Friday, September 16, 2016

Tigers At Camp

Last Edit: Sept 20th  2:00PM
Players Returned: Matt Bradley 
Away At Camp: Dahlstrom, Butcher, Rubins, Quenneville, Schneider

Camp Timelines
Sept 14th - Rookie Camps Start
Sept 21st-23rd - Main Camps Start
Sept 23rd - WHL season Opener In Lethbridge
Usually AHL Camps open on Sept 28th-30th weekend

Not all camps open on those above dates, but the majority of them are within a day or 2.
Their is a real possibility that some of these players will miss the opening weekend because Main Camps start within a day or two of the WHL season opener.

John Dahlstrom -  Since he was NHL drafted out of Europe, is technically eligible to play in the AHL at 19 and Chicago does have room in Rockford. One thinks that because he switched leagues and attended Tiger Camp that he is cemented with the Tigers for this season; however, I am curious about his AHL eligibility
Here is a master List of all the Tigers at Camp, and I'll keep updates on their progress.

Matt Bradley - Montreal (2015 5th Round, 131st Overall) Sent Back to Medicine Hat
Canadians Rookie Camp Tournament
Sept 16 -  N/A
Sept 17 - 1 Goal
Sept 18 - N/A
-----------------------------No Boxscores to report. ----.---

John Dahlstrom - Chicago (2015 7th Round, 211th Overall)
Traverse City Prospects Tournament|| Stats Page
Potential games
Sept 16th DNP
Sept 17th - 1 assist, 1 shot, +1
Sept 19th - 1 Goal, 2 Shots
Sept 20th

David Quenneville - New York Islanders ( 2016 -7th Round 200th)
Potential Games VS Flyers Prospects
Sept 21st
Nick Schneider - Calgary Flames (Signed)
Young Stars Tournament|| Stats Page
Sept16 - DNP
Sept17th - DNP
Sept19th - 1 Goal Allowed on 10 Shots, Played Half the Game.

Kristians Rubins - Winnipeg Jets (Free Agent)
Young Stars Tournament|| Stats page
Sept16 -DNP
Sept18 - +1, 2 Shots
Sept19 - DNP

Chad Butcher - Edmonton Oilers (Free Agent)
YoungStars Tournament||Stats page
Sept 16 - 2 Shots, 2 PM
Sept 17 - 1 Assist, +1, 2 Shots, 2 PM
Sept 19 - DNP
Sept 20


longtimefan said...

Cole Clayton is no longer on the pre season roster. One thing I'm wondering is the rule that 16 year olds are required to play 40 games. I'm guessing it doesn't apply to goaltenders because unless Schneider goes down with an injury there's no chance McGovern is getting 40 games.

TigerTurf said...

Being dressed counts. A player can have less than 40 if they have been injured as well.

TigerTurf said...

Mcgovern with 2 shutouts in a row vs Red Deer. Doesn't look like they dressed a backup tender either.

Anonymous said...

They have got to get a backup tender for the start of the season. McNeil making a statement that he wants another crack at staying up.

TigerTurf said...

McNeil wasn't previously listed on the roster. That was his first preseason game.
The Tigers said publicly they only had 27 guys and they were all counted for and McNeil wasn't on that list.

He is from Sylvan Lake which is very close to red deer/wainwright...
McNeil was either injured and excluded from all lists, or a callup for the weekend games.

CatFan said...

Does anyone know when we can pick up our season tickets? Seems strange that nothing has been said yet unless I missed it.

Kels said...

You could pick them up starting last Monday!

Anonymous said...

Wonder when we will get some of the vets back I am optimistic about this season. But you need to start getting points early, like we saw last year, we could have used literally 1 point more, that would have saw us into the post season. These early points mean the same as the last few games of the year. Our vets are excellent, will be good to get them back as soon as possible!
Should be a good year, looking forward to kicking it off this weekend!

TigerTurf said...

Normally most FA's and camp invites get sent back after rookie camp games, which is rubins and butcher, unless they impress and make Main Camp.

I would think Bradley,Schneider, Dahlstrom, Quenneville have strong chances of making Main Camp and missing opening weekend

Anonymous said...

Just seen on the Canadiens Site that Bradley has been sent back. Have not seen anything on any others as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that Bradley was cut so soon. Hope the early cut home fires him up to prove to Montreal this season that he deserves a longer look. He can not be happy with being cut already.

Anonymous said...

Watched Butcher in the Oilers games, he did not look strong enough to be out there. I think we could see him back soonish. I think he has great potential and I hope for the best for him, but he just seemed to get knocked around and pushed off the puck pretty easily.

Anonymous said...

Do we know captains?

Anonymous said...

I was looking over the roster prior to the year kicking off, like the looks of it, just hope we either get Schneirder back next year (which seems like a potential given the number of young goalies Calgary has) or if he makes the jump, here is hoping McGoven can be a starter. I have hated this goalie rotating door in the Hat.
Does anyone know what ever happened to Romerlare? I thought he was the future in the net for the Tigers. And he is signed with them. Such an odd thing to happen.

TigerTurf said...

Not really sure why Rommelaere decided not to come. His friend had a terrible accident and one wonders if that changed his priorities. Nonetheless if next season he decides to join and schneider leaves, the Tigers have a pretty good young talented solution in net.

The flames goalie situation is interesting. It is highly volatile, we won't have a good idea of his status until the flames sign some goalies for next season. 2 of their NHL tenders have 1 year contracts, 2 of their AHL goaltenders have 1 year on their contracts.
Mcdonald is a 20 with a 3 year ELC this season. Schneider also has a 3 year ELC

Giilies was injured most of last season, but put up good numbers in his limited time. If he has any decent season the flames easily re-sign him. The czech goaltender Rittich I'm not sure about, easily a depth move for this season, but potential to re-sign if he plays well.

Mcdonald is a 20, a 2nd round pick also looking to crack some icetime, but will probably be a starter in the ECHL, or perhaps even sent down to junior.

Thier goaltending situation is highly volatile just based on 4/6 goaliesa are on 1 way contracts.

I'm keeping an eye on Mason Mcdonald if he is sent back to junoir as a 20, I'm thinking schneider has a better chance next season of being a Tiger.

Anonymous said...

My guess for captains:
Owre, Butcher, Shaw, Kirichenko, Quen.......just a guess.
Bradley might be in the mix but I never really saw him as a leader. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kirichenko is wearing the *C* this yr. No idea who are wearing *As*.

Anonymous said...

Jake Morrissey picked up off on waivers after being released by the Giants. Looks like the goalie situation is set now with Schneider in Flames camp.