Friday, March 4, 2016

WoWaWeeWah! Tigers Defeat Oil Kings 5-4

The Tigers defeated Edmonton 5-4 Tonight!

The Tigers scored 2 goals in the last 1:38 to tie and then win the game.
They sit 4 points back of edmonton with 7 games remaining.

The Tigers plays swift saturday and could close within 2 points, with Edmonton playing saskatoon monday.


longtimefan said...

Fat lady was on the stage with mike in hand, hit a slippery spot and down she went. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Big win tonight! Tigers found a way! Lets do it again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a fun win against PA but honestly, there is no way that all the stars will align and this team will make playoffs. Just to little to late. The team needed this urgency months ago.

Anonymous said...

Tigers will play post-season!

Edmonton plays Hitmen, Hitmen, Canes, Ice, Rebels, Rebels. Hitmen will want to try to keep ahead of the Raiders, so they will win both games. Canes have been pretty good at home all season, Estephan is back, and depending what they do in their back to back with Red Deer, they will either be motivated to get ahead of Red Deer or to catch BWK, so either way, Oil won't be getting dick there. Rebels have been saving themselves for the post season all year. They will dominate both games. Ice is beat up, so I'll give Edmonton two there. Total for the season = 66 Max!

Tigers are 7-2-0-1 past 10! They face Ice, Ice, Hitmen, Canes, Canes. Ice are short handed and just want the season over. If we get some tending in Calgary, we will beat them with a strong third. Six in three is very possible. That is 65 points with 2 to play against the Canes. By these games, the Canes will know that they cannot catch BWK, and with their position against the Rebels probably decided already, they will be saving their energy for the playoffs; Tigers will get 2/4 for 67.

Really, the stars have already aligned to give us a very favorable schedule. Tigers are playing their first playoff game in Brandon, already bought the tickets.