Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Import Draft Thread

Import Draft
The Draft starts 9 am Mountain Time Thursday, June 28th.

Tigers Selections
32nd Goaltender Mads Sogaard - Denmark 6'6 185 lbs 2000 Born
- Elite Prospects Page
- Twitter

  • The upcoming season will be his 18yr old season.
  • Last year he played in the NAHL. The NAHL is like Junoir A but in the USA. 
  • He was also drafted by the USHL last season in the 10th round.
  • If the Tigers have an "up" season next year, this is depth and protection against Hollett leaving as a 20yr old, with the younger prospects still being quite young
  • A potential candidate for Denmarks World Junoir Team

92nd Pick Vasily Podkolzin - Russia 5'11 165
Elite Prospects Page

  • Next season will be his 17yr old year
  • Has played internationally and Captained teams for Russia
  • Pre-Season Mock drafts rate him as a potential 1st round draft pick. (The same site lists Williams as a 1st round pick as well). In reality its way to early, but a sign he has potential
  • This could be a "flyer pick" Unsure if he will report, but taking a stab in the dark

Last Year's Imports
Kristians Rubins has graduated. Linus Nassen would be an overage next season.  While Nassen could use another year of seasoning in the whl, his return for an Overage year seems unlikely. The Tigers already have 3 OA defenceman on the roster.

MH News Article Prior to the Draft

Looks like the Tigers didn't draft a defenceman. Because of that, we can't rule out Nassen potentially playing in his overage year. I think the Tigers are hoping he comes back.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we try and find a 99 defencemen as option 1.
Option 2 is interesting, I wonder if they would be interested in a goalie or maybe take a risk on a real good forward. If he reports then it's good if not then whatever.

Anonymous said...

This CHL Import draft selection makes zero sense to me...we need defencemen & Clouston go out & drafts a forward & goalie. What are we doing here? Who will be our d next year? Nassen will most likelt not come back, Qville definitely is not coming back so who do we have...not much!!!

Anonymous said...

People always complain that we don't develop young guys. Now we don't take a defencemen and people are mad. Would a defencemen have helped, sure. However I'm under the assumption that one of Quennevile or macpherson will be back, maybe both. Now you need to find ice for the following players Craven, Clayton, Longo, Baker, Van Impe, Fedyk. While we may have a young D core this year it will certainly benefit these guys down the road. We have so much young depth at all positions so you don't want to prevent those guys from getting ice.

Anonymous said...

Qville will not be back...not a chance. Macpherson should be, but that still leaves you with one reg dman from the 2017-2018 season, no 1999 born dman & the balance with only part season experience. All for developing the younger group, but there has to be a more realistic, balanced are setting these young guys up to fail if you don't have some veteran leadership on the backend!!!

Anonymous said...

Your not wrong in some aspects but I don't fully agree.
Quennevile is going to get lit up at the AHL level in my opinion and I don't know if people realize how good that league is. I'm not saying he's for sure going to be back but I think the chances are better than people think.
A 99 would be nice and I get that you don't want to throw defencemen into the fire but reality is guys don't get any better sitting in the stands.
Who knows maybe both euros come over and surprise us. This Russian sounds like he might have a decent future.

longtimefan said...

Well said anon 4:08, I was thinking the exact same thing. The import draft is a bit of a crap shoot anyways, there's no guarantee that if they had picked a defenceman he would show up. There's always a trade option as well to add someone else. Personally I would prefer they start the year with the young group and see what shakes out.

Anonymous said...

I thought we could not draft goalies?!?! I thought Langhammer was the last one in the league. When did this change?

TigerTurf said...

The goaltender I wasn't expecting at all. Apparently, they changed the Import rule without telling the public. There were rumors but nothing official.

Anonymous said...
The CHL published this the day before and it says that goalies were allowed back. I think the Tigers even republished it on their site, if you read what they put out on their site, you wouldn't be caught off guard

But on another note, it is surprising with Hollett, Bjorklund, Lane, the two goalies from the bantam draft and now another goalie? I wonder how it will all shake out

TigerTurf said...

Hollett is 19 next season. Kaeden Lane will be 17, Bjorklund 16 with no WHL experience.

If Hollett is gone next season, there could be a gap in goaltending. Lane and Bjorklund would be 18, and 17, with only 1 of them having backup experience. Far from ideal in an "up season"

Sogaard, 18 is insurance against that, so I'm not surprised they took a goaltender in that regards.

Anonymous said...

I hope we see Hollett and Bjorklund. I want to see them develop a young goalie that they drafted. He was a high pick, you assume their plans are for him to be a starter. We have gone through too many goalies in the last few years. Quit trading for them, quit getting euros, just draft or sign and develop!

Anonymous said...

After seeing the two goalies they drafted in this year's bantam draft in the scrimmage at the beginning of June, I am starting to wonder if they will trade away Bjorklund. They would get a high return for him and could have Hollett and Sogaard. Or maybe even Sogaard with Lane and trade Hollett since he is NHL drafted and this upcoming season will most likely be his last in the WHL

Anonymous said...

I would say there is a zero percent chance they trade bjorklund.