Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Kristians Rubins

The Tigers 1st round pick 15th overall in the CHL Import draft has decided to Join the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Kristians Rubins  exercised a clause in his contract for the CHL and has decided to Join the Medicine hat Tigers this fall.

(The article is in swedish)

Rubins will be in his 19 yr old season. The 6'4 216 lb defenceman will be a welcomed presence with the graduation of Ty Stanton in the off-season.

I Imagine the Tigers hope he can fill a 1st line role and partner with Kirichenko on the top line. We will have to wait and see on what he is capable of.

I haven't heard any word yet on John Dahlstrom their other pick.


Anonymous said...

Nice signing, they must have had an idea that he would come. Team looks like it might be a bit better then last year. Did not lose much and this will help the loss of Stanton on defence. Lets hope we see playoffs

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna take a stab st the projected depth chartgoing into next season?.I would but due to wor commitments last yr I only watched 5-10 games.

TigerTurf said...

I think going into next season this team is the perfect definition of a dark horse. Maybe not expected to do damage, but I would compare them to Lethbridge from last season.

Goaltending (Strong)
Schneider played in 9 AHL games in the AHL. He played terrific in the last half of last season. As long as schneider can remain healthy goaltending appears to be a very strong point. The Tigers will need to find a backup that is capable of being a starter next season as it seems likely that the only reason schneider will be back this year is because of age requirements. Rommelaere(17), McGOvern(16) are will be fighting for the backup spot along with any other goalie that comes to camp.

Fowards (very strong)
They should be very strong and have a ton of depth. They retain ALL their top scorers which is unheard of. IF Dahlstrom comes over they get a bigger body up front. Owre, Butcher, Bradley, Shaw will all get 1 PPG, if they remain healthy. (both butcher and owre have missed time in the past) Gerlach, Fischer, Rassal, Dahlstrom I would think .5-.9 ppg.

Then they have the Prezusio's, Fantillo's Jevne's which be default will be earning 3rd/4th line minutes, and they should be able to tear up oppositions' 3/4th lines. The Tigers will have some good players that will be sitting out barring injuries just because of their depth. THey will get scoring from everyone. Their young, their talented, their fast. They showed last season that their forwards have a killer instinct and can score goals late in the games.. THey are a little bigger on their 3/4th lines than past seasons.

Defense ( Unproven)
The defense seems quite questionable on what their strenght will look like. Their top end depth I'd say is unproven to playing 1st line minutes. Their depth with the 3-6th spots looks pretty good. Quenneville will be a premier powerplay quaterback on the point.

Can Kirichenko, schultz, rubins can handle a 1st line pairing for a whole season? I really hope that Rubins turns out to be a reliable steady 2 way defenceman. How well their defense plays, will define how they will do. The Tigers may have an extra older asset on the back that another team may want in a trade.

I feel that they have good depth on their 2nd and 3rd lines defensively, but it's that top line depth we will have to see how they have improved.


Kirichenko 20 Rubins 19
Schultz 19 Quenneville 18
Heid 19 MacPherson 18
Forrest 19
Clayton 16
Matechuk 16
Other prospects

They are set for 1 new guy to make the team as a depth player, possibly 2

Bradley Owre Butcher
Gerlach Shaw Fischer
Rassall Fantillo Jevne
Chyzowski Preziuso Haden
Dahlstrom?? ( if he comes over the depth looks amazing)

Anonymous said...

Where's Hamblin? Kid is still really raw in his development IMO but I think the potential is there for him.

Any word on if Logan Ganie will be at camp? He was taken as a rentry player in the draft by the Tigers in May.

The 16 yr old battle will be interesting to follow/watch as it should be really competitive. Wouldn't suprise me if 3 make the team.

TigerTurf said...

I totally missed hamblin, and didn't realize Ganie was an older player, so that makes the forward battles even more intense. According to Ganie's twitter feed it looks like he will be at camp.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Butcher wanting out because of Clouston?

TigerTurf said...

Haven't heard anything on that, I'm kinda thinking it was last years frustations.

Anonymous said...

Is Rubins any good? Anyone have ideas if this kid uses his size and will be help on the backend?

Anonymous said...

The Tigers have now signed their Top 5 draft picks from the 2016 class with Jalen Price signing this morning. Good to ser I guess.

Anonymous said...

Holy sh**! John Dalstorm signed by the Tigers. Forward group just got that much better this morning.