Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tigers & SMG/ Come To Terms

The Medicine Hat Tigers have been working hard to get a deal done with SMG over the last year and a half. It was unfortunate that a deal was not in place before construction began on the Canalta Centre, but the Tigers are very happy to have this process completed.

Phew! I think the whole of Medicine Hat is glad to have this process completed.

Edit: This deal is subject to a budget amendment from the City. At this time it is unknown how much the City is on the hook.


longtimefan said...

Deal is contingent on city counsel approving budget amendments for the construction of dressing room and office space. Now I'm as big a fan as there is of this team but in no way shape or form should we as tax payers be paying for lease hold improvements for a private company.

TigerTurf said...

I wonder how much the budget will be amended, that cost should be made public.
I'm curious on what would happen if the amendment didn't pass.

TigerTurf said...

They both signed a secrecy agreement that says they won't release anything to the public.
THis deal depends on a "budget ammendment" that MH city council has to pass.

So their is an unspecified amount of money that the City will pay to SMG/Tigers for this agreement. THis amount should be made public since it is the Cities money. If it isn't that will be super fishy....I hope the MH Media will request this information. They did a great job covering the latest happeninings.

longtimefan said...

I would hope that the Tigers are kicking in some money as well. If they aren't, which we may never know, it's just wrong in my mind.

Anonymous said...

SMG is a nightmare waiting to happen. We had a friend who had an extra ticket because his wife was sick. So he was just trying to give it away because he didn't need the money and how the economy was and security guards threatened to throw him off the property for trying to just give it away not making a profit. Also with the no revenue Tigers recieved and hearing everyone about Moose Jaw, they should be cautious.

Anonymous said...

Quennville and Shaw named to the pre-competition camp roster for the U 18 team.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt from today's Medicine Hat News:

"This week’s agreement includes a provision — agreed to by all sides last summer — that the city would pay the initial construction costs, then be paid back in full over a number of years by the team."

To me, that looks like the city is paying up front costs for the construction however, the Tigers will be paying back those costs over time. There is no free ride for the team. They will pay their fair share as it should be.

This practise is not uncommon in many rinks that are built. However, this should have been put in place at the beginning of the building process by the City, not at the end. This is just typical of how the City of Medicine Hat conducts their business.