Thursday, November 19, 2009

NHL Happenings

Was an interesting night in the nhl last night.

Derek Dorsett was ran from behind by Dallas Forward James Neal, here is the video. The aftermath looks a little scary as Dorsett falls to his knees then plops over. Lets hope he is ok and their isn't significant damage.

Dorsett tried to goad James Neal into a fight earlier in the game. I thought it was an extremely dirty hit. Slowing down the play it looked like Neal put some extra oomf into it and connected up high almost around the neck area. Dorsett's back was turned and his numbers were clearly visible to Neal the whole way. I think if Dorsett saw the hit coming he wouldn't have been knocked cold, instead he was looking for the puck along the boards and had his head smacked against the glass from behind.

The league has scheduled a phone hearing with James Neal tomorrow Morning. Neal doesn't have a reputation of nasty hits.

Everyone knows that Dorsett is an agitator. It seemed like a case of trying to pay the agitator back, except Dorsett was in a very vulnerable position.
Edit: James Neal received a 2 game suspension.

Scott Niedermayer's causes a fan Brawl.
He tries to throw his stick to a little girl in the audience after being nominated for a 3 star selection, but the fans start throwing punches for the stick.

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tigs1010 said...

That was just a classeless hit on Neals part seen that Dorsett was vulnerable and he didn't even slow down. He deserved more than a 2 game suspension on that hit