Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tiger Attendance

So while the Tigers continue to ravage the WHL on the Road, here are some Home Attendance Numbers.

This Graph is through all 48 game played @ The Canalta Center.

We can see a big high point and a steady  decline which  is normal for having a poor team. However what isn't normal is having the number continue to slide while the Tigers are near the top of the league.  The 2016 season starts at Game 38

Total Attendance To Date: 200,178 Fans
Average Total Attendance: 4170 Fans

Broken Down By Day Of The Week (All 48 games)

Saturday is their high point, but if we take away the first 4 games, average attendance is 4176. Their isn't a whole lot of variance on the average. These numbers are relatively stable.

Ticket AVG Broken Down by Year
16-17 AVG: 3902
15-16 AVG: 4249
Difference: -347 or -8.2%

2016 Attendance By Day

Weekday Drop
The biggest drop looks to be the weekday games so far. Saturday while down "a 100 or so" is still a decent draw.

I Imagine the poor economy is a big reason for declining numbers. I also think that in previous seasons the casual fan needed to have a season ticket in order to see hockey games. Now they don't need to eat tickets in order to see games with more seats in the new Canalta Centre.

Interesting Notes
Over 5000 Fans Their are only 3 games where attendance was above 5000 fans. All 3 of those games were against Lethbridge: (Sept 26,2015 (Opener), Dec 27/2015, MAR 19th 2015(Last Game).

Hopefully they add a few more during the playoffs this season.


longtimefan said...

Nice road trip, out scoring their opponents 26-9. Team appears to be scoring almost at will at times. Real measuring stick will be next weekend with three games against the US division.

Tuesday's home game is one I would call a sucker game. It's one everybody knows they should win but coming off a big trip and looking forward to the weekend could cause them to look past the Raiders.

Still think to be a true contender they need to add a defenceman and a depth forward with some size. Trade deadline isn't to far off, be interesting to see what they do.

Anyone else concerned that Nick Schneider could get burnt out. He's on pace to play 60 or more games.

Anonymous said...

We need to trade Forrest. He gets beat too often, especially given his age on this team.

Anonymous said...

Not the best game against PA today. Good to get the win but defensively not great. Hope they can pull up their socks for the next game

TigerTurf said...

10 Game Winning streak is pretty impressive.

TigerTurf said...

Kristians Rubins is out 2-4 weeks with an upper body injury.

One never likes to see injuries, but this may help them evaluate their back-end without one of their top guys in the lineup while they go face some defensively sound teams in the US division.

longtimefan said...

Hopefully Rubins injury isn't to serious, i believe he is scheduled to play for his country in the WJC.

TigerTurf said...

Yeah, They list it as upper body. I forgot that he is a likely candidate for latvia.