Saturday, June 24, 2017

NHL Draft - Tiger Edition - 3 Players Picked

Mason Shaw
Mason Shaw was selected by the Minnesota Wild, He was the 4th pick taken in round 4, 97th overall. Here is a picture of him in his new jersey I found on twitter from a Minnesota Wild reporter

Zach Fischer
Zach Fischer was taken early in the 5th round 140th overall to the Calgary Flames. It was no surprise Fischer was taken in his second go through. His game exploded last year, going from 13 to 63 points as well as 2nd in PIMS.

More on this later. Getting drafted could increase his chances of getting plucked to the AHL. I'll look for some interviews shortly on what the flames have planned for him.

Jordan Hollett

The Tigers newest goaltender acquisition was picked by the Ottawa Senators in the 6th round, 183rd overall.

Cale Makar
Brooks Bandits and Tigers 8th round 2013 Bantam draft selection was picked 4th overall in the NHL Entry Draft. He was interviewed and asked if he still planned to commit to the NCAA route. This is what he responded with.

Q. Are you still committed to going to UMass?
 Yeah, 100 percent. That's my plan for next year, and I couldn't be more excited to do that.

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Anonymous said...

Third Tabbie selected, Hollett 183th to Ottawa.

TigerTurf said...

Thanks. I missed hollett, team was listed as regina.

Anonymous said...

Kind of suprised not to see Kristians Rubins drafted. Theres lots to like with his game.

I guess missing some time with UBI hurt his chance of being drafted.

Anonymous said...

Man, the interview with Maker really harped on UMass. It seems that the interviewed thought he would no or should not be going there. I guess we will see what the Avs say, Pitlick was fully committed as well but if the NHL teams wants otherwise then we might see him in a tiger jersey. Not sure why he would go the Univeristy route at a 4th overall pick. College hockey is great for those who need more time. At a 4th overall pick I am not sure if he is seen as needing more time. And Colorado is a team that needs guys now, not years down the road. It will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cant put much stock into Maker's comments. What else is he going to say? He did not know the Avs would take him, there would not have been a conversation as to where he will play next year. Will have to wait and see where he ends up next year and/or the year after. If I were running things would rather him focus on hockey and not school/hockey. Would rather him play 72 games a season in the dub against better players. They are a team who would likely rather their 4th overall to play sooner rather then later. But that is a guess. Good luck to him either way! Clearly a good player!

TigerTurf said...

Rubins definitely slowed down. It will be good to see what he can do 100% healthy.
If Makar signs an NHL contract it means he is ineligible for the NCAA. The Avs hold his rights until he is done school.

From all the articles I've read about him it sounds like he is 100% bound and determined to play at UMASS next season. So he will probably go to their camp for a short stint( can only spend 48 hours at a camp that is paid for, otherwise he himself has to pay for it) or be considered a professional and ineligible for the NCAA.

The avalanche would have asked him this in his draft combine interviews. To put it bluntly The Avs suck right now, and I wouldn't want a new player burning a year of his ELC.

The NCAA is decent hockey. He won't get anywhere close to an NHL schedule, but he will face older players. UMASS was also terrible last season and has have a lot of incoming first year players. Likely he will eat a lot of minutes, playing against veteran 20/21/22 year olds and that should provide him with a good enough challenge.

Even if he were to fail out of school, I think the avs would sign him and send him to the AHL first. It sucks, I would love to see him here, as he is exactly the type of players the Tigers like.

Anonymous said...

Was told last night Fischer will decide after pro development camp and how he perfoms on whether he'll turn pro or return to junior next fall.

Anonymous said...

The Vegas staff said it well, an extra year of junior would only help a guy. I always thought the demise of Bunz was that he went pro too early. Fischer has had one good year, that is it, the previous year he was not drafted and he played ok. Would seem way to early to me to go pro after one good year. A fifth round pick has a low percentage chance of ever making the NHL, why not give yourself more development to get a chance. Look at the long game not the short one. But hey, what do I know. I wish him all the best. Hope he makes the big show regardless.

Anonymous said...

Gerlach has been invited to Arizona (is that what they're called now days? lol) Coytoes development camp.

TigerTurf said...

Interesting on Fischer. I feel Calgary's minors at this moment lacks scoring depth. but I wouldn't expect Fischer to fulfill that type of role in his first year of pro.

Bunz had a lot of potential. I agree he went pro too early, but I also think his development in juniors stalled. I think we all remember he would play awesome but always let in that one weak goal. He needed to learn how to fix that before playing against tougher competition. It is a sign of mental fatigue. It didn't help that he was overplayed here either.

Good for Gerlach!

TigerTurf said...

Import Draft is Wednesday.

Coming Up Soon: I plan on releasing an in depth eastern conference Pre-Season preview. It will include information such as : Depth charts, years of experience, point totals, Team projected point totals, draft history, Projected Roster strength. Hopefully It will make your head spin!

Anonymous said...

Clayton Kirichenko has been invited to LA Kings development camp.

Anonymous said...

The Tigers have selected Mick Kohler, German born Centre (98) standing in a 6'3. Also listed as D on Eliteprospects.