Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tigers Deal Nick Heid

The Tigers traded 19yr old Defenceman Nick Heid to Prince Albert for a 7th round 2017 Pick

Nick Heid was acquired for a 4th round pick from Portland last season.

Kirichenko(20) Schultz(19)
Rubins(19) Quenneville(18)
Gally(18)  MacPherson(18)
Forrest(19)   Cole Clayton(16)

Layne Matchuk(16) Cameron Macphee(17)
Conner Clouston***

Why the Tigers Made this Deal
From the depth charts above it's evident that the signings of both Dalton Gally, and Cameron MacPhee has led to increased competition of the back-end.

They are still pretty full back their.  If they want to keep a 16 or 17 yr old, they either go with 8 Dman, or another move is coming.

Prince Albert Perspective
I like this deal If I'm Prince Albert. Heid was a bit under-rated and apparently had a good growth spurt in the off-season as they list him as 6'4 194lbs.   A 7th round is pretty cheap value when we look at the Tigers acquiring him for a 4th.  Heid is easily capable of 3rd line minutes, and depending how he improves into next season could prove to be a very solid 2nd line option.

The roster has been updated on WHL.ca. However it still only lists 2 goalies which still seems suspect.

I believe their have been a few cuts, as a few players on twitter have expressed their thanks for the training camp which is an indication they have been sent down. Usually in the past the Tigers have sent most of their 15's down after last weekend as school starts.


Anonymous said...

I would think Forrest is next on the block.

Anonymous said...

I was never fussed that he was that good. I think we overpaid for him and likely he is worth more around 6/7th round pick. Just my opinion but I could see Forrest going, just was below par for his defensive play. And he is 19, will never play as a 20. I would rather see Gally out there. Although I hope he can be traded as I hear he is a really good kid.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the tigers are in the market for a goalie? Or do we have the talent to have a back up this year and starter next year?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Clouston can find another overage goalie...

Anonymous said...

Don't even joke about that. Seriously!

TigerTurf said...

The WHL roster page has been updated. I don't want to say these changes are confirmed because of the previous inaccuracies of the whl website


The following were taken off the tigers pre-season roster.

20's Connor Clouston

16's Josh Mcneil, Baxter Anderson, Dawson Heathcote, Jaxon Steele, Layne Matechuck
15's Jalen Price, Henry Rybinski, Daniel Baker, Ryden Fedyck

Interestingly enough their are still only 2 goaltenders on the roster sheet

Anonymous said...

I like the way the line up is looking, but I can not help but think there is going to be a move or two still.

Anonymous said...

Is it Sept 24 yet?

Anonymous said...

Wish we could keep the remaining guys, I actually like the young kids there are still on the team. Tough decisions for the coaching staff. Looking forward to the start of the season, not only to see the team play but excited for the new coach behind the bench. I think that was really needed.

Anonymous said...

Clouston said there now 27 left, 23 would be his ideal number to carry, but 25 would be the maximum.

Anonymous said...

6 headed to NHL camps. Kristians Rubins (Winnipeg) and Chad Butcher (Edmonton FA invites. The other 4 are draft picks.

TigerTurf said...

WHL roster sheet has 27 names and a recent article from MH news also stated they had 27 players. Maybe I shouldn't assume the roster sheet is correct as I have been burned in the past.

The overage crop across the whl looks weak this season.

One of the betters forwards in carter folk is off the board (and he is only a .5ppg player) Their are an abundance of (20-30pt) 3rd line guys available.

On the Tigers roster.... (Minus the extra overages)(mowbray,clouston)

Forwards appear to be set..
Goaltendings - appears set, but what are they doing with Schneider gone?
Defenceman they have 9 guys

The 8th and 9th spot battle appears to be between 17 yr Cameron Macphee and 16yr Cole Clayton, but clayton could be at a disadvantage numbers-wise. 17 is prime development age and a 16 needs to play 40 games as a whl requirement.

I could easily see them keeping 8 D for this reason and sending down clayton.

The Tigers have 6 guys going to camps, they should be relatively ok, as long as their aren't a rash of injuries, and those at camp don't have long extended stays. I do wonder what they plan to do for the backup tender

Anonymous said...

Really think his team could suprise people if the pieces click together.