Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CHL Import Draft

Tigers 1st Selection
59th Overall  MICK KÖHLER 19Yr - Forward, 6'3 201lb

German Leagues
Last season Mick split time in the DNL and DEL2 leagues. DNL is a German under 19 team. DEL2 is a German 2nd tier Men's League.   In Europe teams get relegated or promoted based on finishing at the top or bottom of their leagues.

In the DNL Mick put up 60 points in 31 games. He is Kolner EC's all time scoring leader.

In the DEL2  He put up 4 points in 20 games. Interestingly enough he played on the team with former Tiger Goaltender Kevin Nastiuk.

Compare with Eisenschmid
Markus Eisenschmid also split time in both leagues, except he was a year younger.
 He put up 18 pts in 19 games in their junior league, and  7 points in 40 games in their Mens league.

We could say that Mick's point totals follow a similar path. He appears to be more of the playmaker type.

Tigers 2nd Selection
Linus Nassen - Defenceman  19yr  6 feet 174 lb
Linus was 3rd round pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

He was selected last season in the Import draft in the first round by the Brandon Wheat Kings, but did not come over to play. He played in the world juniors last year. He also split time in Juniors and the highest Level Mens league in Sweden, but was also loaned out to the 2nd division.

His scouting report says he is a very mobile defender that occasionally struggles against bigger forwards in his own zone.

They pick up some size and skill with Mick so hopefully he can fill a 2nd line role. Their 2nd pick appears to be a "flyer pick". They went out and picked what appears to be a very good player that may not be expected to come over, but bounced around a couple rosters in the Swedish league last season.


Anonymous said...

Tigers have selected Linus Nassen a 6'0 174lb Swedish defenseman with the 119th overall selection.

He was a 3rd Round pick of the Panthers in 2016 (89th overall) and played last season split between the SuperElit and SHL

Anonymous said...

Played on the same team as former Tiger, Daine Todd last yr.

Anonymous said...

Owre and Butcher both headed to Edmonton development camp.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Seeing Valk sign a entry level deal with the Panthers honestly makes shed a tear. Hes a great kid from a really good family, and hard work really does pay off and he really deserves.

Anonymous said...

Hearing Clayton Kirichenko will commit to the Alberta Golden Bears today, or some time this week.

TigerTurf said...

Nice to see Valk getting signed. I've noticed that Florida is one of those teams that doesn't shy away from a lack of size.
I'd be disappointed If Kirichenko didn't get a pro shot. If I was a scout and my team had short defensive depth I'd want to pick him up.

The fact that he showed noticeable improvements as late as his 19yr old year, and his 20yr old year is a good sign for future development. I think he at least deserves a 1 year AHL deal to show his merits.

I'm excited to announce that my pre-season Eastern Conference Review is nearing completion. 3 teams to go...I plan to release a new team every day for 12 days.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that there's nothing 2 weeks later. Though I heard the same thing back in June, but that was before he apparently made a good really showing on the LA brass in there development camp.

Anonymous said...

Craven is an interesting signing. Apparently a solid defensive defenceman. Have a friend who has watched him a lot, says he is solid defensively, not flashy and not a shooter, just defends his zone well. If he can provide that he might be a valuable guy on a spotty defence this year. Would be nice paired up with Quen who provides a lot of offence but lacks defence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting signing because I have guys like Macphee, Doyle, Clayton, Matechuk and Longo ahead of him on the depth chart. I also believe Marco creta was a listed guy and I thought he would have a better shot than Craven.

TigerTurf said...

He attended the Tigers orientation camp last year. They'll be some good competition for the last few spots.

Anonymous said...

Doyle and Creta were dropped from the list. Tigers have signed 4 - 17 year old Defencemen. Clayton, Matechuk Longo and now Craven are all the same age.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info anon 10:56. I was fairly impressed with Doyle last year at training camp but he also would be an 18 year old this year so I guess it makes sense to drop him and go with the younger talent if the skill difference isn't that great.