineup really! That's a bonus from the old arena more then one person in the booth

TigerTurf said...

I'm really happy for the boys, they deserved it. I still think they should split up the coaching and GM duties though.

longtimefan said...

Tigers had drafted a goaltender out of Lloydminster two years ago by the name of Austin Magrath but must have dropped him and was picked up by Edmonton. His playoff stats are mind boggling.

No. Player Team MP GA. SO. SA. SP. GAA
1 McGrath, Austin Lloydminster Bandit Pipeline Bobcats 484 4 8 0 0 178 0.978 0.50

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Bradley play the final game on Saturday?