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2018-2019 Edmonton Oil Kings

Last Edit: August 4th Added Kamloops Trade
Edmonton Oil Kings

 Quinn Benjafield(20)(.68) Vince Loschiavo(20)(.53/.84) Trey Fix-Wolansky(19)(1.25/.77)
Brendan Semchuk(19)(.53/.32) Brett Kemp(18)*(.52/.38) David Kope(18)(.4) 
Ty Gerla (19)(.31/.26) Liam Keeler(17)(.22)  Andrei Pavlenko(18)(.2)
Carter Souch(17)(0.24)  Vladimir Alistrov(17)  Jake Neighbors(16) 

Scott Atkinson(18)(.23)
Brian Harris(19)(.2)
Matthew Culling(17)
Raphael Pelletier(16)
Kobe Mohr(19)(.48/.35) - Traded

**Ty Gerla was recently traded. It makes a lot of sense looking at this roster.

They recently traded for Overage Vince Loschiavo. Edmonton remains a little inexperienced but they are starting to show some meat on their bones.  Trey Fix-Wolanksy and recently acquired Vince Loschiavo should be candidates to come close to 1 PPG. 

Semchuck, Kope, Kemp, while not an overpowering 2nd line calibre as of yet, will be able to become more of a scoring threat than they were last year. Edmonton didn't really have a scoring 2nd line last season.

Their 3rd and 4th lines look to be composed of mostly young guns and that is where their experience falls off, yet I wouldn't count them out completely.

Young players such as Carter Souch, Liam Keeler put up very respectable numbers as 16yr olds and Import Andei Pavlenko only dressed for 20 games last season. While they may not be impact players as of yet, they will look to make big strides towards that and into Top 6 type players next season.

They also have a handful of former 1st round picks in their group including Liam Keeler, Brendan Semchuk, Kobe Mohr and Jake Neighbors.

Right now I think they are slightly below average because of a lack of experience. But there is some volatility depending on the development of rookies Jake Neighbors(4th overall in 2017), Vladimir Alistrov(2nd overall CHL Pick) as well as 17yr olds Liam Keeler, Andrei Pavlenko, Carter Souch. Still, they don't have the experience yet to become a contending team.

Conner McDonald(19)(.59) Matthew Robertson(17)(.36)
Will Warm(19)(.23) Ethan Cap(18)(0.17)
 Logan Downhaniuk(16) Wyatt McLeod(18)(.16)
Jayden Platz(18)(.06)
Leslie Jantzen(19)(.05)

Aidan Lawson(17)
Brayden Gorda(19)(.13) traded to Victoria

Their defence is similar to their offence. They don't yet have the veteran depth and experience of other teams, but they have some guys who are looking to become more than just depth players. Matthew Robertson was impressive at 16, someone with size who can skate and play a mobile game.  Conner McDonald had a breakout season last year. Wyatt McLeod and Ethan Cap are both entering their 3rd seasons.

Their entire D core returns, but they also gave up the most goals in the league last season. They should be a lot better as a collective group, but by how much we will wait and see.

Vladimir Alistrov(17) 
Andrei Pavlenko(18)(.2)

*They kept Pavlenko over redrafting in the 8th overall spot.

Josh Dechaine(20) (49 GP)
Boston Bilous(17) (16GP)
Todd Scott(18)(33 GP)

They were going with 3 goalies last season. Edmonton was so young last season that any goalie would have had a poor save percentage. They still don't have much experience on the back-end so I'd say this group is also below average.

Other OA & Player Notes
They have room for potentailly 1 more OA (depending on if they keep Dechaine.  Seeing as they went with a complete youth type team last season, I doubt they will spend anything significant on a 20yr old.

Drafting Outlook

Draft PositioningAgePicksPosition

Suggests a below average crop of older players, with an incoming 16/17 yr old group that should be impressive.

Last Season
.361 Winning Percentage

Offensive Raw Strength

I think Edmonton is ready to get out of the basement, but they aren't quite ready to push for a high playoff spot just yet. Some of their youth could push them up if they develop early, but I think a good spot for them would be to push for a wildcard position. They have some flexibility with their overagers which could vault them into the average category and at best compete for the 3rd spot in the division.

Next Up:
Kootenay Ice  This one won't be published untill next weekend


Anonymous said...

Brayden Gorda was traded to Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Kobe mohr also got traded to Kamloops for Quinn benjafield.

Anonymous said...

Josh Williams will play for Canada at the Hlinka Gretzky Cup next week in Edmonton and Red Deer. I heard he he really impressed at selection camp.

Anonymous said...

I watched all the games and while he didn't stand out a whole lot he made a lot of smart heads up plays when he had the puck. I also noticed he was backchecking harder than most players. He was also real strong on the puck in the corners.

Anonymous said...

It is tough having Willie back in the Hat but not coaching the tigers. Please please please Masers, sell him the tigers!!!! Or get him back coaching!

TigerTurf said...

Thanks for the tips above about the Edmonton Transactions. I'll edit shortly.

TigerTurf said...

Just a note I need to re-evaluate Edmonton. I think they might be a little stronger than I initially think.