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2018-2019 Brandon Wheat Kings

Hey Folks. Instead of dumping my entire Thought process for the 2018-2019 in one go. I plan to release a new team every few days so it is easier to digest and much more readable.  After all the teams have been released I will dump a generic standings predictions.

These posting may be erratic as the Holidays approach! My goal is to have everything out before the End of August. Don't put too much stock into line combos. They are merely for depth purposes and may not be right.

Brandon Wheat Kings
(Age)(PPG past 2 seasons)
Linden McCorister(20)(.73/.21) Stelio Mattheos(19) (1.32/.88/) Rylan Bettens(18)  (.29/.08)
Luka Burzan(18)(.7/.41) Connor Gutenberg(19)(.75/.56.23) Ben McCartney(17)(.24)
Cole Reinhardt(18) (.5/.11) Caiden Daley(18)(.28/.17) Baron Thompson(18)(.43/.15)
Marcus Sekundiak(18)(.15) Jonny Hooker(17)(.2)  Ridly Greig(16)


It's unlikely that Ty Lewis will return for his OA year as he is signed/drafted. Brandon recently traded away a depth 20yr old. Depending on who reports for their Imports (more later) it could be liekly that they will look to add some veteran scoring up front to complete their Top 6, but have lots of time to choose who that may be. 

They have a couple forwards including (Luka Burzan, Cole Reinhardt) who will likely make large points jumps. They also have a handful of 18's such as Rylan Bettens, Caiden Daley, Ben McCartney, as well as 17yr old Jonny Hooker who will look to make much larger contributions to their team. That's a total of 7 players who are prime for big role increases and development.

Veterans such as Linden McCorister, Stelio Mattheos, Connor Gutenberg will lead the way offensively, and I wouldn't be surprised to see another overage added to that list.

They have a well  Balanced roster, with an experienced checking line and a complement of rookies making up the bottom 6. 

Braden Schneider(17)(.33) Schael Higson(20)(.39/.28)
Chase Hartje(19)(.43)  Zach Wytnick(19)(.34/.03)
Ty Ettinger(18)(.16) XXX
Erik Brannstrom**

Erik Brannstrom is an interesting CHL selection as he was selected in the 1st round and 15th overall by the Las Vegas Knights. Former Brandon GM Kelly McCrimmon is the assistant GM for Vegas. There is talk that Brannstrom is too good for the CHL. If Brannstorm reports, Brandon has the makings of an impressive Top 3. It has been confirmed that Brannstrom intends to play in North America this coming season

Braden Schneider was a 16yr old sensation last season playing top line minutes. Schael Higson was his partner and return for another year.  From what I remember Hartje is a really good skater and can play a solid 2-way game. Wyntick has more of an offensive flair to his game.

Erik Brannstrom D (19)
Jiri Patera G (19)
Martin Kaut F (19) - Did not report last season (1st round NHL pick)

Notes: Brandon had 2 weaker points. Starting goaltending, and a little more depth needed for defense. They shored both areas up with these import selections should they both report to Brandon. Kaut was a selection last season that didn't report. 

Dylan Miskiw(19)
Ethan Kruger(17)
Jiri Patera(19) **

Patera is a 6th round NHL selection by Vegas

Other OA & Players of Notes
Ty Lewis (20)(1.43/.97/.48) * Signed with Colorado early last year

Drafting Outlook
Draft YearCurrent AgePicksNotes
2013201,1,2,3,4,5Early to Mid
2014191,2,3,4,5,51st overall+ Middle
2015181,2,3,4,5,6,very late
2016171,2,4,5,6,7Mid Late to Late
2017161,2,2,3,4,5,7,8Early Mid
2018151,2,2,2,3,5,5,5,6Mid-Late, spread, 
Notes: Suggests a strong 20,19 yr old group, weak 18yr old group, however their trades have bolstered their 18yr old crop.

Last Season
.590 Winning Percentage

Intangibles & Questions
Imports, Imports, Imports

They have 2 1st round NHL draft picks on their list. Should they come over that would significantly boost their overall strength.

Offensive Strength Adjusted
287-274   Goals Scored

Defensive Strength 
Imports play a huge token here. Right now defense and goaltending are relatively average. If they get their Imports reporting, I would boost this to above average.

As it sits now I have them at slightly above average, with the potential to climb to Above Average and compete for 1st in the division depending on their Imports. They have a lot of "developing firepower". While I don't expect everyone to develop, their core is all a year older from last season which saw them reach the 2nd round in a very tough division.

 Right now I see them competing with Prince Albert and Saskatoon for their division. A successful regular season would see them earn Home ice for the playoffs.

Next Up
Calgary Hitmen. I'll try to release July 27th.


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Hooker will only be a 17-year old in 2018-19.

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