Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quenneville & Import Draft

Quenneville Drafted to NYI
David Quenneville was the lone Tiger taken in the 7th round 200th overall of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

CHL Import Draft

Round 1 - 15th: Kristians Rubins    6'4 216 lb Latvian Defenceman (19 yr old season)
He has played for Latvia's U18 and U20 program.

Scouting Report
Kristians is listed as a strong Left Handed defensive defenceman with a huge reach, who in the past has put up a few more points than your typical defensive defenceman.  He has an aggressive mean streak and shows sound hockey IQ. He is listed as having an impressive shot and has played on the PP in the past.

Last year in July he was a prospect to keep an eye on in quite a few European players to watch lists. In the Mid-Term rankings he was listed as the 94th European Skater.

He was not taken in the NHL 2016 entry draft.  Last season he had off-season shoulder surgery and missed the first half of the season, so that may be why he wasn't taken in the draft

Twitter Feed:

Round 2 - 76th Overall John Dahlstrom    6'1 194 lb Center  (19yr old season)

John was taken in the 7th round by the Chicago Blackhawks and the last pick in the2015 draft.

 He has played for Sweden's under 18 and under 20 teams.  Last season he played for both Frolunda's Junoir Team as well as 13 games for their 1st Division men's league in Allsvensken. He has a hard accurate shot with a nose for the net. His instincts to score goals is a rare ability.

He has also been mentioned as a player who could improve upon using his size, as well as his defensive game.

Two 19yr old, bigger bodied players. I'm not sure on how likely they are to cross the pond. We will have to keep our fingers crossed. I haven't read anything about their commitments, but in general players who have had tastes of Sweden's elite league are less likely to come over.

 Kristians Rubins  just signed a contract extension 2 months ago with his Swedish team.. I would assume their would need to be an out clause for him to cross.

With John Dahlstrom, Chicago in the past has largely stayed away from the whl. They haven't picked a whl player for 4 years.

I do hope that both picks cross the pond. they seems risky, but hopefully the Tigers have had good indications that they will come over

Rubins could potentially be a 2 year player. Dahlstrom if he comes over likely a 1 year player. I half like these picks. They need a big bodied defenceman on the back-end. They need some size up front. They could easily bolster their 19 yr old age group. So those things were addressed.

I think the reason the Tigers picked both these older players was because their are a lot of young prospects. Picking an import young player may not get a lot of icetime, so they want someone who can put up good numbers this season, to help get them back into the playoffs even if that means their stays will be shorter. Their was also open competition for the 6th slot in the top 6.  This likely keeps rassal, fischer down to 3rd line roles.  If those players continue their good play, and Dhalstrom comes over the Tigers could boast a pretty impressive high powered offense.

It could potentially open up flexibility  for 1 O/A forward  (Owre, Butcher) to be moved. From what I understand the Overage Market is lean this year, but I doubt that's what the Tigers want to do.

Former Tiger Plays Dodgeball in the Off-Season

Found an interesting article on former Tiger Trevor Cox. He is part of a trampoline dodgeball team that qualified for Championships in Vegas. His team is made up of mostly baseball and hockey players.

Rule Changes
Hybrid Icings will be the new rule. The same Rule that the NHL employs.

Video Replay upgrades

Pucks that go in off players skates will be awarded as goals,  with an exception if the puck is in the crease.

Mental Health education program to be added to the WHL's Player Support Services Program.

Exhibition Schedule
No Home games again. They will play in Taber, Coaldale, Wainright, Regina, Ralston, Red Deer